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Creating Destiny: Episode 2

October 18, 2009


I liked episode 2 a lot more than episode 1.  The story is fairly typical but I’m starting to like the characters a bit more.  Sang Eun (Eugene) and Yeo Joon (Ki Tae Young) are both growing on me and had really charming moments in this episode.  (Look at Sang Eun drinking the stolen drink by the pillar… cute!)

And Gyu Han! (Jung Suk Won, Brilliant Legacy)  He brought a sign that reads, “Welcome Hang Sang Eun” to greet his friend’s betrothed.  How funny is that!


Both Yeo Joon and Sang Eun are cornered by their families to meet each other. They are upset to hear such news.  Yeo Joon is unequivocally told that he has to get married, while Sang Eun is told to goto Korea for a year before making her final decision to marry Alex.


Sang Eun’s dad, Kyung Tae, has come up with a plan to guilt Sang Eun into going to Korea.  He pretends that he’s sick in order to get her to listen to him.  Sang Eun seems to be worried that her dad is sick, and eventually agrees to go to Korea.  Her sister agrees that Sang Eun should just go to Korea.  She quips, “Who says that that man’s going to like you anyway?  It’s not like you’re drop dead gorgeous or anything.  Just go and meet him, and decide between the two of you.”  We didn’t get to see my Hyo Eun, but she’s just so adorable.  I love her facial expressions.


Meanwhile, in the Kim household, Yeo Joon’s dad, Tak Soo is hard at work convincing his son to meet Sang Eun.  They have a funny exchange about their family’s motto, capturing the essence of their old-fashioned household.
TS:  What’s our family motto?
YJ:  Integrity and honesty.
TS:  What’s my favorite proverb?
YJ:  Trustworthiness is king and using credit is depravity.
Tak Soo tells Yeo Joon that they have been betrothed since childhood.  He also reminds Yeo Joon that he promised Sang Eun to marry her when they get older and…


this leads to a cute flashback to their childhood.


Our frenemy moms meet again to have their daily quibble.  It undoubtedly turns to their children, with Jin Hee badmouthing Yoon Hee for being a single mom, and Geum Ja calling Gyu Han a gigolo.  (I know this type of relationship would be expected in a comedy like this, but haven’t we had enough of this?)

Not surprisingly, we see their 2 degenerate children together.   What’s actually cute about this scene is Yoon Hee’s adult-like daughter Jin Ju.  (They always find the cutest kids for Kdramas.)  It looks like Gyu Han is good with Jin Ju, and we are undoubtedly seeing a love match in Gyu Han and Yoon Hee.


When Gyu Han hears about Sang Eun from uncle Bok Man, he runs to the hospital to make fun of Yeo Joon.   Yeo Joon tries to get some help from him, and Gyu Han says that he has 2 options:  1.  Marry her and then get divorced; 2.  Move out of the house and live his own life.  We then have the obligatory bar scene where Yeo Joon can drink away his sorrows.


Yeo Joon gets drunk and has to carried home, to his mother’s dismay.  The funny part is how Yeo Joon gets up immediately when he hears his grandmother”s name.  He then bows to the door and says hello to his grandmother, father, and mother.  What a funny scene!


Hye Rim’s dad tells that she’s working too hard these days.  He tells her to do a half-hearted job, since it won’t matter when she gets.  Hye Rim (Lee Sung Min, Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun) gets mad and says that she wants to do best and have the best, including a husband.  At the hospital, a lady comes and hits her, accusing Hye Rim of locking up her daughter at the previous fashion show.  (Hye Rim had locked up a model so that she could be the finale of the runway show.)  Yeo Joon sees that Hye Rim’s hand is cut from the hit and bandages her up.  (Hye Rim’s is being set up as the resident bitch.  I do like that she wants to be the best.  Unfortunately, it’s at the expense of others, which I guess will be a sticking point in her likability factor.)


Sang Eun arrives in Korea on an earlier flight and ends up having time to wait for her ride.  She calls her sister and accuses her of betraying her, I think catching on that her family lied to get her here.  Even though she is forced to come, it seems like she’s glad to be in Korea.  She’s even amazed that everyone’s talking Korean when she gets off the plane.

Yeo Joon begrudgingly arrives at the airport with Gyu Han, to pick up Sang Eun.  The only one happy here seems to be the easy-going, women-loving Gyu Han.  As they wait for her arrival, Yeo Joon insults Sang Eun as a disagreeable woman who can’t get married, not knowing that Sang Eun is sitting at the next table, listening to the conversation.


A furious Sang Eun, intentionally steps on Yeo Joon’s foot and creates havoc, ruining his (gorgeous) outfit.


She continues to have no luck, as a passerby accidentally hits her, making her drop her drink.  She makes him express his apology by watching her bag while she heads to the restroom.  While he’s gone to meet his brother, she comes back to find her bag missing.  When she sees him getting a drink, she runs over to give him a piece of her mind.  As she leaves, she grabs the drink that he’s bought.  I found her to be really cute here – grabbing that drink and walking off like she owned it.

And as Yeo Joon and Gyu Han wait for her to come out, Sang Eun walks up to the surprised pair…


I sometimes notice weird things in a drama, but isn’t the Han house really girly considering that it’s 2 men as the head of the household?  Polka dot plates and bowls?  It’s kind of funny.  I also find the interaction between Grandpa Suk Joo and Dad Kyung Tae to be fun.  There was a scene where Suk Joo hands his tie to his son-in-law, like he would to his wife.


OK.  Has anyone else noticed Yeo Joon’s sharp suits?  I mean I realize that his nickname is Mr. Perfect, but hot damn, he looks good.  (These pictures do not do justice.)  And I’m liking that his personality is the complete opposite of Mr. Perfect.  He’s boorish, surly, and cranky.  I don’t think he’s given us a real smile in 2 episodes.  If was hot and charming, it would really be too much.  (I think I have a special affinity for him, because he doesn’t have double eye lids.  Haha.)  I enjoyed episode 2 enough to keep watching.  The storyline is trite, but I’ll continue to watch just to see Yeo Joon’s 3 piece, pocket square, suits.


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  1. bluebunny permalink
    October 22, 2009 6:53 pm

    I enjoyed this episode, it flew by and at the end I wanted more! There are the LOL and cute moments: the flashback, Mr. Perfect coming back home drunk, and all of the airport scences. The welcome sign was the highlight!

    We finally get to see more of Sang Eun’s character-I’m liking it and Dr. Kim Yeo Joon is cranky as always! I agree with you that he’s good looking and is looking damn fine in those suits.

    I gotta add that I’m liking the scences with Gyu Han. There’s just something about him in every scence that makes me laugh.

    Why is Hye Rim always/most of the time in the hospital? Is she the hospital model? What kind of hospital have models?! And her outfit was a miss!

  2. gailT permalink
    December 2, 2009 2:52 pm

    hi! i really enjoy your and soyjoy’s recaps of Smile, You on dramabeans. So I’m really excited to see your blog come up on Google for “Creating Destiny” recaps. 😀

    I saw the 1st ep but got carried away by Smile, You. But now, my sister and I are watching together. Thank you for your recaps.

    I totally agree with YJ’s suits. I love men in suits, and his are just impeccable. Also, my sis noticed that SE’s sister’s English is pretty good. Has the actress lived ouside Korea?

    • December 2, 2009 3:23 pm

      Hi gailT – good to have you here! I’ve been a little behind on my CD recaps but will pick these up soon. Kang Byul (Hyo Eun) lived in Canada for awhile, hence the English. I think she aspires to come out to Hollywood. (And speaking English is pretty much the first requirement, so atleast she has that under her belt.)

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