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Bae Soo Bin hangs with 3 ladies on “Girlfriends”

November 21, 2009

The poster for the movie, Girlfriends, was release last week.  The movie stars Kang Hye Jung, Han Chae Young, and Heo Yi Jae, along with resident hottie Bae Soo Bin.  The true leads of the movie are the 3 ladies (hence the title), who become friends while “sharing” the same man.

Song Yi (Kang Hye Jung) is dating Jin Ho (Bae Soo Bin).  He’s the kind of guy that every gal dreams of:  charismatic and manly, yet sensitive and polite.  But Song Yi finds out in a single night that he’s not just her dream guy, but also Jin (Han Chae Young) and Bora’s (Heo Yi Jae) dream man as well.

I should probably stop doing this in my head at some point but it’s hard for me not to do a Sex and the City comparison when I see a female-centric project.  (We desperately need some more well done female movies!)  So, Song Yi is Carrie, Jin is Samantha, and Bora is Charlotte.  (No Miranda… she always gets the shaft whenever there are only 3 girls.)

The poster teaser reads, ” Don’t worry.  I won’t get hurt.”  The movie is aiming to show that the era of women needing a man’s protection is now over.  (Nice.)  We’ll see how well that’s accomplished but having that vision in mind is a welcoming thought.

The film is directed by Kang Suk Beom (Where is Jeong Seul Pil, Sunflower) and penned by Noh Hye Young (200 Pound Beauty, Please Teach Me English).

I’ve spoken about Bae Soo Bin‘s year at length here, but the 3 ladies have been busy themselves.  Kang Hye Jung not only got married and knocked up, but starred in Kill Me with Shin Hyun Joon and in Telecinema Project’s Triangle with Ahn Jae Wook and Lee Soo Kyung (Loving You a Thousand Times).  Kang Hye Jung will probably make it into my crush of the day soon.  I loved Oldboy and Flowers for My Life is one of my favorite kdramas of all time.  She always picks slightly quirky roles to play, which I admire in an actor.  Han Chae Young was in Jang Dong Gun‘s blockbuster, Good Morning President and Heo Yi Jae was in the recently release 19 (Telecinema Project) with TOP and Seungri.

Below are some stills, promotional photos, and a teaser with a Queen Seonduk parody.  (Kang Hye Jung is Deokman, Han Chae Young is Mishil, and Heo Yi Jae is Cheonmyung.)

Via TodayKorea, Asiae


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