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1n2d: Night Owl Tour (Part -il-)

November 17, 2009

Yipee! Somehow my 6 men found out that I didn’t enjoy the previous episode and worked extra hard to entertain me. And entertained I was. We got some fun bok-bul-boks, crazy monkeys, and the usual bout of ROTF laughter. And I even loved Seung Gi’s pink/gray plaid button-down with the matching pink t-shirt, especially because I own a very similar looking shirt… hee-hee. (Bee – that’s for you!)

BTW – the cap above reads, “Don’t fight. Don’t fight!” So clever.

Lee Seung Gi: MELODY (Download)

The team gets together in the middle of the night to start their “Night Owl Trip” to Yeongwol county in Gangwon province. They start out congratulating themselves for working hard this year, even including a round of applause.Ā  Then Su Geun turns to Ho Dong and says that it’s only a moment away until his next Daesang/Grand Award (for the Entertainment Awards.) KHD gets humble and says he won last year so it’ll be unlikely. But Eun Ji Won starts pointing to himself, insinuating that he’ll take the award this year. (LOL.)

Their first bok-bul-bok is to select the driver for the trip. They are given 6 keys and the one who chooses the matching key to the minivan wins! (Well, if winning means driving for 5 hours…) And the hilarity ensues.

    LSGn: I know which one it is.
    LSGi: Because it’s a domestic car…
    LSGn: Because it’s a domestic car, there is one that’s the most possible.
    LSGi: Even if you just look at them, there are just a couple of possibilities. The order will be very important. It looks like the 2 white ones at the end are definitely not it. They look like air conditioner [remotes].

They play rock-paper-scissors with Mong and both LSG(s) winning the first round.

    LSGn: We’ll have a nice restful car ride tonight. [To Mong] You really don’t know? Of course I know. Your hyung has touched about 50,000 car keys. (LOL.)

Mongi wins between the 3 and is the first to select the key. They realize that you can get keys that are not from the manufacturer these days and the selection process isn’t as easy as it seems.

    Mong: I think #3 and 4 look most like [car] keys, so I’ll take #4.
    KHD: Hold on, hold on. So once you press the button, if the headlights blink, then…
    [Laughter from the staff…]
    Mong: What? Why, why? [Towards the staff]
    LSGn: There were 2 that I was thinking about, and this is one of the 2.
    Mong: Don’t scare me…
    LSGn: Looking at the model and year, the key fits exactly.

They all burst into laughter. Mongi eventually presses the key, and there is no response from the car… making MCM erupt with joyous cackles. Next up is Seung Gi.

    LSGi: I was confident before… but I’m not feeling good right now.
    EJW: Lee Seung Gi sshi. Would you like a recommendation?
    LSGi: Yes. I’ll take it.
    EJW: I recommend #2.
    LSGi: If I go with my gut, I think the one that looks like a key, #3 is the most…
    MCM: It’s not #3. I think this one [pointing at #5, the weird looking key] is it. My gut is right. The producers wouldn’t make it so easy for us.
    LSGi: So you’re saying this one [#3].
    MCM: It’s not #3. #5, that’s definitely the car keys.
    LSGi: This one? [Pointing at #5.]
    MCM: That’s right. 100%…. You should listen to me this time. I’m your senior in the singing world. (Hahaha… what a funny thing to bring up while selecting keys…)

Seung Gi follows his gut and Mong’s advice and selects #3, prompting EJW to speak up. “The producers are smarter than Mong. They’ve already thought out that we wouldn’t select it. And…” Hee-hee. EJW is usually the most intuitive one out of the group… but his gut doesn’t pan out this time, as Seung Gi presses the button without a peep from the car.

Next to go is Su Geun. And KHD comments, “If Su Geun picks the key, it’ll be awesome. It’ll be destiny”, making LSGn reply, “Driver declared by the heavens.”

    LSGn: This one [#1] is from a new model. So it looks too new to be for this car.
    EJW: How about #6? It looks exactly the same.
    LSGn: I think that one is from one of the staff members. And I’ve used this one [#2] before. It costs 54,000 won…. [laughter]… I’ll go with my feeling and go with this one. [Picking #2.]
    KHD: What will be Lee Su Geun’s fate? Will he be forever linked with a car? 3… 2…
    LSGn: Hold on. Hold on.
    LSGi: No matter how you look at it, it looks like it’ll open.
    LSGn: Looks like that big door will open wide…
    KHD: 3… 2… 1… press!

LSGn presses the button a few times, completely surprised that there is NO response from the vehicle. Ji Won comes up to the keys next with 3 keys left. He thinks that the car key is between #1 or #6. But Mong has different ideas.

    MCM: These 2 [#1 and 6] are the camera PD’s keys. 2 of them have the exact same car. It’s 100% this one [#5.]
    EJW: But even if you look at this one [#5], there is only 1 button.
    LSGi: It doesn’t look like a car key.
    MCM: There is a button in the back also.
    LSGn: Look there’s [the word] power on it. Is this an mp3 [player]?

Just then, EJW grabs #5 and they see that it says “car” on it, and realize that it is, without a doubt, a car key. KHD counts down, “5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” and EJW presses the button. He’s immediately excited because it takes a second before the car’s light goes off and sounds off, “beep-beep!” The rest of the members go crazy, while EJW walks to the car and re-clicks the keys, unable to believe his rotten luck. And this leads to a bizarro scene in 1n2d…

A car without Lee Su Geun at the wheel. The whole team is feeling weird with Ji Won at the wheel and Su Geun at the back of the van… Hee-hee-hee.

