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MC Mong takes on “1 vs 100”

October 28, 2009

MC Mong recently went on the variety show “1 vs 100”. (It’s a quiz show where 1 person is pitted against a 100 people.) He told the audience that he’s been hiding his intelligence, and promised to show everyone his brain power.

KimC and Lee Su Geun, of “1N2D” had both been on the show previously, with LSGeun going out in the 6th rounds. When finding out, MC Mong replied, “That hyung is really ignorant”, causing a bout of laughter in the studio. KimC, the first celebrity on the show, also lost in the 6th round.

When asked about the impending release of Kim Jong Min from the army, MC Mong replied that he isn’t worried about his possible return. He quipped, “The only one nervous is Lee Su Geun”, causing another round of laughter. MC Mong ended up going to the 7th round, resulting in a new record for a 1N2D member.   Good job Mong ah!



Via Newsen

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