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Will Lee Min Ho fever continue in 2010?

October 25, 2009


Our favorite F4, Lee Min Ho, announced his intentions to return to our TV (& computer) screens in 2010.  After the highly successful Boys Over Flowers project, Lee Min Ho has not just been plastered in every corner of Korea, but Asia.  (When I was in the Philippines and Singapore during the spring, BOF fever was in full force.   Not only did I see the episodes in my hotel TV, but talked about it with my taxi driver.)

On his return from Singapore on the 24th, there were 700 fans waiting to see him at the airport.  (Holy goodness… madness.)  I guess the answer to the headline is a resounding YES.  Although, being part of the F4 doesn’t guarantee ratings success.  Dream with Kim Bum set the record for the lowest rated drama of 2009.  (It really wasn’t Kim Bum’s fault.  There were so many issues with that series…)

He held a press conference at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore.  He didn’t reveal anything too special, but this is the first time that he’s even mentioned his next project.  (Short interview after jump.)

He captures his dorkiness pretty well in the picture above.  Doesn’t he?

Q:  What are your thoughts on Singapore?
LMH:  It’s my first time in Singapore, business or pleasure.  There are so many trees and the air was so clear, that I felt like I was on vacation.  It’s so quiet that it seems like a secluded country.

Q:  Since you’re the top “ggot mi-nam” (handsome man), do you do anything special to take care of your skin and body?
LMH:  Because I don’t have a regular schedule and don’t usually get much sleep, I drink a lot of water and try to add in as much sleep as possible.  I have to wear a lot of makeup, so it’s helpful to be diligent about foundational skincare.  Whenever I have time, I try to work out or play golf to keep in shape.

Q:  What kind of makeup do you prefer on women?
LMH:  I like it when you can’t tell that a girl has on makeup.

Q:  If you were able to select either Gu Joon Pyo or Ji Hoo…
LMH:  The 2 characters have such different personalities and appeal.  It’s a hard question.  If I had to choose again, I’d select Gu Joon Pyo.  He’s the one that allowed me to receive so much love.  Even if I could choose again, I’d choose Joon Pyo.

Q:  What did you glean the most from being in this drama?
LMH:  Receiving so much love from all of Asia.  On the other hand, I lost time to myself and freedom.

Q:  If you really had Gu Joon Pyo’s money, what would you do?
LMH:  I had surgery recently, and saw a lot of sick people in the hospital.  If I had Joon Pyo’s money, I’d like to help people like them.

Q:  For people who aren’t rich like Gu Joon Pyo, how could they win a girl’s heart?
LMH:  You’d have to treat her well like your life depends on it.  An expensive present could make a girl happy, but a small gift, even a bag of cookies, if done earnestly, can win a girl’s heart.

Q:  Do you remember anything special you’ve done for a girlfriend?
LMH:  There was one thing that I did for a girlfriend.  I set up about 200 candles in a secluded spot near a church or temple, and made a road leading to a ring.  It was our 100 day anniversary.  I had already won her heart, but wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t change.

Q:  What are your future goals as an actor?
LMH:  This year, I should be able to meet my loving fans in advertisements and as a brand spokesperson.  Next year, I plan on looking for a project after Boys Over Flowers, that will make my fans happy.

Via SportsChosun

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  1. November 13, 2009 11:42 am

    DEAR LEE MIN HO! My name is Aigerim. I`m from Kazakhstan. Our country always shows a lot of Korean serials on TV! But it`s so hard to find more information about our favourite actors like you. We are found of you! I think that you are very good man! Every day we watch your clips, photos and BOF! i have a sister. She loves you too. We decided to learn Korean, it gives us a chance to exchange information with people from Korea! We like your food and your capital especially. I don`t know can you hear us but whenever i hope just see you! Lee Min Ho you are my idol.

  2. nafisa marak permalink
    September 11, 2010 10:04 am

    i love u leeminho soooo much i can die 4 u but soo sad i hrd u did surgery 2 ur nose but itz k i still lov u no matter wat i’ll love u 4eva n eva n SARANGEO ❤ ^_^ MUA…………………………….H

  3. November 24, 2010 6:33 am

    ..hai lee min ho im ruth anne ur no.1 fan in philippines….
    saranghae lee min ho oppa JOH WEH YO!!!:))

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