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Creating Destiny: Episode 5

October 24, 2009

Han Sang Eun, it’s about time. Now, someone needs to tell you to go dump that Alex dude!

The conversation between Sang Eun and Yoon Hee made this episode for me. I love the sisterly bonding, and the serious conversation without any yelling.

We finally get a deeper look into our character in this episode, and see glimpses of Sang Eun and Yeo Joon’s hate-filled relationship making some progress. It’s a good thing, because the 3-piece hottie wasn’t going to hold me on for too much longer.

I was thinking about an SES song… but I wouldn’t do that to ya. Haha.
Here’s Epik High‘s “One” – featuring Jisun.

Yeo Joon comes home to hysteria with his family is wondering why he kept Hye Rim a secret. With all that’s going on, Sang Eun expresses her desire to go back to Australia. When Yeo Joon assures everyone that there’s nothing going on with Hye Rim, Grandmother Jeong tells Sang Eun to stay and meet with Yeo Joon atleast for a few months, and reminds them of their date tomorrow.

In the morning, Yeo Joon’s parents are upset to see an article about Hae Sung in the paper. They promise to keep things quiet so that Yoon Hee won’t find out. They wonder if Hae Sung has already contacted her, not knowing that they’ve already seen each other more than once.

As they promised, Yeo Joon and Sang Eun go out on their date. Just as Yeo Joon is about to get into his car, Sang Eun insists that they need to walk in order to go shopping. Yeo Joon says that one of the things he hates the most in the world is shopping. (It’s not a surprise considering that he doesn’t have any girlfriends.)

Gyu Han’s mom runs into them and she bad-mouthes the Kim family, telling Sang Eun that it’s not a family that any girl in their right mind would want to marry into. The silly lady of course doesn’t know that her stepdaughter was just there last night, begging to be accepted into the family.

Yeo Joon knows that he needs to stay with Sang Eun and takes the train with her. It’s cute that they stand far apart from each other. He tries to yell the stop to her, but is forced to walk over to tell her the stop name. Haha.

And we now get to the free hug scene. Sang Eun sees the free hug sign, and takes Yeo Joon over to get some free hugs. Yeo Joon with his OCD tendencies doesn’t hug the stranger, but Sang Eun freely hugs the random dude.

Yeo Joon is shocked to see such behavior and pulls her away, accusing her of being loose. She takes offense, and slaps him. She then leaves him behind, not wanting to spend the rest of the day with him.

Unfortunately, she ends up running into Hye Rim, who insults Sang Eun’s chest size and tells her to stop following around Yeo Joon. Sang Eun expresses her complete disinterest in Yeo Joon and in turn tells Hye Rim to go talk to Yeo Joon herself, instead of being afraid of rejection.

The deserted Yeo Joon comes to the dduk cafe and finds Gyu Han. They think about what they can say to get rid of Sang Eun.

YJ: I don’t like you.
SE: I don’t care, that’s what married life’s like. And I don’t think much of you either.
YJ: I have OCD.
SE: Then our place will be clean because of you. I don’t really like cleaning.
YJ: I have a really bad drinking habit.
SE: It’s OK. Me too!
YJ: I’m a workaholic!
SE: You must make a lot of money! Then I can bear it.

The important thing that we learn in the exchange is that Yeo Joon’s apparently got a girl! It seems like our hottie has been waiting 2 years for her return. And from the sounds of it, they haven’t been in touch, and he doesn’t know when she’s coming back. He told her that he’ll wait for her and is keeping his word, waiting.

Meanwhile, Yoon Hee is with Hae Sung, who’s busy asking about Jin Ju. He suspects that she’s his daughter but Yoon Hee adamantly denies it and insinuates that Gyu Han is her husband. As Yoon Hee leaves, Hae Sung calls her old phone number (that they got together when dating), and sees that she’s still kept the number. It gives him hope that her feelings haven’t changed. But she reminds him that he changed his number, so there was no reason for her to change it.

As the Kim family is watching TV, they see coverage of the free hug movement on the news. And guess who they see receiving a hug? Sang Eun, of course. They’re all shocked but Yoon Hee tells them that it’s pretty commonplace these days.

When Sang Eun comes home, she completely surprises the family with her makeover. She’s crimped her hair and has on an animal print mini-dress with fishnet stockings. (Her outfit is more weird than provocative in my opinion.) She then prances around, giving Grandmother Jeong and Yeo Joon’s mom a kiss on the cheek. Grandmother calls them into their room, and Sang Eun isn’t able to sit down because of her short skirt. Yoe Joon starts to show his sweet side, and give her his jacket to cover her legs.

