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You’re Beautiful: Episode 7

November 1, 2009

This episode was just so pretty. As much as I like the story, characters, and actors, I really am in love with the cinematography. It’s even more enjoyable because it wasn’t something I was expecting out of the series. And, as an added bonus, I think the director has a tree fetish, like me. (Unfortunately, the election results ticker is a bit jarring on the screen, and takes away from it somewhat. Rats.)

There were funny moments, as expected, but this was definitely an episode for us to feel Mi Nam’s breaking heart. And boy did I. Park Shin Hye is so perfect for this role. She did cute and endearing very well, and now she’s doing a good job of making our hearts ache with hers.

Park Shin Hye:  WITHOUT A WORD [말도 없이] (Download)

I have to start with this, because it was funny, ROTFLMAO funny. I knew that there was some sort of pig scene from the spoilers, but this was so not what I was expecting.

With “Breathless” by Shayne Ward, blasting in his ears, Tae Kyung dances in the wheat field, enjoying his solitude. He loves being by himself so much, that the usually cynical Tae Kyung actually thinks that the grandpa is waving hello. Lo and behold, he turns around and sees a wild pig chasing him. It’s so dang random, that it’s gotta make you laugh.

The rest of the episode is for Park Shin Hye to shine…

Mi Nam is such a sweet, innocent, and honest girl, that she only knows to wear her heart on her sleeves. Seeing Tae Kyung and He Yi together devastates Mi Nam. I don’t think she fully comprehended her feeling until this episode. She’s known that she feels something, but had continued to believe that it was admiration or respect, not the beginnings of love… until now.

It’s priceless to see a nun-in-training figuring out how to handle this type of emotion. She tries to sing a love song to no avail, but sends longing glances to Tae Kyung’s direction constantly. She’s like bambi trying to walk. So sweet.

When she finds herself alone, in the dark with Tae Kyung, she starts to open up and show him her heart. Mi Nam comments about the stars in the sky, and they get into a conversation about the sun and moon. Apparently, Mi Nam wasn’t very good in science during school and doesn’t realize that the moon gets its light from the sun’s reflection. Fortunately, Tae Kyung is there to help.

    TK: Whether is the day or night, it’s the sun that does all the work.
    MN: If you think about it, I’m stuck to you like the moon is stuck to the sun.
    TK: But it’s not like the moon is useless. Even if there are a thousand stars in the night sky, the only thing I see is the moon.
    MN: Hyung nim. Right now, I only see one special star also.
    TK: What? I thought you said there were a lot of stars.
    MN: There are a lot of stars, but there is one star that’s shining so brilliantly, that I keep just staring at [it].
    TK: There’s a star like that?
    MN: Yes. It’s a star that a lot of people like. If I’m just one of the many who likes [it], it wouldn’t be a sin. Right?
    TK: Do you need to ask for permission for something like that? Why don’t you ask the star? You must be looking at it now.
    MN: I’m looking at the star. Do you think it’ll be OK for me like [it]?

One of the beauty/curse of the Korean language is that there are no pronouns. It can make things difficult to translate, but it’s also salvation for Kdrama writers who can add tons of ambiguity into dialogue. It should be pretty clear that Mi Nam is really talking about Tae Kyung, but the lack of pronouns does make things a bit cryptic for Tae Kyung to understand.

Either way, Mi Nam is so lovely here. Taking advantage of his inability to see in the dark, Mi Nam keeps her eyes focused on him and is rather courageous in revealing her feelings. (It’s not her fault that Tae Kyung went dense in the scene.)

And her feelings erupt when she returns to the studio and starts singing Tae Kyung’s song, keeping her eyes focused on him again. She’s so taken over by emotion that she runs out of the studio crying, after finishing the song. I just love that she’s like a child that doesn’t know how to control herself.

  • Shouldn’t have done it, should have ignored it.
    Like it wouldn’t be seen, like it couldn’t be seen.
    I don’t think I should have seen you.

