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You’re Beautiful: Episode 9

November 7, 2009

Tae Kyung & Mi Nam. So sweet. You can’t tell by looking at the picture, but Tae Kyung is berating Mi Nam for a good reason: to get her to admit that she likes HIM best. (More on this to come.)

You’re Beautiful continues to impress in its storytelling. The sheer randomness of events adds to the fantasy element of the series, which I like. (I’d rather that a story goes more fantasy if it’s not going to achieve realism.)

You’re Beautiful OST: My HEART IS CURSING [가슴이 욕해] – Kim Dong Wook (Download)

It’s Tae Kyung’s birthday and he just had a cry-fest because of his mom. What is a boy to do? Here’s Mi Nam to the rescue!

Mi Nam stands outside the studio room, trying to figure out what she can possibly do for him. Just then, she sees Tae Kyung finish his water, and exclaims to herself, “Water!” She runs to the convenient in a frenzy and barrels over an amazingly cute boy. And who is it? Our little So Ji Sub, YOO SEUNG HO!!! It’s totally random, but very cute.

When Tae Kyung sees the light flickering, Mi Nam buys a bulb changes it before Tae Kyung gets back to the room with a bulb of his own. (He must have been walking really slow…)

At this point, he realizes that something weird is going on: non-flickering light and a fresh bottle of water. He thinks about it and suspects that something’s a foul. He yells out, “I want a hot cup of coffee,” trying to figure out who’s playing gopher.

As expected, he sees Mi Nam running in with a cup of coffee and calls her over. When he starts asking her if she saw anything, she replies, “I did see something… The package from your father.” Then she gives him two thumbs-up, saying, “Hyung nim, Happy Birthday!” Tae Kyung smiles at himself, happy to receive those words from Mi Nam.

To celebrate Tae Kyung’s birthday, Mi Nam announces that she’ll do whatever he did on his fake birthday. He, of course, had a birthday party befitting an idol, with 10,000 guests including special appearances by celebrities. Mi Nam can’t throw him that kind of party, but offers what she knows.

She announces that the fundamentals of a birthday celebration is seaweed soup (traditional Korean birthday soup) and takes him to a store, feeding him an instant version. Seeing the seaweed soup, Tae Kyung retorts, “Go Mi Nam. Is there sesame oil in seaweed soup?” Mi Nam answers, “Of course. That what makes it tasty.” When Tae Kyung asks what sesame oil is made of, Mi Nam starts answering but remembers that Tae Kyung is allergic to sesame seeds. (Hahaha…. he really is peculiar. I never heard of someone being allergic to sesame seeds. How does he even eat Korean food? Everything has sesame oil in it!)

Tae Kyung is unable to eat the soup, and Mi Nam takes him onto the second course – a birthday present! He’s excited at the thought of a gift, but is brought to a tiny stationery store by Mi Nam. What do they discover at the store? A.N.JELL items, of course! There are ttak-ji pop outs and A.N.JELL stickers – both with Tae Kyung’s signature scowl. LOL. (Ttak-ji is a popular kids game in Korea, similar to pogs.)

They head off to a park and play with the ttak-ji. Mi Nam flicks them to see far they’ll go. She makes fun of Tae Kyung saying that his won’t go as far as Shin Woo’s or Jeremy’s. Tae Kyung won’t lose to anyone and joins her to make sure that his flies the furthest.

Arriving at home, Tae Kyung confesses to Mi Nam that his birthday usually passes by slowly and she succeeded in having the day go quickly. She has a flashback to the conversation that Tae Kyung had with his mother, realizing the pain that he must have on his birthdays. She keeps on a cheerful countenance and works up her courage to comfort him.

    MN: Hyung nim. There’s 5 minute left. Should I finish it off with you?
    TK: With what?
    MN: My Mother Superior always did something for me before my birthday passed.
    TK: What is it?
    MN: You can’t dislike it.
    TK: Don’t do it if you think I’m going to dislike it.
    MN: Since you told me to make the decisions, I’ll do as I please today.
    (Walks to him and hugs him.) The day that you were born is a precious day. Thank you for being born.
    TK: Go Mi Nam. Don’t speak to me using ban-mal [informal tone].
    (Mi Nam starts to pat his back.)
    MN: (Thinking) Mother Superior, the tender compassion that you gave me on my birthday, I want to give it all to this person. Please comfort him.

Because of the way that Mi Nam usually acts, you almost think of her as a child rather than a woman. But she became woman, mother, and sister to Tae Kyung at that moment, giving him comfort that he hasn’t received before. The hug lasts quite a while, but Tae Kyung doesn’t pull away, thankful for what she gives him. And their date concludes. The 2 definitely are getting closer. She was the first one to know his real birthday outside of his father. And he didn’t even get mad that she found out.

