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KDrama Preview: Hero

November 5, 2009


The poster reads, “Expect something great!”, but Hero [히어로] is facing too many problems for me to expect something great.  With just 1 week left before its premiere,  it had to replace its leading lady.  Kim Min Jung (Strike Love, New Heart) had to pull out of the drama due to a serious shoulder injury.  Yoon So Yi (Auction House, Goodbye Solo) has signed on as the new lead.  (The original lead for the drama was actually Han Ji Min, Cain and Abel, before she pulled out for personal reason.)

EDIT:  After all my huffing and puffing below, MBC has moved the start date to 11/18.

Old huffing and puffing: [MBC has made a moronic decision to keep the current schedule (11/11 release) and not push back the release.  This date is already a week early due to the shortened series, Heading to the Ground. (Hero was originally scheduled to start on 11/18.) Good call MBC – it’s always a good idea to overwork your actors and staff.  That always raises the quality of a drama.]

Hero is centered around a new reporter (Lee Jun Ki), who uses his passion and brains to fight against the injustices of our society. He partners up with a hot-blooded detective (Yoon So Yi) in their plight to save the world. Eom Ki Joon (Job Well Done) is cast as Lee Jun Ki’s rival – a success seeking elite reporter, who will do anything to move ahead.

Yoon So Yi is currently finishing up a movie, and spent her first day on the job shooting new poster photos and started filming on 11/5. I don’t have an opinion on Yoon So Yi, so we’ll put the casting matter aside. (Moon Chae Won, my first crush of the blog, was also offered the role, which she didn’t accept.  I’m glad but also a little sad she turned down her first lead role.) I just can’t believe that MBC is going to roll this out in a week. IRIS already has a stronghold on the Wed/Thur slot. Do they think that pushing out a half-assed new drama will help with the ratings? I smell disaster.

It has a pretty strong cast, with Lee Jun Ki, Eom Ki Joon, and a couple of other actors I like. Ji Chang Wook, the youngest son from Sons of Sol Pharmacy and Jung Soo Young, the feisty friend in City Hall. Unfortunately, I don’t have a desire to even check out the drama. The story sounds blah and MBC has turned me off enough to keep me away.

This may be the only pictures you get of Hero here. So enjoy!


Via Newsen, MyDaily, Joongang

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