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6 Ladies Take the Screen in “Actresses”

November 30, 2009

Six leading ladies take the screen together in the new Lee Jae Yong/EJ Yong (Untold Scandal, Dasepo Girls) movie, Actresses [여배우들].  The semi- documentary takes place on Christmas eve, with 6 actresses (ranging from 20s to 60s) at a Vogue photo shoot.  The film had limited to no scripting, requiring the actresses to rely on their ad-libbing skills.

Yoon Yeo Jung

Pride:  I was dumped by that ugly Mr X.
She takes on an actress at the end of her career, desiring to receive love and recognition from her peers, rather than being considered a great actress.  She hates hearing the title, “Nation’s Mom.”

Yoon Yeo Jung has undoubtedly enjoyed a prolific career, with more than 65 credits in 40 years of acting.  She was a favorite of Director Kim Ki Young, starring in 3 of his movies as femme fatales, including Woman of Fire [화녀], Insect Woman [충녀], and Be a Wicked Woman [천사여 악녀가 되라/죽어도 좋은 경험].


Lee Mi Sook

Mystery:  I have a secret about my birth.
She plays a strong minded actress who needs to decide what to reveal and hide about her personal life.

Lee Mi Sook was one of the biggest stars in the 80s with Bae Chang Ho hits Whale Hunting [고래사냥] and The Year Winter was Warm [그 해 겨울은 따뜻했네], along with Kim Ji Kyun‘s debut film Wanderer in Winter [겨울 나그네].  She retired from acting for 10 years and returned in An Affair [정사] with Lee Jung Jae, continued her distinguished film career in the Dangerous Liaisons remake An Untold Scandal and …ing with Kim Rae Won and Im Soo Jung.


Go Hyun Jung

Scandal:  It’s not fun to only talk about nice things.
She plays a divorced star, who is holding onto her youth.  As the highlight of the movie, she gets into a fight with Choi Ji Woo.

Go Hyun Jung became a legitimate star with Sandglass [모래시계], after which she retired from acting for marriage.  She returned to the screen 10 years later after a divorce.  Her comeback projects include Spring Days [봄날] and What’s Up Fox? [여우야 뭐하니] with newly released Chun Jung Myung.  She’s recently regained her queen bee status after playing Mishil in the current hit, Queen Seonduk.

Choi Ji Woo

Fame: Are you all making fun of me because I’m not here?
She takes on the spiteful role of an egotistical actor, who believes that she should be waited on by everyone around her.

Choi Ji Woo gained popularity through Truth [진실] and Beautiful Days [아름다운 날들], and started the Hallyu wave through Winter Sonata [겨울연가].  Although she’s arguably the most recognized Korean actress due to her hallyu fame, she’s pretty much produced projects of one note.



Kim Min Hee

Jealousy: Men like me too!
She plays an actress in her late 20s, feeling competition from her 20s costar Kim Ok Bin.

Kim Min Hee first gained notice after supporting roles in Goodbye, Solo and Yoon Kye Sang‘s first role, She is Nineteen [형수님은 열아홉].  She enjoyed her first leading role in Love Marriage with Kim Ji Hoon.





Kim Ok Bin

Complex:  This is me trying to lose weight…
She plays the baby of the group, playing an actress who is shy and timid on the inside but pretends to be confident in front of her seniors.

Kim Ok Bin enjoyed success early in her career, landing a leading role in her first film, Voice, garnering Best New Actress nominations for both the Blue Dragon and Baeksang Arts awards.  She followed the project with leading roles in small but well received dramas, Hanoi Bride and Hello, God.  She most recently took on Park Chan Wook‘s Thirst, receiving warm reviews for her ability to portray a wide range of characteristics in the film.

The film is an interesting concept, with the actors mostly improvising their lines based on a given situation, and all 6 receiving a writer credit for the movie.  Although it is a low budget film, it has received much positive press solely based on its star power.  It has already received an invitation for the Berlin Film Festival Panorama Publikumspreis (The Audience Award) and expects to garner more international attention after its release on 12/10.

Below are movie stills and trailer.

Main Trailer:

Teaser Trailer:


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