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I ♥ pop culture

October 12, 2009


I love pop culture.  I’ve subscribed to Entertainment Weekly magazine for the past 10 years.  And I especially love pop culture reference in my TV shows.  I absolutely love it when it’s done smartly (i.e. Veronica Mars), but it’s pretty easy to keep me satisfied and entertained.  I still chuckle at Simon Cowell references, how stupid and over used it might be.  This has, of course, given me one more reason to love You’re Beautiful.  I’m sure you all know where this comes from… (See below jump.)

The Beatles, Abbey Road.  It would be kind of fun if A.N.JELL did a Beatles cover.

There have been others sprinkled throughout the show and I’ll mention just a few of my favorites.   Sometimes, it’s even more fun if it wasn’t done intentionally.  (For example, javabeans mentioned that Jeremy reminded her of Heechul crossed with Ha Rim from Coffee Prince… “My Chan!”.  It’s totally true and it makes Jeremy even cuter!)

First is The Sound of Music similarities.   It’s hard not to have the connection with a nun in the picture.  But Mi Nyu has quite a lot of similarities to Maria than just any ole’ nun.  They’re both trouble maker, both run around the convent like a kid, both have Mothers who want the best for them, both have voices of an angel, and oh yeah, they both fall in love (with a churlish man) and leave the nunnery.  (Well, we don’t really know this for Mi Nyu but I’m thinking that it’s a pretty good bet.)
Here’s Mi Nyu doing her best impression of the running Maria.  But she makes it her own by stopping short and putting her shoes away like a good Korean.  (How cute.  I love the added detail of the shoes.)

This image reminds me of the American Beauty image – the dream sequence of ecstasy.  It’s even funnier to me that the one doing the imagination here is a young innocent nun.

And then there is the Oldboy clip in the episode 3 previews.  It’s stuff like this that makes me look forward to this drama.

And as a homage to the show that was the best at doling out the pop culture references, Veronica Mars, here is one of my favorites from the show:  “Dream on, Jump Street!”  (Logan to undercover cop)  Puhahaha… I love me some 21 Jump Street.
If you’re not familiar with the show, or want to go down memory lane, take a look at the episode names… it’s frackin’ awesome.

If you see any more pop culture references from You’re Beautiful, feel free to share.  I’ve probably missed a lot because I’m not really up to date on Korean pop culture.  I’d love to find more!

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