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Creating Destiny: Episode 10

November 24, 2009

I was tempted to put in another picture of Kyung Tae and Taek Soo, but thought it was time to share a picture of the main couple. And I think this is worthy of the lead screencap, as it’s the first time that I’ve actually felt chemistry between Sang Eun and Yeo Joon.

I still haven’t decided whether I like Creating Destiny or not. Every time it does something great to swing me towards the “like” side, it does something else to pull me back to the “dislike” side. This was another one of those episodes. A couple of good moments and a couple of frustrating moments… so lukewarm.

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Yes Creating Destiny. I’m talking to you!

Sang Eun and Yeo Joon are excited that the adults have bought into their fib and did not mention marriage to them for the first. They give each other a high five to commemorate the event.

I find the whole betrothal thing to be pretty ridiculous but seeing the start of chemistry is winning me over to the couple. So to commemorate that event, I’ve decided to let go of the betrothal detail and enjoy the moment. I think this is the first time that we get a truly happy face from Yeo Joon! (And I write this with no sarcasm. Yay! I’ve been waiting to see him smile.)

It was going so well… until we have our cliche kdrama moment: a contract. It’s a tad bit better than other dramas since Sang Eun is a lawyer and it kinda makes sense that she would want a contract. (But it’s a really tiny tiny tad.)

The two of them head to a cafe together to draw up their fake dating contract.
1. We will not fall for each other.
2. We will go on 1 date per week.
3. We will touch each other (skinship) as little as possible.
4. We will not create a situation that will cause the adults to have doubts.
5. Whoever breaks something in the contract will have to pay 100,000 won to the other person.
6. We will keep our fake relationship a secret from everyone.
7. If the adults find out about the fake relationship, whoever was responsible will take the full blame. And as punishment, they will have to get married first.

They write the contract and shake on it. (I can’t comment on this without being snarky, so I’ll just say that I don’t like contracts in rom-com kdramas and be done with it.)

Taek Soo hands over their extra apartment over to the Hans. (Geum Ja was planning on giving the apartment to Yeo Joon when he got married and is furious when she finds out.) Not only did Taek Soo provide the apartment, but he’s also ordered all the furniture for it as well. Apparently, the Hans gave their dduk store to the Kims when they immigrated to Australia and Taek Soo is forever thankful for their generosity. It’s really sweet watching the 2 dads.

    TS: Let’s see. What else will you need?
    KT: You really don’t have to go through all this trouble.
    TS: I’m doing it because I want to. I couldn’t do anything for you when you left for Australia. But now that you’re back here, there’s nothing I can’t do for you.
    KT: Oy vey. Thanks…

They are so my favorite couple. The only that bothers me a little is Taek Soo’s treatment of Geum Ja. Why doesn’t he decide these things with his wife? Or atleast tell her in advance! I guess it’s a Korean male thing, but I would beat up my husband if he gave someone our apartment.

Sang Eun and Kyung Tae go to the Kims to pick up Sang Eun’s stuff. The 2 men continue their lovefest as Geum Ja watches on with little patience. When she tries to bring up the apartment to Kyung Tae, Taek Soo jumps in and says that giving them the apartment was her idea all along.

    KT: Sister-in-law. Thank you so much. I promise to pay you back for the generosity you’ve showered on us.
    TS: What are you talking about? In order for me to pay back your generosity, I’ll have to carry you on my back for the rest of my life.

OMG. I love these 2. And Geum Ja is pretty nice, because she just let’s it pass without a real complaint. (Although she decides to take revenge later by not putting out his blankets. That’s so wrong. He gives someone an apartment and all she can do is not put out the blanket?)

Sang Eun gets her bags and says her official farewell by giving Grandma Jeong a bit bow and hug, thanking her for taking care of her while she lived with them. The next morning during breakfast, Grandma Jeong asks why Yeo Joon she doesn’t see him and Sang Eun dating. He looks a little guilty but replies that he’s meeting her tomorrow. Upstairs, Yeo Joon takes a peek into Sang Eun’s room and feels a little nostalgia. He smiles at himself and (seemingly) gives Sang Eun a call.

Yay! It finally looks like someone’s developing a little feeling for the other person! And I love it that it’s the guy first. (I feel like Kdramas usually have the girl realizing their feelings first.)

The faux couple meet together for a date but have no idea what to do together. So Yeo Joon calls his gigolo friend Gyu Han for help, who says “Sleep together. That’s the best way to figure out the other person.” Next is Sang Eun, who calls Hyo Eun to ask for advice. She must have just talked to Gyu Han, because she has the same advice. “Sleep with him. That’s the best way to get close with the person you’re going to marry.” Sang Eun and Yeo Joon are a little embarrassed and drink gulps of coffee, trying to figure out what to do next.

And it looks like Yeo Joon won out because they end up at a lecture. Sang Eun is upset to have to sit through the lecture, but Yeo Joon says that he had to come for his senior. And to make matters worse, he tells Sang Eun to act like she doesn’t know him, so that no weird rumors make its way to the hospital. Not surprisingly, she falls asleep and very soundly. She’s in such deep sleep that Yeo Joon’s efforts to wake her up doesn’t work.

