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Creating Destiny: Episode 4

October 23, 2009

What does this episode bring us? You’ve got it, more quibbling! But now it’s happening at pretty and scenic locations, like this one.  Way to have the couple go on a date!

Yeo Joon: I don’t like you, but I know a romantic place for us to bicker.
Sang Eun: I don’t like you either, but wow – it’s really pretty here!

Even though I make fun, I liked this episode better than the last one.  We had some plot and character development, which is good to see.  But it’s still really, really repetitive.  (I wish they had atleast given me some more of Yeo Joon’s 3 piece suits!)

OST is not out yet, so here’s “Rose” from Wheesung’s new album for your listening pleasure:

Yeo Joon runs home to find Sang Eun at the upstairs dduk (rice cake) cafe and sits her down to get the scoop on her day. She doesn’t understand why they have to lie. But he tells her that she’s already misled grandmother by coming to Korea and acting like she’s interested. They’ll either have to lie or get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness. Sang Eun decides to go with lying and tells Yeo Joon what she did during the day.

Why does Sang Eun decide to lie? Doesn’t she have a fiance? Why all the pretense? I’ll get into my thoughts a bit later.

The Kim family is on edge as Grandmother questions the lovebirds: What did you do today? Where did you go? What did you eat for lunch? Yeo Joon is fully prepared after taking notes and answers confidently. But Grandmother won’t let them get away with it and guilts them into telling the truth. Sang Eun apologizes but tells them that she can get around on her own. Grandmother Jeong decides to start fake crying and get the 2 to agree on going out during the weekend.

Yoon Hee is understandably upset after seeing Hae Sung. Gyu Han, who seems to have a special interest in her, wonders why he’s back in Korea. While Yoon Hee puts Jin Ju to bed, she can’t help but think about their break up. Hae Sung’s family was very much against her, and he went to marry the person that his family picked out for him. Meanwhile, Hae Sung is at a bar with his brother Se Won and they wonder if Jin Ju is Hae Sung’s daughter.

The family gets together in the morning for the usual Korean meal, while Sang Eun enjoys her usual breakfast of coffee. When the family asks her why she’s not eating rice, Yeo Joon mockingly says that it’s because she’s not Korean. Sang Eun acknowledges that she’s mostly Australian. But she’s forced into eating rice for breakfast when Jin Ju starts asking if she can stop eating rice just like Sang Eun unnie.

Yeo Joon calls Gyu Han and makes him come to the hospital to meet him.  (Seriously, that Gyu Han is a good friend.)  Gyu Han is worried about Yoon Hee and wants to talk to Yeo Joon about it, but Yeo Joon is only interested in his problems with Sang Eun and knows nothing about Yoon Hee’s issue. Gyu Han suggests that the only thing left to do is send her back to Australia. He tells Gyu Han that it’s a bad idea, but thinks about it seriously when he goes back to work.

Hae Sung comes to the dduk cafe and receives a cold reception from Yoon Hee.  She tries to treat him like a customer but he starts asking personal questions about Jin Ju.  She tells him that she now has a kid, so he should just leave her alone.   She also reminds him of his wife, not realizing that he got divorced because of her.

Yeo Joon calls the dduk cafe to talk to Sang Eun.  Yoon Hee is surprised to get a call from the busy Yeo Joon and comments that he must have feelings her, which Yeo Joon denies vehemently.  He calls Sang Eun on Yoon Hee’s cellphone, but Sang Eun hangs up when he yells.  He calls back to ask her location, and  now it’s her turn to yell, “None of your business”, and hangs up on him again.

Never the less, even with all the fighting, they meet at a cafe.  Yeo Joon gets right to the point and gives Sang Eun a one way ticket to Sydney.   Sang Eun is offended by his action and refuses to take the ticket.  She tells him, “I’ll decide when to leave, so don’t do me any favors!”.  She then storms out, leaving behind an exasperated Yeo Joon.

Sang Eun had tried earlier to book a ticket home for the weekend, but didn’t have any luck.  Even though she wants to go home, she’s really upset about this, and plans on staying just to spite Yeo Joon.  I guess it’s pretty insulting to have a guy buy you a plane ticket to leave the country because he can’t stand you. Haha.

Yeo Joon is aggravated with Sang Eun, and goes to Gyu Han for help.  But he’s not that happy to see Yeo Joon and his oblivious nature.  He also has worries of his own, over Yoon Hee.  But the clueless Yeo Joon is fixated on himself, and wants to know how to break up with a girl.  Gyu Han responds, “I know how to get a girl, but don’t know how to break up with them.”   Haha – such a Casanova.  He even upsets Yeo Joon more by pointing out that he referred to himself and Sang Eun as, “us”, teating that they must have made some progress in their relationship.

In the Han household, Sang Eun’s dad and grandpa are constantly worrying about her.  Grandpa Yoon wonders if sending her to Korea was a mistake.  When Sang Eun calls and tells Hyo Eun about the plane ticket, Grandpa Yoon is livid and wants to call Sang Eun immediately.   They wonder what’s wrong with Yeo Joon that he’s not attracted to someone like Sang Eun.  And Grandpa Yoon declares that Sang Eun better stick it out in Korea and not get rejected by Yeo Joon.

