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Choi Jung Yoon is an ice queen?

October 11, 2009


Choi Jung Yoon, currently starting as Lee Min Jung’s older sister in Smile, You, has stopped talking on the set of her drama.  Her character, Seo Jung Kyung, is a cold and aloof doctor with little patience for her family’s indulgent living and tells them every chance she gets.  To keep herself in character, she’s stopped speaking to other on the set and has learned herself the nickname, ice queen.  It’s a 180 degrees change from her lovable and charming image on “Gold Miss”.

I hadn’t really seen any of work in the past, except as a bit of an annoying second lead in Attic Cat.  But my mom got me into watching “Gold Miss” and I find her to be so adorable on the show.  I’m also currently watching Taerung National Village, which is undoubtedly making me into a fan.

I’ve always found the idea of being in character for the duration of a shoot intriguing.  I remember watching an interview with James McAvoy (my favorite actor) talking about how amazing it was to see Forest Whitaker staying in character during the shooting of The Last King of Scotland.  (He then laughed about his inability to be that focused on any role.)  I’m sure it’s a difficult and tiring thing to maintain.  Kudos!

Via SportsSeoul

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  1. April 22, 2010 6:46 am

    ..,i like u..,

  2. jorge recio permalink
    November 25, 2010 3:35 am

    you are favorite artist……….

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