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Creating Destiny: Episode 6

October 30, 2009

This episode was a big let down for me after episode 5. I enjoyed the dialogue and the exploration of real life problems in the previous episode. This one felt empty in comparison. And to make matters worse, I felt manipulated to feel angst for the couple, even though there hasn’t been any angst created.

EZ Hyoung: I NEED YOUR LOVE [download]
(I think this song does a better job of creating angst in 4 minutes than this episode did in 50.)

As Grandmother Lee (incorrectly called her Grandmother Jeong in previous posts) tells them to move out together, Sang Eun and Yeo Joon both balk at her suggestion. Sang Eun threatens to go back to Australia, which causes Grandmother to fall over. In her room, she starts to talk about dying and apologizes to Sang Eun’s father for not care of his daughter, which is successful in making Sang Eun guilty.

Hearing about Sang Eun’s impending return to Australia, Yeo Joon is ecstatic. I think that’s the most genuine smile that we’ve seen from Yeo Joon. Sang Eun is dumbfounded by his reaction, “If you look so happy, I might just stay here forever.”

Yeo Joon’s reaction is quite cute. I can’t believe it took 6 episodes for us to get a real smile.

Meanwhile, in Australia, dad Kyung Tae continues to push Korean down Hyo Eun’s throat. This time with a DVD of “bbo-bbo-bbo” [뽀뽀뽀], Korean version of Sesame Street. This gave me a chuckle, because I remember watching the show as a child when I was in Korea. (Just a little randomness for your next trivial pursuit game: The Korean show’s been on for 28 years, while Sesame Street just celebrated its 40th anniversary.) Hyo Eun thinks it’s ridiculous but takes the DVD anyways. And Grandpa leaves for his date, all pimped out.

Jin Joo is bored at home and heads out alone to see uncle Gyu Han. When Hae Sung see her on the street, looking at wedding dresses, he heads over to talk to her. Her family is frenzied when they can’t find Jin Joo. Hae Sung eventually up bring her back to the dduk cafe and Yoon Hee is livid to see her daughter with him.

The Kim family elders show up to see Hae Sung and treats him like the plague. But he refuses to leave and is adamant to find out the truth about Jin Joo. Grandmother Jeong falls down again after the shock of seeing Hae Sung, and is rushed to the hospital.

As Sang Eun brings some essentials to the hospital, she sees Yeo Joon and Hae Sung walking to the parking lot. She follows them and sees the 2 throwing punches at each other. She runs over and stop them from fighting, and tells Hae Sung to leave.

She turns to Yeo Joon and tells him to calm down and not act too emotionally. Yeo Joon retorts, “Who are you to butt in?” He looks to regret his words for a second seeing Sang Eun’s reaction, but continues, “This is our family’s business. Don’t get involved with something that doesn’t concern you.”

Yeo Joon is trying to keep his distance from Sang Eun, not wanting to get too involved with each other’s lives. We’ll see later that he cares more than he’s willing to admit.

We see the 2 outsiders giving advice to the family members. Sang Eun tries to quell Geum Ja’s (Yeo Joon’s mom) fears about a custody battle for Jin Joo, reassuring her that even Korean law will take Yoon Hee’s situation under consideration. Meanwhile, Hae Sung is ready to go to court immediately, calling his lawyer. Fortunately, his prudent brother, Se Won is there to put some sense into him.

    SW: What are you going to do now?
    HS: What do you mean? I have to bring her. She’s my child.
    SW: What are you going to do with an attorney?
    HS: I have to bring her. She’s my child.
    SW: They raised her without you knowing. Do you think Jin Ju’s someone who you can bring here just by asking? Is she an object?
    HS: Who’s side are you on?
    SW: Is this something that has a side? You haven’t done anything right, all this time.
    HS: Then, you think it’s acceptable that she deceived me? She’s my child.
    SW: That’s why I’m telling you to come to your senses. Can’t you see that this could be good for you? You’re both single. If the two of you got married, things would become simple. This is a chance for the 3 of you to live together.

Hae Sung, are you saying that she’s your kid? WE GOT IT! I have a feeling that we can make a drinking game out of this phrase. I find the 2 brothers to be a little unrealistic. I know that Hae Sung just found out he has a child, but how could he be so bull-headed! On the opposite side of the spectrum, Se Won’s a little too perfect, no? You would think he might have a bit more sympathy for the brother who’s been gone for 6 years. I like Se Won, and I think he could end up being a solid secondary character. But he may be slightly too perfect for his own good.

