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Creating Destiny: Episodes 9

November 21, 2009

I love these 2!!! Now they the Hans are in Korea, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them. It makes me so happy to watch them.

This is a drama about 2 families through and through. As much as the destiny being created is for 2 people (Sang Eun and Yeo Joon), I’d like to believe that it’s also about the destinies of the 3 families. I guess technically 4 counting the Kangs. As much as I don’t “get” the main couple (more on this below), I totally relate with the familial relationships.

(Disclaimer: I’ve watched until episode 12, so I do know that the SE/YJ line heats up a bit. But I’m trying to be partial and keep my comments as I felt back when watching episode 9…)

Jo Won Sun: DO RE MI FA SOL LA TI DO (Download)

Sang Eun’s family arrives and they immediately start pushing marriage. Sang Eun’s grandpa either really dislikes Yeo Joon’s grandmother or he’s crazed from the trip, because he’s almost ready to throw a punch at grandma. Well, she does talk about his death…

Yeo Joon pulls Sang Eun aside, worried that the adults may be scheming behind their backs. He thinks his parents may have invited Sang Eun’s family to Korea for a wedding. Oh the ridiculousness.

They decide to meet outside to plot on their own. Unfortunately, it’s derailed because Hye Rim shows up. She’s heard about the Han family’s move to Korea and the impending wedding. She meets Sang Eun outside, and slaps her. Sang Eun is shocked beyond belief. “Are you crazy?” Hye Rim yells some nonsense about Sang Eun not keeping her words, etc. She tries to keep the upper hand and leave, but Sang Eun doesn’t let her. She grabs her arm.

    SE: Don’t you think you should atleast apologize? I’m not a nice enough person to just let your violence actions pass.

As Sang Eun holds onto Hye Rim’s arm, Yeo Joon sees them. He thinks that Sang Eun is taking things out on Hye Rim and defends her. She does a complete 180 in front of our eyes and turns into a weak, helpless girl. Sang Eun is dumbfounded by her actions and just watches, not believing what she’s seeing. Yeo Joon stands up for Hye Rim and scolds Sang Eun. But he’s just fanning the flame at this point.

    SE: If you don’t know what you’re talking about, just shut up! If you want to talk to your great dong-seng in the future, you just talk with her. Don’t get me involved. Now that I look at it, the two of you are good for each other.

It’s Yeo Joon’s turn to be dumbfounded, and stands bewildered as an angry Sang Eun storms off.

So Hye Rim does her best rendition of the cliched crazy calculating bitch in this scene. Earlier on in the series, I thought she could have gotten some depth to her character. I really liked the way she went to see Yeo Joon’s family and threw herself into the marriage candidate mix. But alas, she’s turning into the typical secondary character.

Back home, her grandpa sees her face and immediately notices her red cheek. Oddly, he concludes that she must have been slapped by somebody, accusing Yeo Joon of domestic violence. Sang Eun denies it and says that she just hit something with her face. Yeo Joon still looks confused, realizing that something happened but not quite able to figure it out.

Yay! Hyo Eun’s here! She finds the room that she’s likes the most and immediately goes to sleep. Which room you ask? Jin Ju’s all pink room, of course. Sang Eun runs into to get her sister out. Hyo Eun gets up, revealing her pink sweater dress and gives Sang Eun a big hug, yelling “Victoria!” (Love it!)

She then introduces herself to Jin Ju and gives her a big thumbs up for the pink room, who returns her favor by telling her mom that Hyu Eun unni is pretty.

Taek Soo insists that the Hans stay at their place, instead of going to a hotel. Geum Ja is chagrined at his insensitivity and complains about having to feed 3 more mouths. It’s so cute to see Taek Soo and Kyung Tae. They are definitely my favorite couple of this drama to date. Kyung Tae wants to go sleep in a hotel and not be a burden on the family (and Geum Ja) but Taek Soo demands that they stay at the house with them.

So the 2 men share Yeo Joon’s room and the 2 sisters stay in the matching guest room. It’s cute to see the 2 sisters in bed together. (It really is nice to sleep with your sister if you haven’t done it in awhile.) Hyo Eun, who was forced to come to Korea, comments, “Yeo Joon oppa is good looking. He’s cute and has a sexy side. Unni, if the other men in Korea are like Yeo Joon oppa, I think I can stand it here.”

Sang Eun heads to a new teaching job at the Sunghyun academy. A quite famous one with Manager Kang Se Won. Yeo Joon drops her off at work and they get into their usual tiff along the way.

    How did you get a job like that?
    Are you really dating a girl like that?
    Why do you talk about others behind their back?
    Why should I care what you think?

You know… the usual morning banter.

Gyu Han takes Yoon Hee and Jin Ju to the nearby palace for some pictures. They look like a happy little family until Hae Sung shows up with his signature, “But I’M her dad!” Yoon Hee sends her daughter home with Gyu Han.

    HS: What’s your relationship with that guy? By chance, are you dating?
    YH: That’s none of your business. Who I date has nothing to do with you.

    HS: I don’t like my daughter hanging around that guy.
    YH: That’s too bad. I don’t like you around my daughter.

Talk about a sense of entitlement. OK. I can understand that he wants his daughter to know who her father is. But what’s with the accusatory tone at Yoon Hee? Did he actually think that she wouldn’t have dated anyone in 6 years???

Not only is he an ass, he’s a selfish ass. He has the words “I’m her dad” glued to his lips but hasn’t once used, “She’s my daughter” with the same aggravated tone. He must think the world revolves around him. As I said, it’s going to take a whole lot to redeem this character. I’ll be pissed off to hell if Yoon Hee gets together with Hae Sung.

