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Rocky start for new weekend dramas

October 11, 2009


The 2 new weekend dramas both experienced a bit of a slow start and one more than the other.  Creating Destiny (Eugene, Ki Tae Young) opened with a paltry 3.5% while Hot Blooded Salesman (Park Hae Jin, Chae Jung Ahn) saw a more respectable 9.5%.  The Sons of Sol Pharmacy won the evening with 38.9% with its 2nd to last episode.  Creating Destiny airs during the same time slot as The Sons of Sol Pharmacy, so it may have a bit of hope next week once the ratings leader concludes.

I don’t usually bother with ratings too much especially in Kdramas since they tend to complete the series regardless of ratings.  (I, on the other hand, keep a fairly close look on my favorite American series because of the frequent mid season cancellations.  Oh how I miss you Veronica Mars… I had to complete your story off in my head.)  And my favorite series of the year, Story of a Man, never even broke 10% so the ratings don’t really say much about the quality of a show.  (I just find it a pity that more people didn’t watch.)

I’ll still be checking out Creating Destiny, so I’ll have my two cents up in a couple of days.

Via SportsChosun

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