Yeo Joon knows that she’s just put on a show to figure out a way out of the marriage, and apologizes for his harsh words earlier. When he earnestly asks her why she came, she tells him that she has someone waiting for her in the States, and needs to go through this to be able to marry him with her family’s consent. She tells him to get married or atleast engaged so that they can end this for good. But he tells her that he’s got someone as well. She suspects Hye Rim, but realizes that he’s waiting for someone overseas.

It looks like this new development is going to help the 2 to get closer. Yeo Joon even tells Sang Eun to not make the guy wait too long, feeling the pain of waiting 2 years for his gal.

Sang Eun and Yoon Hee go out to remove the effects of the makeover, getting into a conversation about love.

SE: I have someone waiting for me in America.
YH: What? You’re too much. I’m not your older sister, but future sister-in-law. You can just tell me something like that?
SE: I’m telling you because that’s not going to happen.
YH: What a pity! I was hoping that it would work out well with Yeo Joon. I really like you.
SE: I like you too, unnie. But Yeo Joon’s not for me.
YH: Do you love him that much? I’ve loved also, and it’s really not that big a deal.
SE: When you were in love, did you enjoy it a lot?
YH: Hmm, I did during that time. When I was in love, I liked it, even though it’s ruined me.
SE: What was it like?
YH: I wanted to see him, hold his hand, kept looking at my cellphone. We’d walk around my house multiple times because we didn’t want to part. And when I got home, I’d be on the phone for hours, and go to sleep early. Things like this?
SE: Why did you want to sleep early?
YH: So that tomorrow could come sooner and I could see him again.
SE: You’re lucky.
YH: Why?
SE: I’ve never loved anyone like that. Maybe it’s not love with Alex. [NO DUH!!]
YH: Maybe. I’ve only loved once, and the ending wasn’t very good.
SE: Sometimes I worry. What if I think I’m in love and get married, but then find my real soulmate 10 years later. I don’t think I can cheat like in The Bridges of Madison County.
YH: Of course you can’t cheat!
SE: Right? That’s too much?
YH: Of course!
SE: I wish we could just have a sign on our forehead, “This is your match.” Then it wouldn’t be so confusing.

This is quite long, but I really liked this exchange. It felt like we got inside Sang Eun’s thoughts. The storyline with Alex has been bothering me and it’s good to see that it was meant to bother us. As someone without much experience in the relationship department, she’s trying to figure out what love means.

I also found the conversation to be very real. I remember having this same conversation with my friends before I got married, so it probably rings truer to me than others. I personally don’t believe in a soulmate, but I do believe in the concept of making someone your soulmate, i.e. Creating Destiny.

Se Won comes to the dduk cafe to see Sang Eun. We find out that they were in the same 2nd grade class. He’s a little sweetie, and promises to take her around the city. He takes her out and givers her first taste of “mak-gul-ri” (rice wine). When he hears that she’s got people pestering her in the house, he tells her to come live in his home.

Meanwhile, Yeo Joon is listening to Hye Rim’s love confession. She tells him that she’s loved him since her junior year in high school, and that she not only his little sister, but also a woman.

Our 2 couples come home at the same time and run into each other. Se Won and Hye Rim show signs of affection to their respective “partners” before heading out. Yeo Joon isn’t happy to see Sang Eun with another guy, and ignores Se Won when he sticks his hand out to introduce himself.

Being the old-fashioned guys that he is, Yeo Joon scolds Sang Eun for coming home late (and smelling of alcohol) with a man that she hardly knows. (We know you’re jealous! Stop trying to hide it!) When they get inside, Sang Eun tells the family that she’d like to move out into a friend’s place. When she casually mentions that it’s a guy friend, Yeo Joon is appalled to hear it. Grandmother Jeong says that she can move out, but under her conditions. She tells Sang Eun that she’ll get her a place, and that Yeo Joon will move out with her.

We’ll see if they actually move and play house together, but I think this is my favorite episode so far. The bickering was kept in check, and we see the characters opening up bit by bit. I’m curious to find out our hottie’s long lost love. Who is she? Where is she? I think it’s the first time I’m finding something curious enough to anticipate the next episode. Creating Destiny – don’t fail me now!

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  1. Bubbles permalink
    October 25, 2009 11:20 am

    Good job on the recaps, and many thanks for this. Keep up the good work 😉

  2. bluebunny permalink
    October 26, 2009 10:14 pm

    Thanks for the excellent recap! The coversion between Sang Eun and Yoon Hee was my favorite scene too (since I’m a girl and I can relate to a similar coverstation with my girls). OMG, it looks like our Yeo Joon is getting jealous! I was totally surprised when he said that he was waiting for someone-that just came out of nowhere. Now, I wanna know who this mystery girl is and if our leads are gonna move out! Oh, the anticpation!:D

  3. gailT permalink
    December 2, 2009 4:29 pm

    i liked that scene you highlighted too. I really like that unnie, and I wish her story will end up to be happy too.

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