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Creating Destiny: Episode 1

October 16, 2009


Aren’t they cute?  Flashback to my youth! I think I have a picture of me and my sister just like this.

The drama has its strengths and weaknesses.  There are the usual kdrama relationships, but there are inklings of something different.  And there are also some duds, like San Eun aka Victoria/Tori (Eugene) and her fiance, Alex’s non-existent chemistry.  It’s makes it hard to believe that San Eun actually wants to marry him.

But onward with a short recap:

Sang Eun and her sister Hyo Eun (Kang Byul in her first drama) moved to Australia from their youth and has enjoyed life outside of Korea.  San Eun has just come back from the States and bringing her American fiance, to get her old school dad and grandpa’s permission to marry.  The dad (Kang Nam Gil of Who are you? and Return of Iljimae) is vehemently against the marriage and wants his father-in-law to help him figure out a plan to separate them.


The dad reminds me of my dad to a certain extent.  He always wanted my sister and I to speak Korean as a child and we would get into trouble (raise our hands) when we spoke english at home.  I hated it then, but am thankful for it now, or I wouldn’t be translating for WITH S2. (End of plug.)

I also like the father-in-law, son-in-law relationship.  They’re playing what is traditionally women’s characters in kdramas, so I’m interested to see how they continue with this pair.


The problem with this storyline is that there is NO, ZERO chemistry between Tori and Alex.  She looks so uncomfortable getting a hug from him and he has no emotions hugging her.  It’s just bad casting.


Meanwhile, in the Kim family, the good-looking, doctor son, Kim Yeo Joon (Ki Tae Young) is the talk of the hospital.  All the nurses want him until a rumor starts that he’s gay.  (His friend uses him as an excuse to get rid of a girl.)  It seems to make sense because he doesn’t have any interest in women and he’s impeccable in every way.  (His nickname is Soca, short for Socrates “Sopho” short for Sophocles?  I hear Sophocrates, which does not come up in any google searches, so it can’t be right. Does anyone know what they’re saying??)  When he finds out, he’s livid.


But the damage has been done, and his family has gotten a whiff of the rumor.  They all sit around trying to figure out how to handle this problem.  The grandmother even takes it out on his sister, Yoon Hee (Kim Jung Nan) for not getting married.  She’s a single mom and has a hard time going out on a date, let alone get married.


His dad wants to find out for himself whether Yeo Joon is “healthy” or not.  He takes him to the public bath house to find out.  To be honest, I’m not really sure how much Korea has moved forward in terms of homosexuality.  I know that it’s still pretty taboo.  I haven’t seen episode 2 yet so I’m not sure if this storyline will get dropped or played out.  I’ll hold out judgment until I see a bit more.

The dad broaches the topic of man on man and Yeo Joon cries out that he’s not gay.  The dad is happy to hear it and it seems like he’ll drop the topic altogether.  (But we’ll see later that he’s still interested in getting his son married off… to a woman.)


Rounding out the cast is Shim Hye Rim (Lee Sung Min), who has the hots for Yeo Joon and is being set up as the evil second lead.  Her stepmother is also frenemies with Yeo Joon’s mom and I fully expect lots of bickering between the 2 ladies.  (Hye Rim’s stepmom is the one who spilled the beans about Yeo Joon’s supposed sexuality to his family.)  Right now, this seems quite run of the mill, so I don’t find it interesting.  But we’ll see where this goes.


And here’s a picture of the uninterested Yeo Joon with Hye Rim.


We also find out that Sang Eun’s dad and Yeo Joon’s dad are old friends and they come up with an idea to bring their 2 kids together (more to come in ep2).  We see the Kang and Kim family sitting down Sang Eun and Yeo Joon for a talk.  Sang Eun’s dad offers her a compromise and Yeo Joon’s dad offers him (really demands) marriage.


Now here’s a bit of casting that I like.  I find San Eun’s sister Hyo Eun to be adorable.  (She’s reminding of Lee Min Jung’s character in Smile, You.)  I’m hoping that she has more scenes as the drama continues.


There is one something that I learned about myself watching this episode.  I found Sang Eun’s bursts of Korean in front of her American boyfriend to be a bit rude.  She’d bust out something in Korean, and then say, “It’s nothing.”  I realized that I DO THIS to my husband.  He’s Korean-American but doesn’t speak much Korean at all.  I think I might have to cut out this habit of mine.  I had told myself that it was to teach my husband some Korean words… but I think I should come up with a different way to be teacher.

All in all, I found episode 1 to be mediocre.  I didn’t hate it but didn’t really like it either.  I didn’t really feel a connection to Sang Eun, even though I think we have lots in common.  I haven’t had a chance to watch ep2 yet but I’m hoping for something more!

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  1. bluebunny permalink
    October 19, 2009 9:57 pm

    Thanks for the recap!!!

    What a cute opening with the two sisters getting yelled at from their dad for speaking English. They were so adorable! It also reminded me of my elementary school days where I got lectured by my parents for speaking English all the time at home.

    Anyways, back to the drama, I actually didn’t like or hate it either. I enjoyed it (had a good flow) and had a few good laughs here and there (eg the scence at the bath house where the dad is checking him out). I think the grandpa and father are funny and fun to watch and the photographer friend too. And I’m already starting to hate Shim Hye Rim and the her step mother/the photographer’s mom is starting to annoy me.

    The only problem that I had with this episode is that I don’t see or understand the relationship between Sang Eun and Alex. First, when he gives her a hug and she looks as if she doesn’t want a hug(note: I have the same exact face too when I have to hug someone I don’t want to hug) Second, whenever he says “I love you” she doesn’t say it back. Third, when he goes in for the kiss she doesn’t want to kiss him. And we are suppose to believe that this is her fiance?! Yes, it is a bad paring and I also blame it on the bad acting from the guy.

    I’m ready for more of Sang Eun and Yeo Joon-let the blickering begin!

  2. October 19, 2009 10:46 pm

    I feel exactly the same about alex. hopefully, we won’t have to see anymore of him… he was ruining it for me. There are so many HOT aussie guys!! (i’m not really sure if he’s aussie or not…)

  3. Jessica permalink
    November 22, 2009 1:37 pm

    Yeah, I almost feel there’s some kind of backstory as to why Sang Eun wanted to “marry” Alex.

    Like she feels indebted to him or something.

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