Hae Sung calls Yoon Hee to meet him for lunch and tells her about Taek Soo’s visit to his office. She leaves him, upset that her father felt the need to beg on his knees for her sake.

Meanwhile Jin Hee finds a photo of Gyu Han with Yoon Hee and Jin Ju in his apartment, and heads over to the dduk cafe to confront Yoon Hee. She gets even more upset, seeing Gyu Han there with her in the middle of the day. (ARGH!! Why are so many kdramas like this? Why doesn’t she talk to her son instead of trying to duke it out with Yoon Hee???)

As Jin Hee is yelling at Yoon Hee, Geum Ja comes up to the store to witness the verbal abuse. The two “friends” get into an argument before their children pull them apart. (Double ARGH! Why do the 2 women friends have such a catty relationship? I wish kdramas would stop portraying women this way. We can have friendships and lovefests like Taek Soo and Kyung Tae!)

I found these scenes to be so bothersome, that I barely noticed some of the good things happening. Watching it second time around, did help me to appreciate the way that the drama portrays Yoon Hee. A single mom, facing the difficulties of raising a child in patriarchal society. They do a good job of showing Yoon Hee as a competent woman, who’s doing everything right in raising a precocious daughter, but still receives society’s judgment. She might as well wear an A on her chest.

Back at the lecture hall, Sang Eun runs into Se Won, who’s in the building for a meeting. Seeing the 2 together, a jealous Yeo Joon comes over and puts his arm around her. (LOL. What happened to keeping your distance? And Sang Eun, you’d better ask for your 100,000 won for the gratuitous “skinship!” He’s a little hesitant to take her for himself, but doesn’t want to give her up to someone else either. Oh the dilemma.) The 2 men fight over each other.

    SW: I fell in love with you when I was 11.
    YJ: That’s too bad. We were promised to each other from birth.

Yeo Joon pulls her away and tells her to stop working at Se Won’s academy, which lead to a tiff. Hee-hee. I like the 3 piece hottie all jealous. And it’s funny how he still opens the door for her while they’re arguing.

Hmm… I found their constant bickering to be so annoying in the beginning. Have they worn me down? I find it to be kind of cute. Maybe it’s because the there is now a hint of attraction underlying them, and not just annoyance.

The couple runs into the 3 men as Yeo Joon drops off Sang Eun. They find out that the two of them haven’t eaten dinner, and Yeo Joon get the stink eye from Grandpa Yoon and Taek Soo. Kyung Tae invites Yeo Joon upstairs for some food. As he walks into the apartment, Hyo Eun surprises him with her greeting, “Hello brother-in-law!” And she gets him to agree to take the 2 sisters on a city tour over the weekend. (I just noticed that Yeo Joon and Sang Eun are wearing the same shade of purple. Brilliant Legacy is definitely leaving a legacy of matching clothes for to-be couples…)

After the guests leave, the girls are back in their room talking about Yeo Joon. Hyo Eun is no dummy and has an idea about their fake relationship.

    HE: Unni, let me give you an advice. If you’re serious about pretending to date, get a cellphone. Who dates without a cellphone these days?

She’s so cute! I want more Hyo Eun!!

Yoon Hee gives in and follows Hae Sung’s wishes to be introduced to Jin Ju as her dad. A nervous Hae Sung brings a humongous blue bear to meet his daughter.

    YH: Jin Ju, where did I say your dad was?
    JJ: America.
    YH: Jin Ju, why is your dad in America?
    JJ: Because he has a family besides mommy and me. And he has to be there to live with them.
    YH: That’s right. But he came to see you today.
    JJ: Then this ahjusshi is my daddy?
    YH: Yes.
    JJ: I see. Hello.
    HS: Oh OK. Hi.
    JJ: Then are you going to live with us now?
    HS: That’s…
    YH: No not that. I told you, Jin Ju you’ll live with me. And daddy lives with his family.
    JJ: Then mom, can I go see Gyu Han ahjussi?
    YH: Yes. You can go.
    JJ: Daddy, bye-bye!

For the first time, Hae Sung seems actually nervous and dumbfounded. She barely seems effected by meeting her dad and basically runs off to live her own life.

At home, Jin Ju spills the beans about meeting her daddy. Taek Soo and Geum Ja are worried but Yoon Hee assures them that it would have occurred at some point. She also asks her dad not to bow his head to Hae Sung for any reason going forward. But Taek Soo responds, “You don’t think I can do that for my child? … It’s not a big deal. If you can be happy, I can do anything.”

Say all you want about the Kims, but they are amazingly supportive of one another. I love how the family bonds together as Yoon Hee suffers, regardless of how difficult the situation.

Yeo Joon is called into the hospital on his day off. The day of the city tour with the Han sisters. Hye Rim remembers seeing Se Won with Sang Eun and seeing him again at Sung Hyun department and jumps to her own conclusion, which she is eager to share with Yeo Joon. She immediately runs to the hospital and tells Yeo Joon about the connection, and implies that Sang Eun must have told Se Won about Jin Ju and caused all this trouble.

