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Creating Destiny: Episode 7

November 3, 2009

I LOVE YOU, MAN! Bromance is great. I love a good friendship in a kdrama, and it’s a nice surprise to see it between 2 grown men. It’s moments like this that bring a certain sweetness to this series. At least to this point, I like the familial relationships and friendships more than the love lines. And yes, they’re holding hands. Adorable.

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On the way back home, Sang Eun tells Se Won about her mom. We find out that she went to Yeong-ju because that’s where her mom was last. Her mom was sick for awhile and lived at a long term care hospital before passing away when Sang Eun was young.

Yeo Joon pulls in right behind Sang Eun and Se Won, unhappy to see them together. He again gives Se Won the cold shoulder, and complains to Sang Eun, “If you have someone to call, why did you call me and make me nervous? Do you know where I went because of you?” Sang Eun cracks back, “I’m sorry. I’ll never call you again.”

When they return home, Sang Eun is overjoyed to see her dad, Kyung Tae. Her dad had flown to Korea after hearing about Grandmother Lee’s physical condition. He wanted to make sure he could give his proper respects before she passed.

Kyung Tae meets Yeo Joon for the first time and is greeted with a big bow. (For people who have no desire to get married, those two surely like bowing to each other’s families… haha. I never gave a big bow to my in-laws until my wedding day!) Kyung Tae and Taek Soo look at the 2 affectionately, thrilled at the prospect of becoming in-laws. The 2 fathers are so funny, with their linked arms. Outside, Geum Ja comments about how close they always were, postulating their previous lives as a married couple. Haha!

Kyung Tae’s arrival causes boat loads of problems for our betrothed couple, as the dads and grandma want them to have an actual engagement ceremony. When they balk at the crazy idea, the adults get all huffy. (I don’t get or like this at all. What family is like this? Why in the world do they make a ridiculous suggestion and get mad because Yeo Joon and Sang Eun refuse?)

The scolding in grandma’s room wasn’t enough, so both of them get an earful from their fathers. Yeo Joon and Sang Eun are pretty clear in expressing their feelings, but both dads don’t want to hear it. Taek Soo continue to force Yeo Joon to try dating Sang Eun. And Kyung Tae says Sang Eun needs to stay in Korea for an year as she promised.

When Kyung Tae sees Yeo Joon and Sang Eun arguing, he sits them down for a talk.

    KT: Why do the two of you have such a bad relationship? Was it like that from the beginning or did you get like this because of the adults?
    SE: There are people you just don’t like from the beginning.
    YJ: There are certain relationships that are doomed from the start.
    KT: What? That’s not right. You can hate everything about person. They may have an issue on one half, but you’re hating the other half because you have an issue yourself. Sang Eun, you didn’t do anything wrong?
    SE: Not to Yeo Joon ssi.
    KT: I see. Alright then. But the two of you were close when you were young. Yeo Joon took really good care of Sang Eun, and you use to call him – oppa, oppa – and followed him around. Think about how far your connections run. Even if you can’t say honey or darling, you should be able to use oppa and dong-seng.
    SE: Oppa? That’s ridiculous. I find a nagging and rude oppa appalling.
    YJ: And I don’t want a little sister who’s flippant and argumentative.
    KT: Whether you’re oppa/dong-seng, a couple, or become strangers, don’t make doomed relationships. There isn’t even enough time to make good ones. Alright?

I think it’s little conversations like this that make this drama. We’re not watching a masterpiece, but the series can be sweet and insightful at times. The advice that Kyung Tae gives them is pretty wise – telling them not to waste time making ill-fated relationships. It’s so true – why bother wasting time being a hater?

And now for my favorite scene of the episode. Taek Soo is getting ready for bed with his wife, when suddenly stands up and announces that he needs to go to Kyung Tae’s room. Geum Ja tells him that it’ll be more tiring for Kyung Tae if he sleeps in bed with him. But Taek Soo replies, “He’s not the type of guy to stay here tomorrow and the next day. No matter how I think about it, I have to go sleep with Tae Kyung.” He takes a blanket and pillow, and heads to Kyung Tae. It’s cute how Geum Ja first protests, but is happy to have the bed all to herself.

The 2 friends, lie in bed together, talking about their children and their lives. When Taek Soo tries to convince Kyung Tae to move back to Korea, Kyung Tae says that children or life doesn’t always work out the way you want. Taek Soo replies, “Think about our age. Let’s live how we want to going forward. Come back, Kyung Tae.”

