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White Night posters released

November 1, 2009

New posters have been released for White Night [백야행].  The film centers around a 14 year old murder that involved the main characters Mi Ho and Yo Han, played by Son Ye Jin and Go SooHan Suk Kyu plays the police officer, Dong Su, who investigated the murder, who gets drawn back into the case.  Lee Min Jung is also in the movie, playing Mi Ho’s rich fiance’s secretary.  Her character is suspicious of Mi Ho and follow her around, leading to a meeting with Dong Su.   The two of them together start unraveling the mystery surrounding Mi Ho and Yo Han.

This looks to be a good cast.  Son Ye Jin has shown herself to be one of the most talented actresses in Korea, recently nabbing the 2009 Blue Dragon Best actress award for her role in My Wife Got Married.  Go Soo may not be the best actor around, but always hard working.  I have a special place in my heart for Han Suk Kyu because of Shiri, and it’ll be interesting to see Lee Min Jung do something other than a plucky heroine.  I’m looking forward to the movie.

Here are the other 2 posters released.  The captions read as follows for each character highlight.
Son Ye Jin:  I don’t regret it.
Go Soo:  I’ll protect you til the end.
Han Suk Kyu:  I’ll stop them now.

Below are stills from the movie.  (I had a hard time getting the video onto the blog. Click on the link to the article below to see the new trailer.) White Night opens in theaters on 11/19.

Via SportsKhan

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