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Kim Soo Ro becomes Yoo Seung Ho’s teacher

November 23, 2009

Kim Soo Ro and Yoo Seung Ho has been cast in the remake of a jdorama, Dragon Zakura. The jdorama starred Hiroshi Abe, a big time TV and film star in Japan. (He was the original tight-assed character that Ji Jin Hee reprised in He Who Can’t Get Married.)

Leading the cast is Kim Soo Ro, playing Kang Suk Ho, an ex-motorcycle gang member and laywer, who is at the brink of bankruptcy. He decides that the only way to save himself is to bring together the lower ranking students in a third rate high school and get them into the prestigious Myung-moon University. Yoo Seung Ho takes on the role of Hwang Baek Hyun. A stubborn and unruly student who is placed in Suk Ho’s class. The drama is looking to cast 4 additional youngsters to join Yoo Seung Ho in the special class. The first to be announced is Tiara’s Park Ji Yeon. Interestingly, Yoo Seung Ho starred in Tiara’s MV for “Lies”, so the two have “acted” together before. She also played the other twin in Soul.

Bae Doo Na is also rumored to join the cast as an English teacher in the high school. Her casting hasn’t been confirmed yet. Cha Seung Won was originally considered for the role of Kang Suk Ho before he decided to take on the film, Into the Gunfire.

I have a strange affinity for teenybopper shows, which can be seen by my CW affinity and Netflix recommendations. (It’s a little embarrassing but what’s a girl gonna do?) Along with the HS theme, I find Yoo Seung Ho to be adorable, and like Kim Soo Ro. (My main knowledge of body of work is “Family Outing”, so this is just based on his variety show comedy.) And if Bae Doo Na joins the cast, it will be a must watch for me. (I just love her.)

The name of the drama hasn’t been finalized yet but the initial title is God of Learning [공부의 신] and is scheduled to air on 1/4/2010 after the conclusion of The Invincible Lee Pyung Kang.

Via Joynews, SportsChosun, Asiae

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  1. ayay permalink
    November 27, 2009 2:04 am

    darn!!!!! good new is coming….
    can’t wait to watch this (uhmm particularly because of Yoo Seung Ho)

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