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You’re Beautiful: Episode 3

October 17, 2009


Oh You’re Beautiful – how I love thee. Let me count the ways…
1. You’re burst out laughter funny.
2. Your camera work is stunning.
3. Your A.N.JELLs are fantabulous.
4. Your outfits are glorious.

I had a bit of a busy week so I didn’t get to watch episode 3 until today and I’m sorry I waited so long. I’m not sure if I just missed it in the previous episodes, but there were so many beautiful shots in this episode. The above is my favorite. It’s Tae Kyung and Mi Nam walking their separate ways after Tae Kyung supposedly throws her ring. What I like about the scene is that they are divided by a wall but we can see the opening where they can turn and meet again.  (And it also looks cool.)

1.  You’re Beautiful is burst out laughter funny.

I had quite a few laugh out loud moments.  (Loud enough so that my husband turned around to stare at me.)


The episode started out as a total dramedy.  Phone stolen and tossed!  Girl on the roof of a racing truck!  A boy running for his life to save his love!  (Oh wait… not love… enemy…)  Jumping off a moving truck!  It was totally entertaining.  That picture of Tae Kyung pushing up Mi Nam’s butt is hilarious.

But that doesn’t compare to this exchange…
MN: Thank you.
MN: Hwang Tae Kyung ssi, your back is all wet from running and your shirt is all torn from catching me.  Thank you.
TK: That’s right.  Because of you, I’m dirty, smelly, and wet.  And I’m hurting.
MN: You’re hurt? What shallI do?
TK: What shall I do? What shall I do?  How could… How could something like this happen to me?  I’m asking this because it’s just so surprising, absurd, and I feel like I’m bait… I’m sure it’s not … but is this hidden camera?
MN: Excuse me?
TK: Is this hidden camera? Lee Kyung Kyu ssi? Lee Kyung Kyu ssi?  (He’s the host of the Kversion of Punk’d.)  Of course that doesn’t make sense.  I really am going crazy. Hidden camera?
MN: Hwang Tae Kyung ssi, please calm down.
TK: Do you think I can come down right now?  Why the heck am I here, acting like a crazy person? I’m not someone like this.  I’m, that’s right, someone like that! (Pointing to the screen playing the video of himself.)


Puhahahaha.  Hidden camera? Ah, Hong sisters – you really got me. I totally did not see that coming and it made me laugh so hard that I had to pause the video.  And it’s funny how Tae Kyung keeps pointing at the video so incredulously.

And I’ve already shared my crush for pop culture references.  So I had a giggle over this:


Oldboy?  Temptation of minam (handsome man)? Sorry, sorry? It really is quite adorable.  I especially loved the Oldboy parody because it was out of left field.  (Unfortunately, it was in last week’s preview so it ruined the surprise a bit.  Keep nuggets like that out of the previews!)

The last scene that I’ll highlight is the one where her manager and stylist head out to a cathedral to ask God for forgiveness.  What got me was this shot, with the statue of Mary in the background.  It’s just so cleverly irreverent.


2. Your camera work is stunning.

I had complained a little about the inordinate amount of close-ups in episode 1.  I’m sorry Director Hong.  I take that back!  This episode had so many beautiful shots.


They are just so beautiful, that I really enjoyed taking screencaps of this episode.  I’m the kind of person who watches Ang Lee’s Sense and Sensibility with the volume off to just enjoy the camerawork, so this is really a treat.

The next scene is impossible to capture with screenshots, but this had so much tension that I thought Tae Kyung and his mom were going to have a throw down on the hotel floor.  Intense.


3.  Your A.N.JELLs are fantabulous.

Lee Hong Ki – how much cuter can you get?  If he gets any cuter, he’s just going to turn into a cartoon.


Jeremy continues to let his imagination run wild about Mi Nam and thinks that she/he’s trying to seduce the members.  And then he scolds himself for becoming like this.  He’s a total riot.

Park Shin Hye does such a good job of capturing Mi Nam’s essence.  She’s quiet, dainty, but resolute.  I love that her bold side came out in this episode, and she’s not just a pushover.  In the ring scene, she gets visibly upset at Tae Kyung for throwing out the ring.  But when he says that he still has the ring, he doesn’t get mad at him for allowing her to look for the ring all night.  Rather, she hugs him for allowing her to find the ring and stay in the band.


She’s also just darn cute.  She able to capture her feelings in each situation, with just the slightest change of her expression.  She doesn’t overact, which adds such a charm to her character.


Jung Yong Hwa is still green as an actor.  I like his character and I think/hope he can get better.  But his (handsome) face is pretty stoic and his speech is pretty monotone.  Shin Woo is hard at work, trying to take care of Mi Nam and it’s cute how he keeps gazing at her, but it would be so much more believable if he can gaze with some emotion in his eyes.


Look at Mi Nam’s pose in the milk picture.  It’s little things like this that really makes an actor.  JYH – you can do it!  Hwighting!

Jang Geun Suk really showed a lot of depth in this episode.  He captured the angst of a boy, with mother issues, pretending not to care about the world, to a tee.  He really can lose the pucker face because I’m a little sick of it.  But Tae Kyung is quite conflicted and JGS captures it well.


4. Your outfits are glorious.

I’m sure Jeremy caught everyone’s eye with this outfit.  Haha.  I watched it again to see what he was wearing exactly.  That would be an oversized gray sweatshirt with pink stripes and a matching pink MC hammer pants.


And here’s A.N.JELL’s tribute to Girls Generation/SNSD and Gee.


This is one addictive series.  If you’re not watching it, what are you doing reading this?  Go see it!

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  1. October 22, 2009 11:36 am

    I wanna have itttt~
    First I was laughing my ass off, but then I just thought that it’s too cute~

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