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You’re Beautiful: Episode 4

October 20, 2009


I’m really falling in love with this drama.  I love the light-heartedness with a touch of agony.  And who doesn’t love a good love triangle!

In the scene above, Tae Kyung finds Mi Nam crying, after she finds out that her mom is thought to be dead.  I love that he waits by the door before going over to her, with empathy and pathos, but also with a little bit of apprehension.

Here’s the song playing during the scene, Without a Word 말도 없이 by 9th Street:

And that of course brought us to this:


It’s interesting to see the contrast in the member’s reactions to Mi Nam’s tears.  Jeremy finds her first but doesn’t know what to do around her, and goes to Shin Woo to take action.  (It’s funny to see Jeremy around Mi Nam.)  And Shin Woo, hearing the news, immediately runs over to Mi Nam, without hesitation, ready to comfort her.

It’s building up a really engaging dynamic between the characters, that makes me look forward to see how things unfold.  (I’m also curious to see how the writers will tackle Tae Kyung and Shin Woo’s relationship with Mi Nam between them.)


Episode 4 also brings us a new character, Yoo He Yi (UEE).  She’s plays an actress, dubbed the “National Fairy”.  We first see her at the same hospital as Tae Kyung, visiting sick children.  But we soon find out that it’s all an act and she’s actually quite the devil.  Tae Kyung and He Yi have a run-in at the hospital, and they do not make a very good impression on each other.  Mostly because Tae Kyung’s really the opposite of He Yi – devil on the outside and angel on the inside.  (Well, an OCD angel with mommy issues.)

UEE is everywhere these days, after being a late comer to After School.  She didn’t have too many scenes in this episode, so we’ll see how she does in the upcoming episodes.  I did see the episode where she plays a young Mishil in Queen Seonduk, and I thought she was fairly good – in her 15 second role.

Now for the fun part, let’s visit our escalating love triangle.  Episode 3 and 4 had our ever grouchy Tae Kyung showing more and more interest in Mi Nam.  Episode 3 had the whole ring incident and this episode brings us the autograph.


After seeing Mi Nam give her “autograph” with her 2nd grade hand writing (hahaha! this is her signature!) and receiving Mi Nam’s cry for help, Tae Kyung pretends not to care, then goes through multiple variations of an autograph before settling on one for her.  He leaves it in a trunk in her room.


Meanwhile, Shin Woo finds Mi Nam practicing her signature on the patio and comes over to her.  He shows signs of jealousy when hearing that Mi Nam went to Tae Kyung first for help, and tell her to come him first when she needs advise.  He then helps her to write her new signature, holding her hand.

First, I wish I had a patio like that.  It’s quite stunning, with the mountain in the background, and that tree in the middle.  (I love trees.  Half of my vacation pictures always end up with a tree in it.)  And this scene with Shin Woo and Mi Nam is so stylistically beautiful – the color of the sky, all the muted colors, with the pop of the yellow flowers.


Mi Nam is eager to show Tae Kyung her new Shin Woo aided autograph, not knowing that he’s left one for her in her room.  Now it’s Tae Kyung’s turn to be jealous, but tells Mi Nam that he’s not at all interested in anything about her.  (It’s cute how Mi Nam immediately acknowledges that this to be true.)

Back in his room, he imagines a mocking Mi Nam upon finding his autograph, and heads back to her room to get the paper that he had left behind.  He finds her asleep on the trunk, and tries to move her out of the way to get the autograph, but finds himself in a predicament, with the lights off and Mi Nam sleeping on top of him.  Fortunately for him, he’s able to find his way out without waking up Mi Nam.


There isn’t much subtlety in the love story set up, but it’s sweet none-the-less.  Shin Woo is going to have to go back to being the “towel” man, after drying off Mi Nam’s wet hair.  And it’s really cute how Mi Nam leaves behind Shin Woo, and tags along Tae Kyung after seeing him back from the hospital.  It’s only episode 4 but I already want to give Shin Woo a hug.


Even with the angst, You’re Beautiful is mostly an adorable fantasy comedy, and it doesn’t disappoint.  I find Park Shin Hye to be just precious.  I can eat her right up.  The ice cream and the cream bread scenes are adorable.  I love actors who have expressive faces and she’s got a knack for it.  She reminds me of my one of my favorite genres, screwball comedies.


I also found the game “Let’s memorize idols” hilarious.
Wang Stylist (WS): Girls Generation!
MN: 9 people.
WS:  2ne1!
MN: 4 people.
WS: Wait.
Manager Ma (MM): Names of the 13 members of Super Junior!
MN: Leetuek, Heechul, HangGeng, Yesung, KangIn, Shindong, SungMin, EunHyuk, DongHae, Siwon, RyeoWook, Kibum, KyuHyun!
WS: Wonder Girls!
MN: 5 people.
MM: Sobangcha!  (Puhahaha! I remember Sobangcha!!! I think I had one their cassette tapes in the 80s… I’m aging myself.)

I just love me some pop culture references!

P.S. I’m sure that you’ve noticed that I’m not doing a full recap of this series.  Dramabeans is doing her usual excellent recap, so I’ll keep my posts to observations and anecdotes.

With that, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite screencaps from the episode.  After my initial complaint about the directing, I’m flooding my computer with You’re Beautiful screencaps.  Wednesday’s coming soon!


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  1. yusi syafa adinda permalink
    April 11, 2010 8:34 am

    ach youre beautiful memang film eanq lucu,romantist,and serru beudd,,,

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