We finally see why the 2 moms are friends. When Geum Ja tells Jin Hee about Hae Sung’s mean streak, she immediately talks up Yoon Hee, calling her a capable woman who doesn’t need a man to live better. Geum Ja is happy to hear Jin Hee’s thoughts and grins.

As Jin Hee leaves Geum Ja’s place, she sees Gyu Han playing with Jin Ju. She’s unhappy with the way that he’s been living – filled to the brim with women. She pleads with him to go on a blind date and live like everyone else. She feels guilty that she’s married 3 times but tells her son that she did it for him. Gyu Han can’t stand to see his mom cry and agrees to be set up.

When Yoon Hee returns to the hospital, her grandmother reminds of her responsibility to Jin Ju. The family realizes that they’re going to have to fight to keep Jin Ju with them. As Geum Ja and Yoon Hee talk outside together, Geum Ja also tells her daughter to stand strong.

I love that the uber-traditional Kim family completely supports their unwed single mom daughter. They may be traditionalists but loyalty comes first. It’s awesome to see that they are proud of Yoon Hee taking responsibility for her actions. What I find regrettable in this scene is a lack of good dialogue. We basically had 2 scenes with virtually the same conversation.

Sang Eun looks wistfully at the Kim family picture, remembering her own family and thinking about leaving the Kims in the near future. She asks Yeo Joon about the neighborhood Yeong-ju and then calls Alex, “I’ll see you at Boston. I don’t think I belong here.”

Hye Rim hears that Yeo Joon received a call about Sang Eun, and comes up with an excuse to have dinner with him. While having dinner, Yeo Joon keeps glancing at his watching, thinking about Sang Eun. When he gets a call from his dad, he’s concerned to hear that she’s not back. Soon after, Sang Eung gives him a call.

    YJ: Where are you?
    SE: I think it’s Yeong-ju.
    YJ: Yeong-ju? And what do you mean you think?
    HR: What’s going on?
    SE: I’m sorry. I must be bothering you.
    YJ: Hello. Han Sang Eun. Sang Eun!

Hearing that Sang Eun isn’t even sure where she is, Yeo Joon’s concern takes on full worry status.

Meanwhile, Sang Eun heads down to Yeong-ju, but is daunted by the neighborhood, not recognizing anything. This is where she lived as a child, and she thought memories about her family, especially her mom, would rush back to her if she came here.

Sang Eun really reminds me of myself. I moved to the States around the same age as Sang Eun, my dad passed away (when I was older though), and I have one younger sister. If I went to visit Korea, I think I would try going back to my old neighborhood. I don’t really have vivid memories, but it’s a place that I’d like to go see again. I think its scenes like this that keeps me watching.

Yeo Joon is unable to sit through the rest of dinner, and get up to leave. Hye Rim panics and eat a piece of peach, which she is allergic to, and calls for Yeo Joon to help her. He immediately drives her over to the hospital.

Hye Rim confuses me. There are parts of her I really like, such as her willingness to go see Yeo Joon’s family, asking them to giver her a chance. But her needy act around Yeo Joon bothers me. Was there no other way to get him to stay than to eat something she’s allergic to?

After making sure that Hye Rim is OK, Yeo Joon runs to drive down to Sang Eun. He pretends to be a rude and uncaring guy, but he’s quite the softy. He barely ate dinner because he was worrying about Sang Eun. And his reaction to Hye Rim’s allergic reaction was also felt quite genuine.

As Sang Eun waits in the rain for her prince in shining armor, it’s Se Won who shows, instead of Yeo Joon. He’s the perfect gentleman, giver her his jacket and getting her something warm to drink. When Sang Eun apologizes for calling him out so late, he replies, “Not at all. I’m just thankful that you called me.”

Meanwhile, Yeo Joon shows up a minute too late, and frantically searches for Sang Eun. He doesn’t realize that he’s walked right passed both Sang Eun and Se Won. And we have out obligatory main couple pass-by scene. It’s all quite predictable isn’t it?

A comment about Sang Eun. I agree with Hye Rim on her assessment. She’s in a “foreign” land and all, but she can’t figure out a way to catch a taxi? There are people working at the train station, I’m sure she could have easily found a cab to take back to Seoul. They had initially painted her as a capable woman, studying law in the States. As much as I relate with her immigration status, I still don’t really know what kind of a person she is. Also, is she sitting in the back seat here? Weird.

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  1. bnn permalink
    October 31, 2009 2:48 am

    Thank you for your recap!

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