Yeo Joon doesn’t get much sleep with his snoring uncle, and heads to the hospital early. Hye Rim overhears that Yeo Joon is at the hospital early, and she runs out to find him. Hearing that he came to take care of a few things, Hye Rim asks if she was one of things that he wanted to take care of. He takes her back to her room without a reply. (Which means a big fat no…)

Gyu Han comes to the hospital at his mother’s request for Hye Rim’s discharge. He sees Yeo Joon at the hospital cafeteria (with the prettiest purple chairs ever) and they get into a conversation about Hae Sung. Yeo Joon vows to protect his sister this time, and make sure that she doesn’t get hurt. He seemed so self-centered in the first few episodes, but it’s good to see that Yeo Joon is a total family man.

Hae Sung sends a car to get Yoon Hee, who was on her way to pick up Jin Joo. Gyu Han, on his way to the arranged date, runs into Yoon Hee and agrees to pick up Jin Joo for her. Yoon Hee is upset to be brought like this to see Hae Sung. They have a repeat argument of “how can you lie to me about Jin Joo?” Then they have a fairly revealing exchange.

    YH: Take responsibility? You couldn’t have done anything for me or Jin Joo back then. How could you have taken responsibility?
    HS: I could have taken care of you and Jin Joo quietly, on the side.
    YH: What? Take care of me? What am I lacking that I need to become your mistress? And what’s Jin Joo lacking that she needs to be your illegitimate child?
    HS: It’s better than how you pathetically put her under your family’s tree.
    YH: What? That’s just your own thinking. Does Jin Joo look miserable to you? Don’t pity my daughter, and just think about doing well in your own life.
    HS: If you really loved me, you would have been OK with just being my mistress. (WTF!!!)
    YH: How could you even mention love in front of me? If you really loved me, you shouldn’t have married some other woman. Look at you talking about love. You and I didn’t love each other. We just dated, and slept together.
    HS: Still, Jin Joo is my child.
    YH: You’re so shameless. Jin Joo doesn’t have any relations to you!

These two… I don’t know how they can make these two into a couple. I like Yoon Hee a lot in this drama. She’s a little blinded by her pain, but I think she’s a pretty admirable character. I know she partly said this out of anger, but I agree with her analysis of their relationship. They may have loved each other during that time, but it really wasn’t a lasting love seeing the way that things ended up. If they want me to accept them as a couple, the writers will have to do something to redeem Hae Sung.

Gyu Han picks up Jin Joo and is unable to go on his arranged date. His mom hears about it and runs over to yell at Gyu Han. He just tells her that he forgot about it. Jin Hee is not happy with the excuse. Gyu Han blows it off saying that she doesn’t understand, because he’s not like her, seemingly referring to her 3 marriages. His mom takes offense, and leaves.

Yeo Joon gets a call at the hospital to take Kyung Tae to the airport. On their way to the airport, the father/daughter pair say their sweet good byes, and Yeo Joon watches on with a smile. There’s a pretty funny part, where Kyung Tae says that he definitely wants a Korean son-in-law, and turns to Yeo Joon, “That why I like you.” Haha. The only reason why Kyung Tae likes Yeo Joon is because he’s Korean. Silly man.

As he heads into the gate, he takes a mental picture of the couple. Very cute!

Yeo Joon and Sang Eun head back home after dropping off Kyung Tae. Sang Eun emphatically says, “Let’s move out together,” horrifying poor Yeo Joon.

I had no special feelings for Sang Eun’s dad in the beginning. But I really liked him in this episode. He’s a bit crazed with the Korean son-in-law thing, but he’s courteous (booking a hotel room, not asking for food), loving towards the people around him, and funny. I hope we get more of him going forward.

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  1. jamieguo permalink
    November 3, 2009 1:55 pm

    Thanks for your recaps of this drama… I’ve been interested in it since it has Eugene in it, but then I heard it was a lot of episodes and not sure if I want to watch it now.

    But I do enjoy reading about it!

  2. diane permalink
    December 3, 2009 4:34 pm

    thanks for the recap. love the this drama.

  3. May 29, 2010 10:09 pm

    I’ve just decided watching this drama! And I’m loving it… Except the parts where the father of Jin Ju appears, it really pisses me off! He can’t start a family with Yun Hee, he doesn’t deserve Yun Hee and her daughter back! I want to see Yun Hee and Han Gyu together! >. <
    Thanks for the recap, it's great to watch this drama and then read your blog!

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