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1n2d: RV Extravaganza (11/1)

November 2, 2009

The brilliance of 1n2d is the ability to take the mundane and make them extraordinary, over the top funny. Who else can take a simple game of rock-paper-scissors and bring endless laughter? No one, that’s who. Today’s episode brought us back the RV, an improved version (Pam v6.0, you can say).

The only thing that I was less than thrilled about… knowing the destination of their trip by the file title. I thought the funniest part of the show was the opening when they figure out where to go, it’s just not the same when the suspense is gone. I’m sure most of you have seen the episode, but for that 1 person who’s yet to see it, I won’t reveal the location until after the jump.

Lee Seung Gi – Love is 사랑이란 (Download)

The men meet at the KBS headquarters to find out about their next trip. It looks like they’re all doing pretty well because they get together at 3AM (!!#$@!@*) to hear about the mission – only time that all 6 of them are able to come together. In the room, they find a board for their trip.

And here’s what they find: A National Highway RV Trip! The staff has picked 5 national highways for the men to select for their 1n2d trip. What’s the catch you say? They roads all vary in length from a short 30 km drive (Route 1118) in Jeju Island to a 500km!! drive on Route 7 from Pusan to Goseong County. Not only is it a long drive, but the start locales are all pretty far from Seoul, the closest being Incheon. The members are utterly surprised (see Seung Gi’s face). PD Na explains that this is the reason for the 3AM meeting, because depending on the trip selected, their start time will be different.

When the 2 new MCs, Su Geun and Ji Won arrive, the members have a good laugh with the National Driver, Lee Su Geun. (Disclaimer: I’m not really translating every word here. And sometimes I skip some of the dialogue, which I point out using …. The text in {} are screen text and words in italics are mine.)

    KHD: You’ve been working hard.
    {A warm greeting?}
    LSGi: Is it because you’re now MCs that you’re both dressed up?
    LSGn: [Timidly] This isn’t the response that I was expecting from you.
    [KHD explains the trip to the 2 late-comers.]
    LSGn: Are you saying that I have to drive 500km?
    KHD: So if we end up on Route 7, you’ll drive to about here [pointing to halfway mark] and then just foam at the mouth, and keel over.
    {The greeting was warm for a reason…}
    LSGn: These kinds of trips are usually driven by people who work on navigation system upgrades.
    [Everyone cracks up laughing.]
    EJW: It’s true. That’s what they do to upgrade the system, with a camera on their cars.
    KHD: Su Geun, which one is the best for you and which is the worst?
    LSGn: If I want to live, it’s Jeju Island. And if I want to die, it’s Route 7.
    {Route 7: No less than 500 KM!}
    LSGn: If I drove that distance as car service, I would make about 40,000,000 won ($35K USD).
    (The technical term is “dae-ri”, which is a proxy driver. They driver your car and take you to wherever you need to go. You see them used in kdramas often after someone’s had a drink.)

    {1588-SuGeun-SuGeun: All of Korea’s highways for 40M. Insured by “You’re Liable”.} HI-LA-RIOUS!
    MCM: Wow. What if it was car service…
    KHD: If you thought of it as work, you wouldn’t be able to do it. Ji Won, what would be the best and worst for you?
    EJW: My worst would be surprisingly, Jeju Island.
    KHD: I see. Because it would be a difficult shoot for us. How about the best?
    EJW: The best would be Route 7. [Laughter erupts] Only Su Geun hyung has to die on 7. The rest of us can tour comfortably.
    KHD: How about Mong?
    MCM: Route 46 would be my #1 pick. First we’ll start at Incheon, and pass Bucheon and then we’ll stop at Seoul for a blessing-curse-blessing game.
    {What’s he talking about?}
    EJW: You don’t have to set the schedule.
    MCM: Then at Ga-pyoung or Choong-Chun, we’ll play a game for some noodles.
    {Blood pressure rising slowly.}
    MCM: You shouldn’t have asked me the question then.

    EJW: Just answer the question that you were asked!
    MCM: 46. Route 46 is my choice.
    KHD: Wherever we go, it’s our country, our land, and our road.
    EJW: I got curious all of a sudden… but let’s call car service and find out… We’re trying to get from Pusan to Goseong County, taking the highway…
    KimC: They’ll thinking it’s a joke. Who will take that seriously?
    EJW: I am getting curious to see how much it’ll be.
    LSGn: I think I must be having a difficult time. Those numbers: 7, 46, 19… look like lotto numbers to me.
    EJW: You should buy one today and pick out these numbers. (LOST anyone?)
    KHD: They really look like lotto numbers: 7, 46, 19, 34, 11, 18
    {Unmistakably LOTTO numbers!}
    MCM: 100% sure that someone is buying a lotto ticket with these numbers right now.
    LSGn: Even if the numbers win, they’ll split the pot and get 20000 won ($15 USD) each.
    … [We find out that the staff went on each road for preparation. And our cute Daeju went on Route 7! When asked why, KHD replies, he aged. Heh-heh.]

To find out their fate, they find another board, with the ladder game. They try to figure it out, but of course, it’s covered in the middle and can’t really be figured out. The sly Ho Dong checks to see if the covering is see-through. (It’s not.) The 6 men get together to cheer for Jeju Island 1118. And what do we get? It’s not a big surprise, because the episodes were marked as such…

We’re off to Jeju Island!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! (I love it when they use English.) The guys are elated and a love fest breaks out. The crew and members fly out super early the next day. (Some staff members actually have to take a boat because there aren’t enough tickets. Yikes!)

