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Crush of the day: Moon Chae Won

October 8, 2009


What a cutie!

It wasn’t quite on purpose but after seeing almost all of her work, I’m definitely ready to see her as a lead in a drama.  Here’s the anatomy of the crush:

ApathyMakerel Run
I only watched this because of the Lee Min Ho craze.  I hadn’t seen him in anything else and I was mildly curious.  She has a fairly small part but I didn’t think much of her.

AppreciationPainter of the Wind
This is where I first noticed how classically pretty she is.  Not everyone can pull off the gi-saeng look and I thought she did a good job.

AffectionBrilliant Legacy
This is where I really appreciated her acting skills.  Even though she played the “evil” girl, I liked her so much more than Han Hyo Joo and really felt for her character more than any other in the series.
Ed. note: This series introduced me to Lee Seung Gi and more importantly, 1n2d.  (But more on that in a subsequent crush of the day.)

Adulation My Fair Lady
Have you seen this?


Seriously?? Can she be any cuter? She made this series for me.  I just loved how she infused so much sass and charm to Eui Joo.  In this scene, I almost feel like Jung Il Woo was smiling in the scene because he couldn’t contain himself, not because the script called for it.  After seeing her sing her heart out, I’m ready for my next song at no-rae-bang: Oppa by Wax.  And I will be singing, “Oppa, Kang Hae Na is bad. Hae Na is really bad” in honor of Eui Joo.

Here’s hoping to some acclamation in her next project!

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  1. September 12, 2010 10:13 pm

    What is music that she sing in this scene?

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