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Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa’s stocks rise

October 18, 2009


Even with IRIS premiering on KBS last week, You’re Beautiful is continuing to experience massive support from their fans.   The 2 new actors of the group, Lee Hong Ki of FT Island and Jung Yong Hwa of CN Blue have especially garnered a lot of interest.


Lee Hong Ki, who started as a child actor, has received a fair amount of praise for his natural acting abilities. With many singer trying their hand at acting this year and receiving mixed reviews, the expectations for Lee Hong Ki was not very high. But he’s been a pleasant surprise to many in his role as Jeremy.


Jung Yong Hwa, who had already been dubbed “towel” man, has gained a new nickman, “milk” man after the pool scene in episode 3, where Shin Woo gives Mi Nam a glass of milk and tells her to keep up her strength. These acts of chivalry has made many female viewers jealous of the lucky Mi Nam.

I would definitely agree that Lee Hong Ki is faring much better than Jung Yong Hwa on the acting front.  Hong Ki’s Jeremy is still a bit one-sided but has been pulled off with great ease and believability. And he’s so darn cute!  Jang Yong Hwa, I think has a more difficult role as Shin Woo, needing to portray a wider range of emotions.  I think episodes 3 and 4 really showed his inexperience as an actor.  His stiff acting reminds me a little of Joo Ji Hoon in Goong.  (But Joo Ji Hoon‘s acting ability really took off afterwards, so first projects aren’t always the best gauge.)  I realize that he only has 4 episodes under his belt, so there’s lots of time to improve!

Via Newsen, JoyNews

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