Grandpa Yoon has the same thought.

    Grandpa: Do you know what a real family is? Names written on a piece of paper doesn’t make a family. Even if they don’t share the same blood, they share the same heart. That’s a real family… Do you know what it means to be a parent? A parent is someone who puts their child first. If a sword is coming from the front, they carry the child on their back and run. And if a bullet is coming from behind, they hold the child in their arms to run away. It seems like you don’t think of Jin Ju as a child, but as an item.

When they return home, Grandpa Yoon has words for Tae Kyung who is seemingly at wits end. “You have to live for your child. You’ve even been in the line of fire. And you’re scared of a person? She’s your child. Whether they’re young or old, they’re still your child. You have to take responsibility for your whole life and hug them and lead them on. Do everything you can instead of just sitting idly by.”

I love it. I’m not a parent yet but when I have kids, I’d like to be that kind of mom.

Yeo Joon picks up Sang Eun at the office for a little chat. He feels like they’re at the end of their rope and comes up with a great idea.

    YJ: Let’s just date.
    SE: The 2 of us? I don’t want to.
    YJ: Do you think it’s because I like it? We have no other way. I’m already busy as it is. I don’t need to have something like this eat up my time.
    SE: Still, how can we date?
    YJ: Fake. Let’s just pretend to date. I don’t want it for real either. If we say that we’re dating, our family won’t say anything more.

Sang Eun is placed between a rock and a hard place. Or is she? This is where the drama fails me. Why are these 2 capable and strong people being tossed around by their family? No matter how forceful the adults are, why do they need to get into these shenanigans? Couldn’t we have a more realistic storyline?

I want to like them. I really do. But finding the cornerstone of the drama’s storyline a bit absurd isn’t helping their likability factor. Why do I keep watching? Because of scenes like this…

Taek Soo goes to see Hae Sung. He’s unable to get in because he hasn’t made an appointment. Fortunately, Se Won sees him takes him upstairs. Taek Soo tells Hae Sung about the hardships that Yoon Hee faced after he left. She had to give up the job she loved, cried every night, and almost died while having the baby. He then does the unthinkable, getting down on his knees and begging him to leave Yoon Hee alone and to not make her cry anymore.

He then comes to Yoon Hee’s dduk cafe to give her words of encouragement.

    TS: Do you know how thankful I am that you’re my daughter? When your mom had you, she cried alot, saying that she wanted to have a boy for our family. She was disappointed. Your grandmother too. Everyone had said she was carrying a boy. But I wasn’t disappointed. When our eyes first met, I thought – now she’s my child. I know you’re my daughter, but you were so pretty.
    YH: I wasn’t that pretty.
    TS: No, no. Everyone said you were the prettiest at the hospital.
    YH: More than Jin Ju? That’s what everyone said about Jin Ju.
    TS: She doesn’t compare to you. You weren’t just pretty, but so sweet! Jin Ju resembles your grandmother and has a stubborn side.

He succeeds in making her laugh and leaves. “Yoon Hee. Don’t worry about anything.” Tae Soo is so great. He’s already a part of my favorite duo, and is so sweet and strong in how he handles the situation.

The adults sit around talking about Sang Eun and Yeo Joon. Grandpa Yoon says that he was a bit crazy from the travel and wasn’t thinking straight. He confirms his earlier thoughts and says that if Sang Eun doesn’t like Yeo Joon, there’s no reason to keep pressuring them.

When Yeo Joon responds, “But I like Yeo Joon for some reason,” Grandpa Yoon bellows, “Are you the one getting married? Shut up. If you want to follow your friend, you can do it. And leave Sang Eun alone!”

When the “couple” arrives, they tell the family the great news. They say, “We’ll listen to the adults and do as you say.” Tae Kyung, Taek Soo, and Grandma all get worked up, already marrying the 2 off in their heads. Yeo Joon then adds, “Marriage is too fast. We’re going to date with marriage in mind. We should get to know each other more before getting married.” The adults look a little suspicious but decide to take their words at face value.

And Yeo Joon and Sang Eun run off together to revel in their victory.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. bluebunny permalink
    November 23, 2009 7:08 pm

    I was so excited for this drama but lately it has let me down a little.

    Whatever happened to Sang Eun and Yeo Joon living together/Sang Eun moving to her own apartment? I was surprised when the Hans came to official live in Korea. What a fast move, huh?

    We are at episode 9 already and there isn’t much chemistry going on between our two leads. But the end of Epi 9 looks promising. Sometimes, it’s more fun the watch the families (Hans & Kims-not including scences with Geum Ja & gossip queen Mrs. Shim) like in this episode!

    I think the grampa is my fav character so far!

    • November 23, 2009 7:45 pm

      I totally know what you’re saying. I definitely like the family stuff much better. I’ve been slacking off on the recaps a bit but am up to date on watching. I will say that the chemistry between Sang Eun and Yeo Joon gets better. But that was apparently meant to just tease us because Alex comes back (NOOOO!) in episode 14 which totally bummed me out again.

  2. diane permalink
    December 3, 2009 12:56 pm

    I agree with dw4p , I think the director did not do well on Alex
    he does not looks like a lawyer, and his line is so odd.
    some they threw him in between this couple like a dummy.
    i did not like ep 15 at all. I guess the writer want to show the
    YS to get jealous. but it does happen. her sister is testing
    ys if he really care and love his sister.
    he does show that he is jealous and try to protect SY from the bad guy
    base on my observation of their body language.
    the actors need to show more feeling to each other.

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