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Eun Ji Won’s Comeback

December 6, 2009

Eun Ji Won: ADIOS (Download)

Eun Ji Won is finally releasing an album after 4 years filled with singles and collaborations. His music isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I like that EJW (and MC Mong) don’t take take their music too seriously. I also like to see our 1n2d men use their God given talents, so I try to support them as much as I can. (Kim C‘s Hot Potato probably fits my musical taste buds the best.)

His new album is called “Platonic”, with title song Siren, and it will apparently be electronic hip-hop. (I’m not really sure what that means.) It will feature Mr Tyfoon, Tiger JK, and our very own Lee Su Geun, which is always fun to see. And Ji Won will be dancing. Haha – love it. (I think the only Korean celebrities that I call by their first name are the 1n2d men.) The album will drop on 12/10.

Ji Won has kept himself busy with music projects, and recently “found” Gilme from the underground scene and made her into a star. I love Korean women with strong voices, mostly because there aren’t very many in the industry and really enjoy her voice.

Here’s EJW, MC Mong, Gilme, and Janggeun on a summer episode of “Chocolate”.  With the first cold spell in NY, it felt like summer listening to the parade of songs:

Ghetto Supastar, that is what you are
Why baby why (Adios)
Ready get set go (Circus)
Yeah you’re the heartbreaker (Love Cuts)

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