Now to a possible money maker for SBS… Tae Kyung finds out (from Shin Woo) that Mi Nam indeed wants to find her lost hairpin. (She lost it at the music video filming. He Yi finds it and taunts Mi Nam with it. When Tae Kyung sees it, he takes it from her at the club.) He racks his brain trying to figure out how to return it to Mi Nam. You can see the light bulb going off on top of his head and goes to the room with all the fan gifts. It’s pretty hilarious what he picks up in the room.

He decides to make a hybrid pig-bunny (Mi Nam’s nickname) with 2 stuffed animals. He performs “surgery”, removing the snout of a pig and placing it on the bunny. He then takes the hairpin and puts it on the bunny’s ears. It’s quite adorable. (SBS announced yesterday that they’re going to start selling the pig-bunny. So you can one day own your own!)

Suffice to say that Mi Nam is beyond ecstatic when she comes back to the room and finds the pig-bunny. Hearing the squeals from Mi Nam, Tae Kyung lies in bed, smiling to himself.

The two of them are both so adorable, pushing and pulling, trying to figure out where the other stands in their feelings. Budding love is always sweet and painful…

Unfortunately for Tae Kyung, he not only has to struggle with his own heart, but needs to deal with 2 other men in Mi Nam’s life, Shin Woo and Jeremy. We now have the 3 boys pitted against each other, vying for Mi Nam’s affection.

After finding out about the ttak-ji, Jeremy asks Mi Nam, “Which one of these is the best?” Not understanding what Jeremy really is asking, Mi Nam answers, “They say that Tae Kyung hyung’s sells the best.” Shin Woo, also curious about Mi Nam’s answer, asks again, “Which one do you like the best?” She thinks about a second and picks up Shin Woo’s ttak-ji.

Jeremy’s disappointed and immediately pipes up, “Shin Woo hyung’s! Why? Mine’s cute as well!” Mi Nam says that she like the smiling Shin Woo the best and agrees that Jeremy’s is cute. He’s happy to hear her answer and replies, “Right. Mine is cute. Then I’m second, right?” Hahaha… Jeremy is indeed a cute one. Shin Woo keeps a light smile on his face, happy that Mi Nam has chosen him. A disgruntled Tae Kyung talks to himself on the side, “So little taste in ttak-ji’s…”

Next item used to gain Mi Nam’s affection is her choice of drink. Knowing that she isn’t feeling well from the water dousing at the club (thanks to evil He Yi), our 3 boys offer Mi Nam a drink. Shin Woo is tea. Tae Kyung is water. And Jeremy is juice. What will she choose? She takes the warm tea over the other 2 drinks, selecting Shin Woo again, making him smile. Oh Shin Woo – be happy now because it may not last long…

And lastly we have the color choice. The 4 A.N.JELL are represented by different colors to suit their personality and to sell phones. (Even He Yi is dressed as a phone color… haha.) Tae Kyung is trendy lime, Jeremy is cute yellow, Shin Woo is manly black, and Mi Nam is innocent white. He Yi, getting in on action asks, “Which color do you like the best?” And Mi Nam chooses Shin Woo’s black stating that she’s also a man. Look at Jeremy’s reaction in the back. Priceless.

Unfortunately, the shoot leads to an escalation of He Yi’s jealous rage. She sees Tae Kyung trying to admit that she like his color, lime, the best and has a fit, realizing that Tae Kyung sees Mi Nam as a girl. She follows Mi Nam into the boys bathroom and tells her that she knows Mi Nam’s secret. She drags Mi Nam back to the video shoot and asks, “Which color do you like the best? Lime, yellow or black? Let me make this easy for you. Is it Kang Shin Woo, Jeremy, or HWANG TAE KYUNG???” Yikes, poor Mi Nam. She’s now gotta deal with this crazy bitch.

Putting the fairy devil aside, the 4 members of A.N.JELL are now a real group, perhaps a bit too focused on Mi Nam, but still a team nonetheless. And it seems like they will stand with Mi Nam, no matter what happens. When she gets soaked while singing “Rudolph”, yup the red nosed reindeer, the other 3 members come up on stage to sing with her. It’s pretty funny that everyone cheers her on as she starts singing the carol, even though it’s nowhere near Christmas. But the most important thing I learned during this scene is that Jung Yong Hwa‘s got a good voice. (I don’t know why I was so surprised since he’s a singer… but me likey.)

And now for our beauty shots…

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  1. Julie permalink
    November 14, 2009 7:02 pm

    Haha, i just love your reviews!! and Oh my god, they are really going to start selling those pig rabbit stuffed animals?!?! thats going to be a big hit! lol and i agree with you about the part where you were surprised to see shinwoo have a good voice, i was shocked too! but in a good way. Lol, and i also just LOVE his gray jacket for some reason! haha anyways this was such a good episode and keep up the good recaping work!

    • November 14, 2009 8:13 pm

      Thanks! I can’t believe they’re selling it either… I think they have it on DVD heaven. If I had a kid, I would totally have an excuse to buy one! Haha.

  2. December 10, 2010 4:43 am


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