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Lee Si Young wants both love and career

October 20, 2009


Lee Si Young is just like us!  Like most single career women in the world, she’s looking for both love and career.  After a small role in the highly successful Boys over Flowers, her career has taken off this year – currently starring in Loving You a Thousand Times, as Ryu Jin‘s other woman.  On the big screen, she was part of the star studded Five Senses of Eros earlier this year, and stars in the upcoming Descendants of Hong Gil Dong with Lee Bum Soo.  (Opening on 11/26)

Along with her blossoming career, she had a fairly public relationship with Jun Jin this year, after a fake marriage in the variety show, “We Got Married.”  They dated for 6 months before breaking up in September.

She talked about her character, Song Yeon Hwa’s aggressiveness in The Descendants of Hong Gil Dong.  Yeon Hwa, who’s been dating Lee Bum Soo‘s Hong Moo Hyuk for 3 years, is now looking for marriage, and pesters Moo Hyung.  She’s the kind of gal who says everything that she thinks, without filter.  Lee Si Young expressed her excitement in working with Lee Bum Soo and Kim Soo Ro (“Family Outing”), and shared that she learned a lot from working with them.

The topic soon turned to her love life and she honestly shared about the importance of love in her life, “If I had to choose between a career and love, I can’t give up either one.  But I think love is more important.  Just like love is the main topic of so many movies and songs, I don’t think a person can live without love.  No matter the amount of money or success, I don’t think a person with a sense of emptiness in their heart because of love can be happy.  That’s why the most important thing is love.  Of course, I have dreams and I’ve worked hard to achieve them, so I can’t give up on my career.  Work is another part of my life where I want to succeed.”

When asked about her ex-boyfriend Jun Jin (heading to the army on the 22nd), she shared little.  “Jin oppa respectfully talked so little about us after our break up.  I feel sorry that I talked about it so much.  I hope that we’ll both do well on our own path.”

I don’t have much of an opinion on her acting (she was good enough on Boys over Flowers), but Lee Si Young and Jun Jin were my favorite couple during their season of “We Got Married.”  I was fascinated by her eccentric personality and hobbies (Gundam).

Here’s a mighty fine looking poster of Lee Si Young for Descendants of Hong Gil Dong:


Via Newsen

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