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Smile, You settles in at 46 episodes

November 18, 2009

The final episode count for Smile, You has been decided at 46 total episodes, ending in February of next year. The drama had seen different numbers attached to itself, with the most recent being 30. (But the number 50 had been bandied around as well.) The official word from SBS is that the 30 episode drama has been extended for 16 episodes to a total of 46.

Smile, You has had good ratings numbers, consistently winning its time slot. This past week’s episodes saw a 16.3% and 18.1% respective, knocking at the door of the all important 20% mark. There has been lots of good feedback on its official forums as well, with the majority of comments being favorable ones. The only glitch in the praise-fest has been the Jung Kyung dubbing incident. (If you haven’t seen this past week’s episodes, watch it. You’ll know what I’m talking about.)

I’ve also been enjoying the drama, especially recently. It’s not a sophisticated drama by any means, but it’s sweet, endearing, and has a lot of funny moments. The main couple, Jung In (Lee Min Jung) and Hyun Soo (Jung Kyung Ho) are absolutely fantastic and Sung Joon (Lee Chun Hee) brings miles of laughter. My internal drama priority list shifted this week, when I decided to watch Smile, You even before watching You’re Beautiful.

I’ve felt that the drama has been moving along at a good pace, almost too fast for a 50 episode drama (which is the number that I had in my head.) But I guess the writers were writing for a 30 episode drama? Hopefully, this doesn’t mean that the storylines will come to a halt. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a drama this long, so I’m hoping that I won’t start pulling my hair out by the time we get to 30.

I haven’t been writing about the drama on this blog, mostly because I’ve been writing recaps every other week on dramabeans. But I will soon post additional thoughts here, because I don’t always get to write everything I want on the recaps. Here’s one of my favorite scenes while our couple goes on a date with Geum Ja… Hee-hee.

Via Osen, Joongang

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