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Eugene in Creating Destiny

October 9, 2009


The new MBC drama Creating Destiny 인연만들기 starts tomorrow (10/9). It’s replacing Tamna the Island which was shortened to 16 episodes due to low ratings. MBC is hoping to make a comeback  in the ratings with Creating Destiny, a reunion of 1% of Anything‘s Jang Geun Soo (PD) and Hyun Go Eun (writer).  The series is based on a novel by the screenwriter and the PD and writer duo promise a female friendly love story, focused on well-written, well-paced dialogue.  (Bring it on!)

It stars Eugene (1 Mom, 3 Dads; I really really like you) who plays a Korean-Australian trying to convince her father to marry her American boyfriend.  However, her family has other ideas and pushes her onto a Korean man played by Ki Tae Young (Star’s Lover, Terroir).

I’m always intrigued by dramas featuring 교포 (gyo-po/Korean diaspora) because I can relate.  I’m glad that they cast a lead who’s fluent in English.  (Eugene grew up in Guam.)  We’ll see how the English dialogue works out.  I still remember wincing at the English dialogue in My Name is Kim Sam Soon.  I felt like it was just random conversation that Jung Ryu Won and Daniel Henney made up on the spot.  I like Eugene so I’ll keep be keeping this on my radar.

Check out the trailers:

Via Newsen

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