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Smile, You: Episodes 1-4

October 17, 2009


Jung In and Hyun Soo – you are so fated to be with each other.  There were so many good screencaps to use, but I settled on this one because it captures their current relationship so perfectly.  She’s the one with the upper hand, smirking as she walks away… because she’s gotten the better of him, once again.

And what does Hyun Soo do?  Well, he takes it out on a…


a TREE!!  Seriously, he’s gotta find a better way to vent.  Haha.


Our hero, Kang Hyun Soo is a normal guy.  He has a family that he loves.  He has a job that he loves.  He has a girl that he loves.  The problem is that his family is a wee bit crazy, his job is is a powerless profession, and his love doesn’t know that he exists.  But he’s happy and content with life.

Our heroine, Seo Jung In is a lucky girl.  She has a family that she loves.  She has family money.  She has a boy that she loves.  The problem is that her family is clueless, her family money is gone from bankrupcy, and her love has dumped for because of it.  But she’s gritty and bright with life.

Our hero and heroine are not perfect but they are destined.  Their initial meeting is nutty, with Jung In looking crazy in a torn wedding dress trying to get help from a frightened Hyun Soo.  But their relationship “blossoms” with each meeting.  They fight, drink, wrestle, argue, and even comfort each other.


These 2 are quite adorable!  Even their fashion sense is compatible.  She’s more flashy with a touch of rock and roll, and he’s simple and confident.  I really dig her outfits, especially her leather motorcycle jackets and her Marc Jacobs sensibility.  And who says that matching clothes is only for Sunwoo Hwan and Go Eun Sung (of Brilliant Legacy).   Our couple can do it too.


This series is super cute, bubbly, and wildly entertaining.  I’ll continue to post on the series, but I’m one of the rotating guest bloggers on dramabeans doing the episode recaps, so head there for a more in-depth look at the episodes.

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