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Press Conference for “Secret”

November 18, 2009

Cha Seung Won‘s new movie (Secret), had its press release on 11/18.  Kim Sung Yeol (Cha Seung Won) is a homicide detective who investigates a murder where he finds evidence implicating his wife (Song Yoon Ah).   Kim Sung Yeol has been guilt ridden because his adulterous affair with a co-worker’s wife caused the death of their child.  When he finds the evidence at the crime scene, he does all he can to try to keep his wife’s connection to the murder from being revealed.

Joining the cast is Ryu Seung Yong (Living Death, Painter of the Wind), Kim In Kwon (You’re Beautiful, Haeundae) , Park Won Sang (Fly, Penguin).  The film is directed by Yoon Jae Goo, a first time director but co-wrote Seven Days, a thriller starting Kim Yoon Jin of Lost.  (The rights for Seven Days was bought by Summit Entertainment in 2007 for a North American remake.  But they’ve been very busy with the Twilight series to really focus on anything else.)

This isn’t really my cup of tea, but Cha Seung Won always piques my interest.  And thinking about it, he’s had quite a busy year, with City Hall, Secret, Like the Moon Escaping from Clouds (Lee Jun Ik sageuk), the will begin shooting Into the Gunfire immediately after finishing Like the Moon.

Here are the movie posters and stills, along with the trailer. Secret hits theaters on 12/3.

Via Newstown

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