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Crush of the day: Lee Seung Gi

October 14, 2009


OK.  So I know this is banal and trite but what can I say, I like Lee Seung Gi.  I had no idea who he was when I started watching Brilliant Legacy but I have to say that he turned me onto “1N2D” (my last crush) and the now defunct “X-Man” which introduced me to the world of Korean Entertainment (outside of the big named stars).  So for taking me down this path, I’m grateful to my eternal dong-seng, Seung Gi.  Here’s the anatomy of the crush:

Intrigue: Brilliant Legacy ep 1 – 11

When I first started watching Brilliant Legacy, I didn’t have any special affinity towards Lee Seung Gi.  I found the show passable to watch and I found Lee Seung Gi interesting enough to look him up.  He had some cute scenes, like the one below.  (I actually had the most interest in Moon Chae Won because I had already seen her on Painter of the Wind.)  I, of course, learned that he was a singer (who knew!) and that he had been fairly active in the variety circuit.


Intrigue: Brilliant Legacy ep 12 – 28

It was in the second half of the kdrama, where I fell in love with Sunwoo Hwan and LSG.  After he falls from grace, his character becomes multi-dimensional and it’s nice to watch the change in our Hwannie.  LSG did a good job of portraying his softer side and added in a fun, cartoonish aspect to Hwan.  They say that pictures speak a thousand words…

Infatuation: “X-man”

My LSG crush led me to watching episodes of “X-man”.  I remember watching it once in awhile when it was on TV but seeing it again brought me lots of laughs.  LSG was a regular on the show.  And as the resident mak-nae (baby), he brought all of his cuteness to the show.  Here is a montage of his best moments:

Inamorata: “1N2D”

It’s almost like this is another I love 1N2D post and maybe it is… because 1N2D is the real reason for my LSG crush.  I love his huh-dang ways even though he’s a smarty.  (He completed his undergrad in 4 years and is currently attending grad school.)  And I’m sure all LSG fans remember his I’m pretty like Sohee antics.  It’s just too cute for words. I really could go on forever if I start talking about all of my favorite LSG 1N2D moments, so I’ll stop here (for now).


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  1. purple1n2d permalink
    October 26, 2009 1:20 am

    I truly understand how you feel. I became his fan when I found out that he is a scholar and a celebrity. Very rare nowadays.

  2. kimchigeol permalink
    November 4, 2009 3:37 am

    Glad to stumble upon another LSK admirer’s site! 🙂 keep it up…

  3. jossy permalink
    December 8, 2009 8:51 am

    LOL its kinda weird coz thats exactly how i discovered 1n2d, and now i totally love it… Watched BL out of curiosity one night while i was ona a uni (anything remotely related, assignments included) hiatus and went on mysoju, BL was a Hot drama at the time and although i’d seen it floating around here and there it didn’t really REEL me in…lol anywho i decided to give a lil watch anyway coz i resented uni that much..hehe by the by after a few episodes in (6) i was totally addicted, watched, in the same sitting, all the way up to the current episode (14) and from then on haven’t looked back..went on to a freakish obessession with LSG and googled him and came across his LeeSeunGi goes crazy in 1night 2days clip, then went on to watch more snippets then WHAM found boos blog, watched every available streaming video with subs there was for 1n2d and fell in love with so yeah, thank you lee seung gi!

    oh and BTW love your blog, also discovered your smile recaps on dramabeans…love it!

  4. gems permalink
    January 26, 2010 5:18 pm

    same here….same here…You have completely described how I first met LSG …then being on many sleepless nights after that, googling everything about him…even until now…still can’t stop finding out what he is into right now…that’s how I came into this blog…and thanks so much for giving us LSG fans another way of knowing him so much more…Lee Seung Gi fighting!!!!

  5. zara permalink
    January 27, 2010 10:37 pm

    oh! my gosh! it looks like we have the same story, i have also started liking lsgi since i watched brilliant legacy. then i became curious about him, i started clicking the internet to find more things about him then i came across with xman videos, loveletter, heroine and so on. and most especially the video about him going crazy in 1n2d.

  6. reglest permalink
    May 2, 2010 6:01 am

    The same goes for me, I look for Brilliant Legacy and undescribable gotten crush to Lee Seung Gi and later in 1n2d! Ohhh..I miss the show already..

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