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You’re Beautiful: Episode 5

October 21, 2009

Here’s our couple on their first date. It was just like any other first date. He ate some shrimp, to which he’s deathly allergic. But it’s OK because it led him to her. She was already on a date, unbeknownst to her, with someone else but left him to be with her true love. When they finally got together, they walked around town, coming back to the same site over and over again, hoping to never forget their first date.

Welcome to episode 5! The Hong sisters are continuing to do an excellent job of giving small surprises to the viewer to keep us on our toes. Bored, I ain’t.

Here’s our couple’s song: Still 여전히 – Lee Hong Ki

Our A.N.JELL boys are all falling under the spell of the adorable Go Mi Nam, each in his own way.  Whatever the reason, she’s having a profound impact on their lives.  And why shouldn’t she?  Who wouldn’t be charmed by our trouble making, nun idol cutie?

Upon finding out that Mi Nam’s mom has passed away, Jeremy feels guilty for suspecting her and decides to treat her well. But it doesn’t last very long, because he senses that there is something a bit off with Mi Nam. After she gives hold onto him (so that he wouldn’t fall), Jeremy confesses to his lab, Angelina Jolie, that he been thinking about Mi Nam all day long. LOL.

Lee Hong Ki is really doing a good job of playing the dimwitted and confused Jeremy. He borders on going overboard at times, but that quality makes him quite perfect for a fantasy comedy like You’re Beautiful.

Korea’s new romantic guy, Shin Woo, is clearly captivated by Mi Nam. He’s all ready to confess his knowledge of her gender, as well as his feeling, before she takes off with Tae Kyung. He evens heads to the Marc Jacobs store to buy Mi Nam a pair or shoes. (Shin Woo, you really know how to make a girl jealous.)

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to take a lot more than a fancy lunch (look at that restaurant!), a date at the amusement park, and a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes (gasp!) to win Mi Nam’s heart. (Can you tell that I wanted to be on that date??)

All he can do for now is play stalker, send longing gazes to Mi Nam, and jealous glances to Tae Kyung. Now only if we can get Jung Yong Hwa to vary his expressions a bit more. I know that he’s supposed to be a stoic character, but even his smile doesn’t look that different. I still love him but please go practice your facial expressions in the mirror!

Our Tae Kyung is finally starting to see Mi Nam as girl. He sees Mi Nam in He Yi’s clothes and is shocked, commenting, “She really is a girl.” He wants to keep treating her like his annoying little brother, but it’s pretty clear that he’s going to be unable to do that.

He even changes his appearance after Mi Nam says that he was the most stylish with his old hairstyle during their debut. He immediately goes and changes his hair style back (thank goodness!) and even looks for Mi Nam to acknowledge that she likes it. He’s turning into a real cutie.

The background for the couple’s bed scene is revealed when we find out that Mi Nam and Tae Kyung have to share a bedroom while Mi Nam’s aunt stays with them. He doesn’t want to, but acquiesce once Mi Nam gives his a helpless look when President Ahn says that he’ll take Mi Nam to stay with him. Not just cute, but sweet as well.

The boys aren’t the only one going through emotional drama. Mi Nam is also having some of her own with Tae Kyung… “My heart is beating fast, and I feel like I getting shocked with electricity.” Then she channels Maria, and looks to Mother (from her convent) for guidance. Ah, the joys and perils of first love. Park Shin Hye is again superb in this episode, doing a good job of playing a girl not realizing that she’s falling in love.

And of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of You’re Beautiful without some funny, pop culture laden scenes.

In the party that the A.N.JELL boys throw for Mi Nam, Jeremy invites 3 special guests – Singer Kim Gun Mo, Gagman Jung Sung Ho, Noh Hong Chul – does their imitations. (Hong Chul – your status is rising. Go tell your Infinity Challenge friends!) This leads to Jeremy taking Mi Nam to show her what Tae Kyung showed as his “talent” (scraping a radish with his teeth) during their debut. It turns into a riot as Tae Kyung tries to keep them from watching the video.

Besides the cuteness, what’s nice about the drama are the small unexpected moments, like when Manager Ma gives Mi Nam a taser (a taser!!) to keep with her in Tae Kyung’s room. You expect that it’ll turn into something disastrous, but I didn’t imagine that it would be the reason for Mi Nam to end up sleeping on top of Tae Kyung. The sheer randomness of it makes it both genius and hilarious.

And He Yi’s impending role in the Mi Nam saga was also unexpected. Who thought she would find out so early on that Mi Nam was a girl? UEE is good at the passive aggressive thing, isn’t she? I wonder if she’s playing a version of herself. Just Kidding! She’s a nice little addition to the cast.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the direction. Here are some of my favorites that didn’t make it above. By the way, is that a pomegranate tree in their rooftop?

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  1. February 27, 2010 7:28 am

    i love this episode. 🙂 i feel so in-love ^^

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