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Koreans like going to the movies

October 25, 2009


The highly anticipated comeback of Jang Dong Gun in Good Morning President, did not disappoint at the box office. In its first 34 days, the movie amassed 557816.6K tickets, 58% of total ticket sales. Good Morning President also stars Lee Soon Jae, Go Doo Shim, and Han Chae Young. Coming in a distant 2nd was District 9 with 12.315.4K tickets sold.

The South Korean film industry has experienced a banner 2009, breaking all sorts of records in the process. The 3Q total box office was the highest in its history at 328.7 billion won ($281 millions US dollars), beating its previous 2007 records by 1 billion won. Korean movies also had a higher share at 51% of the total revenue.

2009 brought the Korean blockbusters Haeundae and Take-off, which led the charge for the strong 3Q. Korea’s first big scale disaster movie, Haeundae, has sold over 11 million tickets in Korea and sold distribution rights to over 15 countries. Take-off, inspired by the national ski jumping team, has sold over 8 million tickets in Korea.

It’s nice to see Korean movies doing well. Even though I live in NY, it’s a rarity to see a Korean film playing anywhere, except at independent movie theaters or a film festivals. But my local Loews played Haeundae earlier in the fall, and Take-off has just been added. Go~ Korea!

Via Newsen

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