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Paju VIP Screening

October 24, 2009

Kim Chan Ok‘s new film, Paju, had a VIP screening on 10/22 – with a swarm of celebrity guests in attendance.

Paju stars The Voice, Lee Seon Kyun (yummers), Seo Woo, and Shim Yi Young.  The movie centers around a complex relationship between Eun Mo (Seo Woo) and her sister’s husband (Lee Seon Kyun).  When Eun Mo’s sister, Eun Soo (Shim Yi Young) dies, Eun Mo ends up moving in with her brother-in-law, Jung Sik.  Eun Mo discovers a mystery that surrounds Eun Soo’s death, and starts to suspect Jung Sik to be involved.

Paju has gotten great reviews and has already won the NETPAC award at the Pusan International Film Festival.  Seo Woo has especially gotten a lot praise for her depiction of a complex Eun Mo.  (This is her second well received role after Crush and Blush.  She also starred in shortened series Tamra, the Island.)  This is Kim Chan Ok‘s second movie, after his highly acclaimed, Jealousy is My Middle NamePaju opens on 10/29.

Pictures after jump.

Song Joong Ki

Oh Man Suk

Lee Min Ki

Uhm Jung Hwa

Yoon Kye Sang

Lee Jong Hyuk

Jung Tae Woo

Park Sol Mi

Seo Young Hee

Kang Byul

Kim Dong Wook

Director Park Chan Wook, PD Lee Yoon Jung

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