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Lee Chun Hee’s First Impressions

December 5, 2009

I’m a big Lee Chun Hee fan, and saw his 5 album picks on 10 Asia (NKOTB – haha!).  It’s based on first impressions, because he’s an actor who tends to leave a different impression than how people see him initially.  He’s doing a great job on his drama, Smile, You, and always leaves me wanting more.  I’m hoping that we’ll get to see a lot more of him in not just the currently project, but the future as well.

First impressions last forever.  It’s not because they’re permanent or because they decide the future.  The thoughts and feelings from a first impression doesn’t end there, but continue to shape the continuing relationship.  Lee Chun Hee may leave a lighthearted first impression if you meet him on “Family Outing”, but those who’ve seen him in magazine shoots or fashion shows would think of him as a model with ambiance.  And fans who saw him in films like, Too Beautiful to Lie, Temptation of Wolves, or Three Fellas, you’d think him a meaty actor.  His face become known after The Agressives, Beautiful, and Conspiracy in the Court and was remembered as a meticulous actor from those projects.  He currently shines, playing a different character through Sung Joon in the SBS drama, Smile, You.

So Lee Chun Hee tries to have others set their opinions of based on, “next time” rather than the “now.”  “I attempted to become a different actor through Sung Joon.  He first comes off slow and lazy, but Sung Joon eventually reforms and raises up his family.  I first appear in a familiar role but want to show a different image as the show progresses.  I think it’ll be fun and enjoyable to act out that very transformation.”  He shows that he understands the need for an actor to bring out each characteristic, even when it doesn’t fit the expected image.  He’s someone who wants people’s ending though about him to be “a good actor” regardless of first impression, and shares the songs that were with him from the “first moment.”

1. Ennio Morricone <Cinema Paradiso (O.S.T)>

This is the first movie that I watched in the theater with my parents.  My first movie was about someone’s heart towards movies.  Doesn’t it seem like fate?”  Giuseppe Tornatore’s Cinema Paradiso still has a stronghold on him.  “Even when I hear the OST, the memories from that time are still vivid.  It’s powerful and a melody that the heart doesn’t forget.”

2. New Kids On The Block <Step By Step>

The New Kids had a concert in Korea in 1992, and rose to stardom in Korea.  “That’s the first time I became interested in Western music.  I was so excited after watching the music video, not just because of the music but their fashion as well.  It taught me that there was a whole another world out there.”  But he didn’t listen to just pop music.  “I listened to Seotaji constantly.  Dreaming of Balhae was a tape that was constantly rotating in my player.  And my favorite song was “Gonna Erase You”.”

3. Kim Gun Mo <It’ll work out>

I heard this song recently, and it reminded me of the past.  There was a girl that I liked by myself during High School.  I listened to this song a lot back then.  When I think about it, that must have been my first love.  So when I hear this song, I still remember my heart.  The first time I started worrying about love was in high school and I was listening to Shin Seung Hoon’s “A Love you can’t see,” contemplating life and love.  I spent my adolescents with the top singers of the 90s.”

4. Daft Punk <Discovery>

He confesses that he spent his younger days hanging out in clubs.  The French Electric duo, Daft Punk is the music that makes him move.  “This is the music that led me to Hong-dae [area of Seoul littered with clubs].  Their song, One More Time, made my body move the second I heard it.  It’s the music I find the most exciting.”

5. Josh Groban <Closer>

“This is a song from my first drama.  Whenever I hear this song, I think about everything that happened back then:  the drama’s story, my character, the scenes.”  His first drama, My Life’s Navigator was about 2 people with the same name and birthday who have a chance meeting.  “The director of that drama was Director Lee Tae Gon of Smile, You.  He knows me better than most, but still agreed to cast me as Sung Joon.  Haha.”

Via 10Asia

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  1. ripgal permalink
    December 5, 2009 11:53 pm

    I don’t recall ever seeing him in Too Beautiful To Lie or Temptation of Wolves! Haha, I guess I was just TOO FOCUSED on Kang Dong Won…:P

    Anyway, Lee Chun Hee’s a marvel in Conspiracy In The Court. I saw him in Family Outing first…such a cutie Chundrella… and then CITC, and was amazed by how he delivered the depth in his character Yang Man Oh. He also had a short stint in A Million (with LMK, SMA, Park Hae Il..etc) and equally excelled in the short time he was given.

    Looking forward to the one day he becomes leading man no.1!

  2. ripgal permalink
    December 5, 2009 11:55 pm

    And oh I forgot to add, is that a screen capture from Duelist?


    Another Duelist lover to join the pack… YAY!

  3. ditdut permalink
    December 6, 2009 3:11 pm

    LOL, I recently rewatched Too Beautiful To Lie too and I was surprised to find Chunhee there!

    Jo, he was KDW’s police officer friend, who initially wanted to compete in the Chili Lad pageant. He had few scenes but he was hilarious!

  4. December 7, 2009 4:31 am

    Most definitely leading man material. He was so adorably cute in SY21 today. Seriously, I want to just eat him up.
    And DUELIST is so my latest obsession. Well that and MISA.

    It’s always fun to see a well known actor show up in a part before they were famous. That is one of the joys of rewatching movies. Love catching a glimpse of an actor I like. I will have to watch TOW again also…. cuz I don’t remember Lee Chun Hee. And because I’ve found a new appreciation for Kang Dong Wan after the Duelist.

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