Yeo Joon’s dad (Taek Soo) finds out that Yeo Joon gave Sang Eun a plane ticket to go back home.  He’s upset over his son’s thoughtlessness and tells him that it’s not up to him to kick out a precious guest.  When Yeo Joon brings up his grief over marrying Sang Eun, his dad calls him an idiot and gives him a full guilt trip.
TS: Are you stupid? I thought you were just heartless, but you must be stupid also.
YJ: Huh?
TS: Do you think I’m going to drug you and take you down the aisle? Or kidnap Sang Eun at night and marry her off?
YJ: I know that’s true, but…
TS: Sang Eun’s a good girl.  A parent wouldn’t give something bad to their children.   But I can’t force you to get married.
YJ: But grandma…
TS: It’s just because she’s in a hurry to see you get married.  Is it that big a deal to keep her happy for now?
YJ: No, it’s not…
TS: You shouldn’t be like this to grandma, after all that she’s done for you!
YJ: I’m sorry.

Yeo Joon comes up to talk to Sang Eun and walks in on her as she’s changing.  I know it’s just a cheap ploy to get in a bit of skin action, but it’s cute to see a gruff Yeo Joon, even when he’s obviously is in the wrong.  He takes her outside (to the pretty place), and accuses her of being a tattle tale.  She’s not even upset over his yelling anymore, and just matter-of-factly says that she only told her family that they don’t like each other.

And now the obligatory mom arguing scene, between Yeo Joon and Gyu Han’s moms.  Gyu Han’s mom hears about Sang Eun and tells her husband the news about Yeo Joon’s impending marriage.  Hye Rim overhears and paces in her room, thinking about what to do.

Hye Rim comes to Yeo Joon’s house to talk to Grandmother Jeong.  She gives her a big bow, even though Grandma declines, and shocks the family with this: “Give Yeo Joon oppa to me.  You might laugh, but I’ve liked Yeo Joon oppa since I was little.  I knew that he was busy with studying and didn’t look at any girls.  So I’ve just been patiently waiting for him.  But now I hear about marriage all of a sudden.  It’s oppa that’s getting married.  If it’s someone that he chose, I would have stepped aside.  But I know that’s not true.  So, give me a chance too. Please, grandmother.”

I know that Hye Rim has an evil streak, but I find her to be refreshing.   She comes to a very traditional family and takes on the male role, basically asking for Yeo Joon’s hand in marriage.   I know it’s supposed to be a serious moment, but I found the moment to be funny and subtlety ironic.  (If they had taken out the downer music, it could have been an unexpected nugget of dry humor.)

As Hye Rim leaves, she turns to Sang Eun and tells her that people don’t get married just because of their parents.  Sang Eun doesn’t back down for a minute, “That’s true.  But it could be the start of something.  I think that’s why they call it fate.”

Yeo Joon’s mom actually seems happy to see Hye Rim come and declare her love for Yeo Joon, commenting that they would look good together.  Yoon Hee brings her to the dduk cafe and asks why she she said that to Hye Rim, especially when she doesn’t even like Yoe Joon.  Sang Eun says, “It wouldn’t be fun if I just let her go around and declare whatever she wants.”

Sang Eun might have been smiling in front of the family, but she’s not at all happy about Hye Rim. When Yeo Joon gets back, Sang Eun is waiting for him outside.  She demands to know why he’s been hiding his girlfriend.  (Hello! You have a fiance!!!!) Yeo Joon’s not sure what she’s talking about, but asks why she even cares, telling her to go home if she’s so upset.  Sang Eun yells that she will go home and starts to walk away, but not before giving him a good kick in the leg.

Our puzzling heroine.  Does Sang Eun subconsciously want to break up with Alex and trying to come up with a convoluted plan to dump him? Probably not.  I think the writer wants us to see that she’s starting to develop feelings for Yeo Joon, without knowing it.  She’s feeling jealousy over Hye Rim, even though she says she hates him.  I don’t exactly find it believable, but I’ll bite – mostly because I find Yeo Joon to be hottie in his yummy suits.

And looking at the episode 5 previews, it looks like Yeo Joon starts to feel the same way when he sees Sang Eun with a guy.   I’m ready to get this love story a-rolling and cut down the fight scenes.  Although, that probably won’t happen right away with 34 more episodes to go!

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  1. bluebunny permalink
    October 23, 2009 5:50 pm

    Oh, I can’t wait for episode 5! I’m definitely getting addicted. The bickering between the two leads hasn’t really bothered me but I think it’s bcuz it’s still early in the drama. Btw, I thought it was going to be 50 episodes…did MBC decide to cut it short because of the low ratings??

    • October 23, 2009 6:32 pm

      There have been various reports about the # of eps – anywhere from 30 to 50. The last I saw was 37 episodes from the MBC site (which would make my math wrong… haha). Nothing on a shortened series… yet.

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