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Weekend Drama Ratings Battle

October 18, 2009


With a new crop of weekend dramas starting up, the ratings battle between the stations have heated up.  In the highly coveted 10pm hour, SBS’s Smile, You currently has the highest viewership at 17.5%.  Assorted Gem (MBC) is next at 13.1% and the newly started Hot-blooded Salesman (KBS) is tailing in 7.8%.


In the 8pm hour, Three Brothers (KBS) opened on 10/17 to a strong 24.3%, following the ratings beast that was Sons of Sol Pharmacy (#1 record in 2009 at 48.6%).  It’s written by Moon Young Nam, who has a large following with her past successes, including First Wives Club and Famous Princesses Creating Destiny (MBC) had seen its first 2 episodes in the 3% range, but rose to 7.9% with the conclusion of the Sons of Sol Pharmacy.  However, it’s still significantly lagging behind the new drama, Three Brothers.

Rounding out the weekend dramas is Loving You a Thousand Times (SBS) in the 9pm hour.  Fortunately, it is the only drama during this time slot and has been steadily showing numbers in the high teens, with the 10/17 rating at 18.7%.

It’s nice to have a whole new crop of dramas starting up, because I’ve been a little bored with the schedule.  It’s been keeping me busy as trying to play catch up on all the new kdramas.

*All ratings are based on the 10/17 broadcast.

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