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OST Special on Chocolate with Smile, You Couple

November 6, 2009


The cute-as-button Smile, You couple will be on the 11/7 11/14 episode of Chocolate with Kim Jung Eun. The episode is an OST special, and will also include Hwanhee (Beethoven Virus, Fashion 70s), Bobby Kim (Friend, Our Legend), Kim Jin Pyo & Haneul (Style), Shinee (Dream, BoF), Jewelry S (Loving You a Thousand Times), The One (Blood), and Kim Bum Soo (East of Eden).  OST is a big business in Korea, as seen by the crazy sales of the You’re Beautiful soundtrack.

EDIT: This episode of Chocolate will be on next Saturday 11/14. Sorry about that folks!

I’m Sorry, I Love You OST:  My Precious Person [소중한 사람] – Jung Kyung Ho (Download)

Our couple, Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Ho will be singing “Way Back Into Love” from Music & Lyrics.  Ahhh… so cute!!  I have a weird affinity for mindless romantic comedies and I must say that I enjoyed Music & Lyrics – maybe it’s the whole flashback to the 80s thing.  Here’s the movie version with Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett.

We know that Jung Kyung Ho can sing, playing a singer in I’m Sorry, I Love You and Lee Min Jung has a pleasant voice as well.  She sang a song (I think it was L.O.V.E) on a “Ya-Shim-Man-Man” episode with the Smile, You cast.

I, like the rest of Korea, am a big fan of soundtracks.  It’s amazing how much music can make or break a series.  Even now, certain songs will evoke a specific memory or emotion when I hear it.  One of my favorite soundtracks of all time is the 1994 hit series Feelings [느낌].   I remember living on the soundtrack when I was in college, so much so that I would annoy my roommates.  (Haha… I’m aging myself.)  How I loved Feelings and Lee Jung Jae.  To relive my glory days, here’s a couple of my favorites.

Without You [그대 없이는]:  Son Ji Chang (Download)
(My favorite from soundtrack)

With You [그대와 함께]: Kim Min Jong, Son Ji Chang (Download)
(I still sing this at no-rae-bang sometimes.)

Via Asiae

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