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You’re Beautiful: Episode 6

October 23, 2009

KANG SHIN WOO!!!! Come here and let me give you a hug! Mi Nam may not notice you, but all of Korea has fallen in love with you. And you’ve turned me into a fangirl.

I know that the comparison between Shin Woo and Ji Hoon (from Boys over Flowers) is glaringly obvious. They’re both hurt individuals who give sacrificially to a girl, without receiving much in return. But I never really thought much of Ji Hoon as a character, never felt drawn to him. Towards the end of the drama, I skipped some of Ji Hoon/Jandi scenes, because I found them to be so flat.

But Shin Woo, even with all of his Ji Hoon-ness, is such a delicious character. Maybe it’s because we don’t know his past, maybe it’s because he cares for Mi Nam without even a glance from her, maybe it’s because he doesn’t push her, maybe it’s because he gets jealous and irked… whatever the reason, I’m already feeling heartbreak for the impending rejection. (It would be so much lovelier, if we can get a bit more emotion from Jung Yong Hwa…)

Until then, anyone up for a date in Myungdong?

After finding out the whereabouts of Mi Nam, Shin Woo does his best superman transformation into… Justin Timberlake(?). Looking good my friend!

Since it’s Myungdong, he tells her to eat some kal-gook-soo (nice warm noodle dish, yum!). He finds her, and sits behind her, without her knowledge. After lunch, he calls her again and asks what she wants for dessert, which leads them to an ice cream shop…

He sends over a special plate of ice cream, as a freebie from the store. An unaware Mi Nam eats away, while a content Shin Woo looks on.

Since Mi Nam left her bag with Tae Kyung, she needs to buy some man’s clothing before heading back to the dorm. She asks Shin Woo about finding a nice, affordable clothing store. He sends her to a fairly swanky place, and covertly pays for a part of the bill.

Now all Shin Woo has left to do, is reveal himself. He tells her to turn around, patiently waiting for her to look at him. He doesn’t call her name, even though she struggles to see him.

Just then, she receives a call from Tae Kyung, and run off, leaving behind a disheartened Shin Woo… “She was almost here. Needed just one more step.” I usually like characters who are straight forward, but find Shin Woo’s quiet patience to be very charming.

And look at these beautiful shots. You can just make out Mi Nam running away, while Shin Woo stands, watching her leave. I love that he wants her to come to him, rather than trying to bulldoze his way into her heart.

Now for the real lovline. The episodes starts with the fabulous bed scene, thanks to our lovely taser. It’s quite clever and hilarious to have Manager Ma find them first, and have his imagination go wild…

now with Mi Nam as the seductress…

These two are so amazingly cute. And it’s doubly funny that Manager Ma has his fantasy in a B&W silent film.

Even Manager Ma is tired after voicing out his overactive imagination, and curls up on the stairs. LOL.

Tae Kyung is great in this episode. We’ve seen him take care of Mi Nam in his own way through the first 5 episodes. But by the end of episode 6, he becomes resolute in his desire to help Mi Nam. He suggests that Mi Nyu come out of the closet. But when she expresses her desire to remain as Mi Nam, Tae Kyung shows that he’ll do whatever necessary to help her with do.

So much so that the OCD Tae Kyung, kisses He Yi to help Mi Nam keep her secret. Unfortunately, Mi Nam sees the kiss and feels “electricity” in her heart. This is a cliche Kdrama scene, but I fully expect the Hong sisters to give us some unexpected reactions to this scene in the next episode.

This isn’t integral to the story, but it’s things like this that brings such a effervescence to the show. I love Tae Kyung’s reaction to the butt slap by Mi Nam’s mom. Classic.

The one thing that I had an issue with in this episode is the wardrobe choices.

Ye Hi’s gold poofy dress is just awful. Why they need to put such a dress on her body is beyond me. But the more curious and disturbing choice is Mi Nam’s hat with the confederate flag. I realize that this is a Kdrama and my guess is that the stylist isn’t familiar with the flag. It’s a strange choice, none the less, and I was slightly taken aback when I saw the hat.

Questionable wardrobe choices aside, the series is turning out to a gem. It has great characters and great writing, without taking itself too seriously. And I’m loving the directing. We were starting to get a bit heavy on the aerial views, but he’s quickly making changes so that I don’t get bored. Thank you, Director Hong!

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  1. October 24, 2009 12:22 pm

    hi, dw4p (or whatever your name should be, hehe), it’s pretty much easy to know if i take a look at your tag clouds, that you really like ‘you’re beautiful’. and so do i! thanks for your updates and recaps, i love that bed-scene-in-black-and-white too!! haha, too funny!!

    keep up your goodwork!

    • October 24, 2009 12:37 pm

      i know… doesn’t it look like i’m just keeping a You’re Beautiful blog?? hahaha!

  2. Shoua permalink
    November 22, 2009 3:19 pm

    What is the ice cream called??

  3. chris permalink
    December 1, 2009 9:52 pm

    so in-sync… i think the ji-hoon & jan-di scenes stunk because hyunjoong was awkward. and shinwoo is definitely awesome… and lol at the family guy quote. the blog is interesting because you understand both english and korean perspectives. ^_^ and i love that you focus so much on you’re beautiful.

    this is my first time visiting the site and i started watching you’re beautiful last week… šŸ˜€

    • December 2, 2009 1:49 am

      Hi Chris – welcome! Totally agree with you about jihoo/jandi. Nice to see that you’re enjoying YB, but my YB focus will probably be waning soon… since the drama is over and everyone will move on with their lives…

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