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Park Shi Yeon takes a rest from “Family Outing”

November 26, 2009

Park Shi Yeon has decided to take a rest from the variety show “Family Outing” to receive treatment on her hip.  She suffered a fairly serious injury during a movie shoot last year and reinjured the hip at a Hwangbo shoot earlier this year.  She was hoping to continue on “Family Outing” while receiving physical therapy but has been told that she’ll need surgery to recover fully.

She is expected to return once healed, but we never really know what will happen in the world of television.  I never felt like she fully fit into the show, whereas Park Hae Jin seems to have found his groove on the show.  Personally, I think the departure of Lee Chun Hee and Park Ye Jin has hurt the show, aiding in their fall, losing their first place Sunday night ratings to 1N2D.  (This is also due to 1N2D making the necessary adjustments to bring freshness to their formula.)

Park Shi Yeon first gained fame through a scandal, being known as [Shinhwa] Eric’s woman.  She received her big break playing second fiddle to Lee Da Hae in My Girl.  Since then, she’s strung together some good performances in Bittersweet Life, Marine Boy, and Story of a Man.  It doesn’t hurt that she worked on the latter 2 projects with the talented Kim Kang Woo.  During her break, she not only plans on focusing on her health but forming fan meetings and preparing to make a return to acting.

Pretty much everyone from Story of a Man has a special place in my heart.  I wish her well in her recovery.

Via Osen

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