Their next bok-bul-bok is for snacks at the rest stops. Using an adorable Ji Won as prop, they show the mission for some much needed sustenance.
1. Blow your nose in the bathroom.
2. Buy a bottle of water from the convenience store.
3. Buy a cup of coffee from a vending machine.
4. Buy a bowl of udon.
And they have to complete these 4 tasks within 2.5 minutes.

MC Mong is selected as the first contestant and talk strategy in the car. To make sure that they give time for udon to be prepared, the members tell Mong to order the udon first before moving onto the next task. But Mong is completely flustered and the prospects for a meal at this rest area is declining by the second.

He starts out well, ordering the udon first and buying the bottle of water. But he pretty much loses it when he goes outside and runs around like a crazed… well, monkey. He goes to the vending machine to get the coffee, but runs to the bathroom before pulling out the cup. When he goes back inside (without the coffee), the lady making the udon is nowhere to be found. Mong collapses to the ground, realizing that time is now over and he hasn’t completed the mission.

Knowing his fate with the members, he decides to enjoy the bowl of noodles before going outside. Just then, the 160-IQed Eun Ji Won exclaimes, “Mong is eating the udon!” All the members run inside to find Mong eating the noodles. Hahaha!!! I totally believe that EJW has a 160 IQ. He can be totally brilliant at times.

At the next stop, Kim C is selected as the one to save them from dying of hunger. He’s given 1 extra minute to complete the task. As expected, Kim C is as quick as lightening, and completes the task in 2 minutes and 23 seconds, impressing the members. The funniest thing is Kim C’s reaction to the price of the udon: 4,000 won. After paying for the udon, he turns back to ask about the price multiple times to the vendor and talks about the price again as he collapses after completing the mission.

They decide to have the winner eat the whole bowl, instead of sharing it with everyone. Kim C (deservingly) is the winner and slurps down the noodles. Look at how the other members look at him longingly.

At the last rest stop, the mission is changed slightly and they are given 10,000 won to buy whatever they want. The only caveat being that they need to spend exactly 10,000 won. Seung Gi volunteers and runs around like a well… crazed monkey to complete the task. He’s running so fast that he makes the camera PDs following him, huff and puff. LSGi completes the task with ease, even remembering to bring spoons for everyone.

(Sidenote: Was anyone else confused by the rules? I thought they still had to complete the 4 items from the original task? What happened to the water? How come they didn’t need to buy udon? Am I spending way too much time thinking about 1n2d? Do I need to get a life?? Maybe… haha.)

They arrive at their destination at 7AM and have nap time until the afternoon, when they’ll have to fight for spending money. The team is split into the OB/YB group for the next mission. They get into their groups for their nap. The Old Boys look to be having a nice nap, but the Young Boys are in shock from Mong’s deranged blubbering, before they finally fall asleep.

They wake up in the morning and are given their missions. To their surprise, Dae Ju draws them a map to their destination. The YB team wakes up first, and is able to head out first. Unfortunately, the YBs get a bit lost and end up falling behind the OB team. At each location, they are given a dart and board to determine the number of people needed for a photo.

At the last location, the OBs end up winning by having better luck with the dart board. They hit a 10, while the YBs hit a 30, and are able to take the photo to garner a win. The YBs aren’t able to gather 30 people, and end up brooding on the side.

I love it when they run into fun characters on their trips. First, they run into a cute little boy who is a carbon copy of Ho Dong. So much so that his nickname is Kang Ho Dong. Haha. Then they run into a group of elderly gentlemen, who grew up in the same town and have gotten together for the first time in 50 years! How cute! (I love old folks… I find their childish antics to be so adorable.)

All in all, it was quite a fun episode. And I’m not sure if they have a new camera PD, are trying something new, or I’m just crazy, but the camera angles seemed a little different (good different) in this episode. Like the shots of Mong for the snack bok-bul-bok and Kim C eating the noodles… Did anyone else notice?

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  1. ditdut permalink
    November 18, 2009 2:41 am

    Oh gosh, the kid on the phone was SOOOOO cute!!

    I felt the bokbulboks overall were fun, but a little repetitive. I kinda got bored in the last 10 minutes or so of the show

  2. supremeteam permalink
    November 18, 2009 3:02 am

    love LSgeun longing face…

  3. Just2Cent permalink
    November 18, 2009 1:37 pm

    Thank you very much for the recaps. I watched the raw video because I hate K**W version with many cuts and your recaps help me to understand better. May God bless you always.

  4. grace permalink
    November 18, 2009 8:52 pm

    thanks for sharing the recaps! i’ll look forward to watching this ep. its nice that the staff spice thgs up every once in a while so as not to get stuck in a rut šŸ™‚

    1N2D hwaiting!!!

  5. November 18, 2009 10:15 pm

    lol! I love your side notes… and indeed, when seunggi came out behind the shelves holding a chocolate bar I was talking to my monitor “hey seunggiyaaa~, you picked the wrong item…” lol! And also I was wondering about KIM C’s age for he can still run like a cheetah.

    thanks again for the fun and enjoyable recap! see you next week!

  6. ayoepan permalink
    November 19, 2009 12:16 pm

    thank you…
    I almost get pissed with the lady who serving the noodles, because she almost make LSGi failed his mission :P. LOL.LOL. I keep saying to the monitor, “C’mon lady, u could do it faster than that!!”


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