The men have their opening on the beach. (So beautiful!!) And with 1n2d and water present, it’s now automatic to have someone jump into the water. This leads to… you guessed it. Swindler’s rock-paper-scissors!

1. Citizens, you have to be very careful of cheaters when playing rock-paper-scissors.
2. When to suspect cheating: you’re the only different from everyone else.
3. When to suspect cheating: People around you keep putting their hand on their backs.
4. When to suspect cheating: You were by yourself at any time.
The 1n2d staff KILLS me!!

Seriously, how amazing is a show when it makes freakin rock-paper-scissors funny as hell. As they start to play, we see a flashback with the members minus Ji Won deciding to make Ji Won the loser today. They settle on scissors as their choice of hand. However, Ho Dong decides to use his brain and puts out rock, while everyone puts out scissors. He is the first to be saved, shouting the 1n2d mantra, “As long as it’s NOT me!”

The rest of the group get together to play, and this time change the rules so that whoever does something different (win or lose) has to jump in the water. Ho Dong, standing behind Su Geun, throws up a rock. This prompts all members except Su Geun to use rock, and crowns him the loser.

But his loss ends up being everyone’s loss, as Su Geun decides to strip down to his underwear before jumping in. Oh the hilarity. This leads to gasps and laughter from the entire crew. Lee Su Geun sure likes to take his clothes off!

In order to get their allowance, the members have to do a relay using a person as the baton, within 13 seconds. (The distance is pretty short.) They decide to have Ho Dong carry the svelte Kim C. In order to have all members participate, the other 4 crouch down by the starting line in order to fulfill their part in “passing” the baton. Ho Dong is able to complete the race in 11.4 seconds and they earn 50,000 won ($40 USD.)

They take their money and head off to the supermarket to buy groceries. Seung Gi is busy pouring through books in the RV, when he announces that he’ll make beer can chicken. The members are not thrilled to hear it. KimC replies, “Seung Gi, you can do anything you want except cook.” However, Seung Gi is determined and runs around the market looking for his ingredients, to the dismay of the others. Su Geun even tries to put away the ingredients but Seung Gi figures it out and spends 1/4 of their allowance on ingredients for 1 tiny beer can chicken. (We’ll find out about how this works out next week, but the previews make the chicken look quite paltry…)

Once the shopping is done, they start driving down the road. Because the distance of the highway is so short, they agree to stop by whatever they find along the way to enjoy the island and the great weather. They pass buy clementine groves and get to a flowering buckwheat field.

They’re busy taking pictures and having fun, when Ho Dong suggests to play the noon-chi (quick wit) game. (This is where they all sit down and take turns jumping up and calling out a number. The last one to stand loses.) The loser will have to walk a stretch of the highway alone, and meet the rest of the team at the dinner location. The members agree to play, and KimC is the loser. (We’ll see what shenanigans he gets himself into next week. There is a promise of cows.)

LOVE IT! Not only the episode but the scenery. It totally makes me want to go to Jeju-do. Calgon, take me away!

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  1. catonmat permalink
    November 2, 2009 5:26 am

    Thank you for the recaps . It allows me to understand the show much better than when I watched the unsubbed version of 1n2d.

  2. Just2Cent permalink
    November 2, 2009 7:46 am

    Me too. Thanks a gazillion.

  3. fabelle permalink
    November 2, 2009 8:22 am

    Me 3. I LOL just by reading your recap. Now im going to watch the show ~~ Thank you once again ~~

  4. anna permalink
    November 2, 2009 2:26 pm

    AW. it feels so short. i can’t wait for next week! it looks so much fun. thank you for the summary! you’re our savior for the next 3 weeks. XDD

  5. ana permalink
    November 2, 2009 7:56 pm

    thank you for the recap. it really helped me understand what i watched. i didn’t know what those pictures of rock paper scissors was. i knew it had something to do with their swindler way, but not exactly what it was about. it certainly is quite smart of the staff. love them!!
    so it’s beer can chicken he’s trying to make. no wonder the max beer. hahaha forever a good endorser. he even remembers to choose max beer!! oh the dismay of seung gi cooking… to his hyungs, it’s worse than BBB. at least in BBB, they have a 50:50 chance. with seung gi’s cooking… less than 5% chance of survival, and their mantra’s no longer “as long as it’s not me”

    anticipating next week. first time kim c by himself. seung gi cooking. and whatever their BBB is.

  6. Shereen permalink
    November 2, 2009 8:46 pm

    Thanks for the recap.Haven’t watch this week episode yet. Will do later cos’ a bit busy. You are great.

  7. ayoepan permalink
    November 2, 2009 9:37 pm

    thank you for the recap dear 🙂

    “Seung Gi, you can do anything you want except cook.”
    so true… hehehehe

  8. grace permalink
    November 2, 2009 10:06 pm

    thanks for the recap! am looking forward to the next episode already~~!! XD

  9. November 2, 2009 10:44 pm

    though I love my huh-dang but his cooking ability is big no-no for me because even our mother KIM C rejects him. hahaha! thank you again for the brief recap… 🙂

  10. supremeteam permalink
    November 3, 2009 2:09 am

    thanks again for the recap…^ ^

  11. yumei permalink
    November 3, 2009 11:50 am

    Do you mind if i link your summary in 1n2d forum? I’m sure a lot of ppl will like to read it 🙂

  12. Just2Cent permalink
    November 7, 2009 3:04 am

    and it’s very sweet to put a question mark bubble on Seung Gi. Suit his character very well.


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