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Creating Destiny Episode 5 preview

October 23, 2009


How perfect.  Sang Eun and Yeo Joon have been dubbed the Tom and Jerry couple.  Their love-hate relationship (mostly hate right now) is definitely reminiscent of one of my favorite cartoons.

Now for episode 5…  Here are the released, airing on Saturday 10/24.

It was part of the preview at the end of episode 4, so it should be a huge surprise.  But I’ll put the pictures after the jump.


Sang Eun (Eugene) and Yeo Joon (Ki Tae Young) are (on a date?) at Myungdong, and Sang Eun slaps Yeo Joon for calling her “easy”.  She apparently gives a hug  to a male friend, and Yeo Joon’s jealousy rears its ugly head.

Apparently, Eugene was a little apprehensive to slap Ki Tae Young, and slapped him too softly leading to retakes of the slap.  When asked about the slap, he replied, “The first one didn’t hurt but the second stung pretty badly.”

Via Newsen

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