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You’re Beautiful: Episode 8

November 4, 2009

What a great episode! You’re Beautiful is turning out to be a real keeper. It’s sweet, funny, and oh the despair! I just love it. And it didn’t disappoint in the beauty department. Just look at the picture above of Jeremy and Mi Nam on their date. (Not as pretty as episode 7, but how can you get prettier than filming in the countryside?)

If the last episode was Park Shin Hye‘s time to shine, this was Jang Geun Suk‘s turn. He stepped up to the challenge and turned in a fabulous performance.

Nell: Strolling Down Memory Lane [기억을 걷는 시간] (Download)

Mi Nam may be experiencing heartache, but she still gets a lot of love from her band members.

As Mi Nam tries to fade away from love-sickness, Jeremy brings her back to clarity and take her out for the evening. This scene was so breathtaking. It made me want to go outside and lavish in the colors of fall.

Jeremy takes Mi Nam on the cutest date ever. He wants Mi Nam to be able to cry her little heart out and takes her to places where she can cry: a scooter ride, spicy curry, and a special bus ride. On the bus, he tells her that there aren’t many passengers and the 1 hour bus ride is enough to quell a sad heart, returning everything to normal: “My precious bus is a magic bus. Let’s meet after an hour.” As he watches her, he says to himself, “Since it’ll go back to normal, I’ll like you just for this one hour.”

Jeremy has been one note throughout the series, and it’s nice to see a more serious and vulnerable side to him. Lee Hong Ki is quite a likable actor.

Next up is my Shin Woo. (Yes, he’s become mine. Anyone else who claims him will have to fight me for him. Haha.) He sees Mi Nam trying to hide the “Rachel/Julie”-esque comparison note and just lets it go in a very Shin Woo like manner. (She tries to fold the paper into an airplane but folds it so that the writing can be seen. Shin Woo calls her clueless, taking the paper and refolding so that he can’t see the writing. So sweet.)

He then tells her a story about another clueless woman.

    SW: She kept a very big secret and infiltrated a certain organization.
    MN: The clueless woman?
    SW: Yes. This is how clueless she was. After joining the organization, she was caught by a member of the organization, but didn’t realize it and continued to be a part of the group.
    MN: Why did that member just leave her alone?
    SW: He wanted to just watch her in the beginning to see what would happen. That member was a really bored guy.


    The more he watched her, the more clueless she seemed.

    But he found her to be a little funny and also felt a little sorry for her.

    He said he couldn’t help but keep seeing her. It was the first time that he was so interested in anyone before.

    And then all of a sudden, he began to help her.

    MN: That woman must have been really thankful.
    SW: That woman doesn’t know. I told you she was clueless.
    MN: Why don’t you think he told her?
    SW: He decided to keep it quiet for now for the sake of the group and for the woman’s comfort. When it’s the right time, his heart will be shown to her. Take it. [Referring to the paper airplane but we know he really means his heart.]

Oh Shin Woo. You so lost your chance to profess your love. You’re forever going to be just a “hyung” to Mi Nam. It’s sad but it’s OK. You have me!

Last, but surely not least, is Tae Kyung. But before writing about Tae Kyung and Mi Nam, just a quick kudos to the Hong sisters for their jab at IRIS…

“Just because you go overseas and blow stuff up, doesn’t mean it’s always good.” Hehehe… Ah those sisters. They can be quite clever. They really did a good job of making Jang Geun Suk look like T.O.P. And they also give a little shout out to their younger fan base with the PG rated bed scene between Tae Kyung and He Yi. “We can’t go erotic. Our base are adolescents.”

Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

On the outside, he pretends to hate having Mi Nam around. He even tries to push her off to Shin Woo. But on the inside, he’s happy that she didn’t follow his advice and run to Shin Woo for help. After going around the house looking for Mi Nam, he smiles when he finds her back sleeping back in his room.

At the filming of Mi Nam’s music video, Tae Kyung continues his cold and annoyed ways with Mi Nam. When the director and President Ahn tells him to take good care of Mi Nam, he acts like he dislikes the request. But it’s cute how he tells her to stick close to him during the day, especially when He Yi gets there.

When Mi Nam runs into her brother’s best friend, Tae Kyung gets jealous. Especially when we find out that the friend, Dong Jun, had a crush on her (Mi Nyu) since childhood. It’s really cute how Mi Nam acts when she finds out that Dong Jun has a crush on her. She gets all smiley and can’t contain her girliness. Tae Kyung is not thrilled to see her behave this way in front of another guy. Haha – jealous Tae Kyung = cute Tae Kyung.

Tae Kyung and Mi Nam film a play-fight scene while raking the fallen leaves. Tae Kyung pokes fun at her, calling her a future pharmacist’s wife. (Dong Jun wants to be a pharmacist later.) Mi Nam doesn’t like the name calling and play-fights too strongly for Tae Kyung’s liking.

He tackles her to the ground and starts throwing leaves at her. It quickly turns into an enjoyable moment for Tae Kyung, who laughs heartily. And Mi Nam just looks on, surprised and amazed that he’s having fun. To alleviate her growing emotions, she quickly press her nose. (An acupressure point to calm the heart… hahaha.) Tae Kyung thinks she’s making fun of him from the pig incident and stops laughing.

When He Yi shows up on set, it’s Mi Nam’s turn to get jealous. She’s dejected as she sees He Yi flirts and teases Tae Kyung. And when the 2 of them ultimately drive off together, the only thing Mi Nam can do is looks on as they leave.

Tae Kyung gets a call from his mother, calling him out to dinner. He thinks that she remembered his actual birthday and goes to her with a tiny bit of hope in him. But he finds her with a reporter and realizes that she only called him out for some press.

He’s again scarred by his mother and runs off. She follows him to the studio and basically tells him that he ruined her life, “Atleast I gave birth to you. Because of you, because I had to give birth to you, I lost something that was dear to me. You think it’s horrible that I left you. But it was also terrible for me to loose him because of you. Since I gave you birth, I want you to help me remember my lost love.” An anguished Tae Kyung replies, “If you’re going to take credit for having me, you should atleast remember the date.”

He walks away with tears in his eyes, while Mi Nam looks on from a distance. He walks into the building and falls apart. Mi Nam comes after him, and cries along, seeing her love in pain.

Wow. I’m usually not a huge fan of melodrama nor do I cry a lot watching kdramas. (My sister tells me that I’m heartless.) But it’s hard not to tear up when you feel someone’s despair like that. Bravo, Jang Geun Suk, bravo.

And here’s the beauty of episode 8:

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  1. Svenus permalink
    November 4, 2009 4:17 pm

    love your comments and episode 8 was a 10 in my book….I just love how TK tries to keep away from MN but at the end he loves that she is sticking with him!!!!!!!!! SW my love you are jut too good to be true…..I need a man like you and Jeremy is just pure innoncese and love…..

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