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2009 Blue Dragon Awards

December 2, 2009

I can’t freakin believe it’s December.  The end of the year means awards season in the entertainment industry, and Korea had its largest stage at the Blue Dragon (Chu-Ryong) Film Awards.  Unlike this year’s Grand Bell Awards, the Blue Dragon brought out the top stars.  (Although, Jang Dong Gun didn’t make an appearance, disappointing the media and fans alike.)  I’m a bit of a sucker for the red carpet, so I always find award season enjoyable.

As you can see above, Kim Myung Min and Ha Ji Won took home the best actor and actress awards for their love story in My Love By My Side.  This is his 2nd big win along with the Grand Bell, which would be equivalent to winning the Oscars and Golden Globes in the US.  Ha Ji Won caused a little stir without garnering a nomination at the Grand Bell, but happily took home the Blue Dragon.

Best Picture
Good Morning President, Haeundae, Mother, Take Off, Thirst
Best Director
Jang Jin (Good Morning President), Kim Yong Hwa (Take Off), Park Chan Wook (Thirst), Park Joon Ho (Mother), Yoon Jae Kyun (Haeundae)
Best Actor
Ha Jung Woo (Take Off), Jang Dong Gun (Good Morning President), Kim Myung Min (My Love By My Side), Kim Yoon Suk (Running Turtle), Song Kang Ho (Thirst)
Best Actress
Choi Kang Hee (Aeja), Ha Ji Won (My Love By My Side), Kim Hae Ja (Mother), Kim Haneul (My Girlfriend is an Agent), Kim Ok Bin (Thirst)
Best Supporting Actor
Jin Gu (Mother), Kim In Kwon (Haeundae), Lee Min Ki (Haeundae), Sung Dong Il (Take Off), Shin Ha Kyun (Thirst)
Best Supporting Actress
Choo Ja Hyun (Portrait of a Beauty), Jang Young Nam (My Girlfriend is an Agent), Kim Bo Yeon (Living Death), Kim Hae Sook (Thirst), Kim Young Ae (Aeja)
Best New Director
Jung Ki Hoon (Aeja), Kang Hyun Chul (Speedy Scandal), Kim Yong Hwa (Take Off), Lee Yong Joo (Living death), Park Gun Yong (Bronze Medalist), Yang Ik Joon (Breathless)
Best New Actor
Choi Jae Woong (The Sword with No Nam), Kim Ji Suk (Take Off), Kim Moo Yeol (The Scam), Song Chang Eui (Once Upon a Time in Seoul), Yang Ik Joon (Breathless)
Best New Actress
Kang Ae Won (Haeundae), Kim Kkot Bi (Breathless), Park Bo Young (Speedy Scandal), Oh Yeon Seo (A Blood Pledge), Sun Woo Sun (Running Turtle)

Other Awards
Cinematography: Park Hyun Chul (Take Off)
Lighting: Choi Chul Soo, Park Dong Soon (Mother)
Music: Jo Young Wook (Thirst)
Art Direction: Jo Hwa Sung, Choi Hyun Suk (Private Eye)
Technical Skills: Hans Uhlig, Jang Sung Ho, Kim Hee Dong (Haeundae)
Scriptwriting: Lee Yong Joo (Living Death)
Popularity Award: Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ha Ji Won, Choi Kang Hee
Honored Popularity Award: Jang Jin Young
Most Attended Korean Film: Haeundae
Best Short Film: 구경 [Spectacle], Kim Han Kyul
(I love that they’ve added Shorts to the show.)

Now onto what you’ve been all waiting for… pictures!

The beautiful and glamorous Ha Ji Won finally wins! I think she usually looks pretty good and really like her puffy dress. Not everyone can pull off a dress like this and I love that she does it with such grace. She’s one of the few who I think looked good with the underdone makeup in a neutral dress.

Best Actress nominee Choi Kang Hee (Aeja) is looking cute but a someout bridesmaidy in her black dress. (Well a bridesmaid for a Sex and the City wedding, but still a bit bridesmaid.) I wish she was wearing some color on her lips, which is going to be my big issue with everyone wearing neutrals.

Thirst stars Kim Ok Bin and Song Kang Ho are a bit of an odd match on the red carpet. I can do without the pink throw but I love the color of her dress and love her hair.

The reigning Best Actress, Son Ye Jin (White Night, My Wife Got Married) came all ruffled up. I don’t dislike the dress so much that I would say she’s the worst dress (a dishonor that she’s already received.) But it’s definitely not her best look. Again, how about some lipstick? I’m probably biased though because I love her.

Yoon Jin Seo (Return of Iljimae) could have looked total Hollywood glam from far away but the horizontal stripes and shaggy carpet is a disappointment when you get close.

Red carpet favorite, Han Ye Seul (Will it Snow at Christmas?) is in a ho-hum pink dress. I kinda want to rip off the flower and arm flaps, give her a necklace, and redo her hair and makeup.

The usually well dress Sunwoo Sun, Best Supporting Actress nominee for Running Turtle, really misses the boat with this pink muumuu.

Chu Ja Hyun (Portrait of a Beauty), Best Supporting Actress nominee is looking pretty ordinary in her shades of brown dress. And I think she’s wearing a leather belt from my closet.

Yoo Sun (Sons of Sol Pharmacy) is wearing such an old dress. I think she’s so beautiful, I wish she would make some better choices.