    Should have ran away, should have pretended not to hear it.
    Like it wouldn’t be heard, like it couldn’t be heard.
    I shouldn’t have listened to your love.

    Without a word, you made me know love.
    Without a word, you gave me your love.
    Made me fill myself with your every breath, then you ran away.
    Without a word, love left me.
    Without a word, love tossed me aside.
    Not knowing what to say, my lips must have been surprised,
    because you came without a word.

    (This isn’t part of the scene but rest of the song translated.)
    Why does it hurt so much, keeps hurting so much
    Not seeing you should only means that you’re not here
    and everything should be the same as before.
    Without a word, you made me know love.
    Without a word, you gave me your love.
    Made me fill myself with your every breath, then you ran away.

    Without a word, love left me.
    Without a word, love tossed me aside.
    Not knowing what to say, my lips must have been surprised.
    Without a word, tears are coming down.
    Without a word, my heart is breaking apart.

    Without belief, I’m waiting for love.
    Without belief, I’m hurting for love.
    I became a fool after my soul left, and cried staring at the sky.
    Without a word, parting has found me.
    Without a word, parting has come to me.
    Not prepared to let you go, my heart must have been surprised,
    because you came without a word.

    Without a word, you came to me.
    Without a word, you left.
    Just like a passing fever, it just needs to hurt for awhile,
    and leave a small scar behind.

I think Mi Nam’s innocence is further amplified, due to the He Yi comparison. I don’t mean in a good vs evil way, but in the way they handle their feelings. (He Yi is refreshingly honest about her bitchiness to the people around her, including Tae Kyung.) However, she tackles her feelings for Tae Kyung by trying to control and manipulate him, rather than with sincerity.

And now for my Shin Woo… *sigh*

Putting aside the stalkerish behavior, Shin Woo has a beeline to Mi Nam’s heart. He always seems to know what she’s feeling even before she knows them. And he’s decided to let go of his heart in order to protect hers.

When Shin Woo comes to see her, they sit under the same tree as Mi Nam and Tae Kyung. But even though it’s during the day, Mi Nam is able to cry freely in front of Shin Woo without hiding herself. They also talk in code, but this time it’s Mi Nam who’s unable to decipher the meaning.

    MN: I miss [him].
    SW: Mi Nam. Do you want to just stay here? You can just forget about the things that are difficult, and I can stop being a good hyung to you. Should we do that?
    MN: Shin Woo hyung. I’m sorry I disappointed you. I only thought about myself. You, Jeremy, and President Ahn must all be in a difficult situation because of me. I didn’t think about that.
    SW: Is it that hard?
    MN: I can bear it. I will bear it. I’ll go back with you.
    SW: What should I do for you?
    MN: Please be a good hyung to me. I’m sorry I acted so childish.
    SW: Since what you want from me is to be a good hyung, I won’t be an added burden to you. When you’re with me, you can rest.

How can you not love Shin Woo? He’s caring but not overbearing. He’s understanding but not didactic. I’m in love with him. However, my love is not limited to Shin Woo, but extends to Tae Kyung as well. I feel like he comes alive in the next episode, so I’ll save my words of devotion for later.

With that, here are some beautiful scenes from this episode. Didn’t the scenes in the forest remind you of Return of Iljimae? (Now THAT is one stunning kdrama.)

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  1. elise permalink
    November 17, 2009 1:55 pm

    hi, first time in your blog and i enjoyed it tremendously…

    great cinematography in a drama is a big plus. I haven’t watched you are beautiful but i hope to watch it soon… i hope it is as good as it looks.

  2. janine permalink
    November 27, 2010 3:05 pm

    hi I have seen you’re beautiful and I love it. It’s funny, sad, exciting and the end is wonderful. I would like to hear the song “without words” in english. I have searched it everywhere. but everything I have found, were songs where they don’t close the songtext. Can you help me?

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