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Kim Kang Woo (!!!) in Dong Yi

November 20, 2009

AHHHH!!! Kim Kang Woo… HOO!  Sorry for the squealing.  But it was announced today that Kim Kang Woo will most likely join the cast of Dong Yi.  (It’ not 100% confirmed.   He’s still looking over the script and working on a decision.)

His character, Cha Chun Soo is a coroner by day, and a leader of an underground gang by night.  The gang (known as gum-gye) was originally formed to help pay for funeral expenses during the Joseon era, namely during the reign of King Sukjong (Ji Jin Hee).  Cha Chun Soo comes to love Dong Yi (Han Hyo Joo) as her dying brother asks Chun Soo to protect Dong Yi in his stead.

I’m not exactly squealing at the casting, mostly just exciting to see his name and face somewhere.  Kim Kang Woo was most recently seen as Chae Do Woo in Story of a Man.  He was dark, sexy, and a wee bit crazy.  (Kind of an older, sexier version of Ed Norton in Primal Fear.)  God I love him.  You should immediately go watch Story of a Man if you haven’t yet.

Kim Kang Woo has been pretty quiet since earlier this year, but recently was in a KCM music video with Choi Jung Won.  Video after jump.

The title of the KCM song is “One Day” [하루가] and the video is total tear fest. Enjoy! KIM KANG WOO!

Via Osen

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