With Yeo Joon out of the picture, Se Won swoops in to be their tour guide. He takes them around the city and shopping, making Hyo Eun comment, “It’s really good that we came to Korea. How else would you have so many men around you?” Haha. Sang Eun tells her that Se Won is just a friend, but Hyu Eun implies that he’s got other motives.

When they arrive at Sang Eun’s place, a fiery Yeo Joon arrives, ready to pull her away. But this time Se Won stops him, asking “What are you doing? And this to a woman?”

Alright! Let’s have some angst! I’m not sure if it’ll be good angst or just wires crossed angst, but I’m ready for something to happen with the love triangle!

And just to end on a good note, here’s an awesome picture of the 3 musketeers! I love this picture!

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  1. soyjoy permalink
    November 24, 2009 11:42 am

    Hello dw4p! Haha, I LOVE that you translated what I’m guessing was “Aigoo” as “Oy vey.” It cracks me up to think of Korean ahjusshis going around speaking Yiddish… I totally try to do that too though when I translate–taking more liberties so that it has a culturally relevant meaning, instead of transcribing it to be painstakingly literal… and painfully stilted.

    Anyhoo, re: Creating Destiny, I felt like I gave it more than a fair shot, but I just kept feeling like the two lead characters genuinely disliked each other. Which at first was definitely true, but I was watching bits of episodes 10 & 11 and they still look to me like they don’t have even a hint of growing affection for each other–and the series is halfway over!

    So I jumped ship and have just been basking in the heart-on-your-sleeve dynamics of Smile… πŸ˜‰

  2. November 24, 2009 11:59 am

    Teehee… There’s usually so many aigoos and stuff that I like to give it a little something different once in awhile. Glad to hear that there are others like me.

    And yes, I really want to like CD but it’s really not that good a show. This is another one where the episode count went back and forth. I think the final word is 37, but that odd # sounds a bit weird. At some point it had 50, so I’m trying to be patient and see what happens.

    Well as for Smile… can you imagine what would happen if Jung In/Hyun Soo got into a fight with Sang Eun/Yeo Joon? They would eat them up and spit them out for tasting so bitter. They make me smile during the day whenever I think about them!

  3. citrone permalink
    November 24, 2009 12:31 pm

    LOL… Love you both for your SY recaps… It was so enjoyable after watching the eps and realizing small parts that you couldn’t catch earlier. So you enjoy once more!!! Much appreciated…. Thanks for your recaps…

    I totally disliked CD since the chemistry is not a natural but a forced one! Briefly the elders are trying to synthesize a chemistry between them by pushing too hard. Maybe that’s why it is called CREATING Destiny! ^^ That’s why I dropped CD last week!

  4. soyjoy permalink
    November 24, 2009 2:17 pm

    37 is indeed a random number! I didn’t realize it was a longer drama too, I thought it’d be about 20-24 episodes. I guess that explains why the developments are…soooo…slow…

    Haha, in the fight between Jung In / Hyun Soo and Sang Eun / Yeo Joon, I actually wonder! I get the feeling that SE/YJ would be totally no-mercy and ultimately beat out JI/HS, though not without a fight. JI/HS are too nice for SE/YJ, who I’m sure are nice under their still-too-prickly exteriors. Hehe for your sake and for the sake of these recaps, I do hope it improves!

  5. November 24, 2009 5:35 pm

    Hi Citrone! Thanks for coming by! It’s amazing how much joy a drama can bring to our lives… I randomly think about SY during the day. It’s awesome!

    JI/HS vs SE/YJ… I think JI by herself would kick all their asses. I think YJ should be the biggest sissy out of them all, for all of his manliness. I feel like this is a batman vs superman debate. Haha.

    Talking about ass kicking, I can’t wait for Ji Soo to hit someone… probably Sung Joon. oh saturday, when we you arrive??

  6. diane permalink
    December 3, 2009 12:02 pm

    Love your recap, it was not bad . I was not disappoint.
    thanks please continue the recap. thanks for your time.
    this couple will have a long fight until they realize that they
    do have feeling for each other.

  7. cloud513 permalink
    December 4, 2009 9:41 pm

    check out preview of ep 17 – your 3 piece hottie is not in a 3 pc nonetheless still hot, hot, hot……. hotter than hot! Their relationship is now picking up and that gorgeous look in his face when he held SE’s hand (at the end of the preview)…….. sizzling hot!

  8. adrenaline permalink
    December 5, 2009 2:47 am

    Eventhough I love Eugene but this drama doesn’t interest me. Maybe I’m too loyal to Smile You that I can’t take my eyes of it? πŸ˜‰

    How about Sung Joon/Ji soo vs SE/JY? That would be interesting, dont’ u think?

    dw4p, it’s saturday!!! The excitement!!! πŸ˜€

  9. diane permalink
    December 15, 2009 2:51 pm

    dont get me wrong i love both couples.
    but some how the story written the whole family going circle
    it does not get any where. I did not like her father.
    now her ex husband live with them. so confuse.

    I stop watch the smile. just focus on the creating destiny.
    it more challenge

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