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The Sassy, the Spiteful, and the Faux man

October 13, 2009


Three new dramas of the season is featuring 3 very different female leads.  These ladies also play more unique characters than what we’ve seen in the past.  It’s always nice to see strong females in drama roles – so I’m looking forward to keeping my eye on them.

The sassy: Lee Min Jung

After playing a feisty rich girl in Boys over Flowers, she’s taking on a My Sassy Girl role in the weekend drama, Smile You.  Her Seo Jung In doesn’t care about anyone else, and uses ban-mal/familiar *gasp* to adults!  We also see her walking the Incheon highway with her self-torn wedding dress, vowing revenge on her ex-husband who’s left her on the road.


She’s found her scenes so funny, that she’s gotten into laughing fits on the set.  Because she had to walk barefoot on the highway for 3-4 hours during the week of the wedding dress scenes, the bottom of her feet were completely calloused.  It was so bad that it didn’t even bleed when she stepped on a piece of glass.

The Spiteful: Lee So Yeon

She’s playing possibly the most spiteful female character of all time in Angel’s Temptation.  Her character (Joo Ah Ran) marries a man in order to take revenge for her parents.  She then sleeps with a different man on her honeymoon and tries to kill her husband in a bathtub.


She had some worries after receiving the synopsis and scripts but she’s hearing that the evil role is suiting her well.  She also joked that the evil role fits her better than the nice roles.

Angel’s Temptation is the “male” version of Wife’s Temptation, which received a lot of love during its airing this year.  It stars Bae Soo Bin (Brilliant Legacy) as the husband character (after surgery.)  Han Sang Jin (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy) is the hubby before surgery.

The Faux man: Park Shin Hye

I’ve talked quite a lot about You’re Beautiful, so I’m sure that you know she’s a nun playing her twin brother in a boy idol group.  After playing so many sad characters, Park Shin Hye was worried that her demeanor was becoming sad.  So she is happy to be playing a bright role.  She’s laughed so much on set that it’s ended in a lot of NGs.


One broadcast had this to say.  In the past, there were only 2 kinds of female leads – Overly nice or Overly peppy.  If the girl was too normal or average, it didn’t receive much love from viewers in the past.

I’m glad to see that kdramas are showing more real women on TV.  I haven’t seen Angel’s Temptation but I find both Lee Min Jung and Park Shin Hye’s characters to be refreshing and different.  As much as I love romance and love, I respect shows that don’t completely depend on its love line to tell the story.  Hopefully, they will keep developing Jung In and Mi Nam/Mi Nyu in a way that empowers women (and life), rather than just falling into the “I love him” syndrome.

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