Kim Haneul (Road Number One, My Agent is a Girlfriend) is wearing a loosely corseted lace dress. She looks pretty but grandma with the lace. I glad she’s wearing some lipstick but wish it was a different color. Does no one like red lips anymore? The color looks flesh toned in these pictures but there were a few others that looked more gunmetal (which I like.) I wish she would have taken some high power flash pictures of herself and chosen a different dress.

Jeon Se Hong (Penthouse Elephant, Missing) looks normal from the front. You turn her around, take off her shawl and kapow – we’re hit with a fancy apron.

Kim Min Hee of upcoming Actresses, arrived in a black wedding dress. She’s gotten some good reviews on her look but I just don’t get it. I don’t like the flower belt or the tiny necklace she’s wearing, the no makeup face, and the slicked back hair. I think she’s quite pretty and reminds me a little of Natalie Portman. I wish she had done her hair differently or worn some makeup. Her big dress does make a nice backdrop for that last picture.

The 23 year old Lee Chae Young (Bisang) looks way too old and a little schizo in that dress. I like that she tried something different with her hair, but it’s a bit too much for that shiny sequined number.

Lee Shi Young (Descendants of Hong Gil Dong) looks so timid that it feels like she borrowed her mom’s dress and came to an awards party by accident. I like her dress but she looks so uncomfortable that it’s hard to enjoy it. I do wish she pulled her hair back or kept it wispy. That cut and length is way to heavy for that dress.

Best New Actress nominee Oh Yeon Seo (A Blood Pledge) is in a platinum crinkly number. Again, the 22 year old is dressed way to old for her age.

The Speedy Scandal family, Park Bo Young, Cha Tae Hyun, and the cutie Wang Suk Hyun walked the red carpet together. I love that Park Bo Young, 19, always wears something age appropriate. I don’t love her dress but it works for someone her age.

Best Supporting Actress winner, Kim Hae Sook (Thirst) looks great in her floor length sequined dress, escorted by Shin Ha Kyun.

Jang Young Nam (Hero, Aeja, Good Morning President) looks pretty, albeit a little boring. I like her hair quite a bit and wish I could see the dress with the fur shawl.

Best New Actress Award winner, Kim Kkot Bi (Breathless) looks cute in her pink dress and Jo An (Bronze Medalist) looks… shiny. The color looks a bit too severe in photos but I think it could have been beautiful in person.

The co-host of the evening, Kim Hye Soo (Style), oozes sexiness in her keyhole dress.

Yay! Chun Jung Myung (What’s up Fox) is back from the army! His jacket looked really funky with the flash but he looks fabulous as he walks Han Ye Seul during the ceremony (picture below). Can’t wait for his first project!

Go Soo (Will it Snow at Christmas?, White Night) is one good looking man. I’m not sure if I like that purple tie/vest combo, but he’s so good looking. Kinda reminds me of old time Hollywood – Gregory Peck maybe?

I don’t mean to shaft the men but it always happens doesn’t it? Best Actor nominee, Ha Jung Woo (Take Off) always looks dapper and Jin Gu (Mother) takes home the Best Supporting Actor award.

Best Supporting Actor nominee, Lee Min Ki (Haeundae) looks a little like a pop idol rather than a movie star. (Doesn’t he look a little like Hee Chul?) But he can do no wrong in my eyes. Kim Min Joon (Friend, Our Legend) is doing different with a striped tie and gray suit, but I don’t think it suits the red carpet.

Song Chang Eui from non-watched drama Cinderella Man, was nominated in the Best New Supporting Actor category for Once Upon a Time in Seoul. Lee Byung Hun showed at during the award show to pick up his Popularity Award. He apparently didn’t have enough time to change and came in his regular street clothes.

All winners together; Popularity Award winners; MCs of the evening Lee Bum Soo and Kim Hye Soo; Best Actor and Actress, Ha Ji Won & Kim Myung Min; A great picture of our winner

Best Actor Winner Kim Myung Min (My Love By My Side) and Best Supporting Actor Jin Gu (Mother)

Cha Tae Hyun enjoys the award shows with his grandson, Wang Suk Hyun. White Night costars, Go Soo and Son Ye Jin, look great together.

Chun Jung Myung and Han Ye Seul looks quite awkward as they walk together. But he looks pretty handsome doing it. Lee Bum Soo looks so tiny next to Kim Hye Soo in this angle.

Via JoyNews, Osen, SportsChosun

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  1. Lm J permalink
    December 3, 2009 2:08 am


    thank you for collating all the pics and grouped them in such orderly manner. it makes reading so much easier … 😛

    among all the shining stars, I only wanna hug and kiss Ko Soo, who looks so boyishly adorable …. yummy.

    and the ladies, they either look like a nun with their flowing robes or mummies …..

    btw, how many awards show does Korea has in total? the korean certainly loves to churn out entertainment for the masses.

    • December 3, 2009 9:30 pm

      Korea’s got tons of awards shows, just like most entertainment rich countries. I’m not sure how many in total – but it’s a lot. The Blue Dragon and Golden Bell are probably the most prestigious film awards. The Baeksang Arts Award is a TV/Film award which is also one of the bigger awards. The 3 major networks (SBS, MBC, KBS) also has its own respective year end awards.

  2. sad comments permalink
    September 4, 2010 12:28 pm

    i just noticed that you always have something negative to say about each one’s clothes. what’s up with you? it makes me depressed reading your comments about how the stars dressed. 😦

  3. Malia permalink
    September 30, 2011 4:48 pm

    I think Ha Ji Won looks Gorgeous. She can wear a plastic bag and still look great!!!

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