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Will It Snow for Christmas? Maybe Not.

December 7, 2009

I watched the first 2 episodes of Will It Snow for Christmas.  Solely looking at the director (Choi Mun ShikWhat Happened in Bali) and writer (Lee Kyung HeeThank You, I’m Sorry, I Love You), I thought it had potential.  But the description, especially the part about the 2 young lovers breaking up due to a misunderstanding, kicked up my gag reflex.  I needed a little distraction, a drama that I can “watch” without really watching, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I’m not sure what I can say about this drama.  It tries hard?  There is some solid camera work here and there.  The characters aren’t fully developed yet to make a judgment and the 2 young actors do a commendable job of laying the foundation for Ji Wan and Kang Jin, but there’s just something missing in them.  There’s enough intrigue still left to make things interesting, but it’s not off to a good start for me.

(Top screencap is of the really cute Han siblings, hugging it out. Song Joong Ki (!) and Nam Ji Hyun.)

The first 2 episodes are pretty much the set-up eps, where we meet the young Ji Wan (Nam Ji Hyun, Han Ye Seul) and Kang Jin (Kim Soo Hyun, Go Soo).  Ji Wan is a bright and fun kid, but a bit of a trouble maker.  Kang Jin is a child prodigy but has anger management issues and has been kicked out of multiple schools for fighting.  His mom has been a bar hostess for awhile but switches to a cafe madam (to appease her son) after finally moving back to her home town with her 2 sons.

I like Nam Ji Hyun quite a bit.  I liked her in Queen Seonduk and stopped watching pretty soon after Lee Yo Won appeared and made me want to pull my hair out.  (I tried to watch East of Eden but couldn’t get through the first 20 minutes, so I didn’t see the Nam Ji Hyun to Han Ji Hye transition.)  She plays the spunky girl pretty well and made Lee Yo Won‘s attempt at sassiness unbelievable.  I have a feeling that she’ll do the same for Han Ye Seul.  It also doesn’t help that I don’t think either ladies are very good at spunk.  (I’ve always thought that both actresses kind of had a sad face.  Not in a bad way, but just kind of look down all the time.)

On the other hand, I like Go Soo.  I’ve liked him since watching Age of Innocence (with Kim Min Hee.)  It wasn’t a great drama nor was he that great in it, but I liked his intensity and all around good looks.  I’d like to see him play some different roles but maybe this is how far his talents can take him.  And new actor Kim Soo Hyun does a pretty good job of portraying Kang Jin as a tortured, brilliant, but sweet soul.

The drama also gives us a little treat with the ever cute Song Joong Ki, who plays Ji Wan’s brother, Ji Yong.  Even if he doesn’t do anything but host “Music Bank” and run around in “Dream Team 2” forever , I’ll still love him for bring Poong Ho’s heartfelt desire to life in Triple.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty much a cameo role for reasons to be explained below.

Alright, here’s the SPOILER ALERT. It’s a 2 minute quick recap of the 2 episodes, so proceed with full warning.

Han Ji Wan and Cha Kang Jin meet as he moves into her neighborhood with his family.  There are huge banners of Ji Yong’s acceptance into Seoul National University.  Kang Jin’s mom seems to have a history with the family, because she decides to cut up the signs.  (The moving truck also needs to get rid of the sign to pass through.)  Ji Wan sees the crime in action, and comes yelling but loses footing and falls off the bridge.  Kang Jin, the cool and level-headed one of the family, comes to the rescue, helps Ji Wan, and tapes the signs back up.

Trying to get back at a girl (who is now dating Kang Jin) for stealing her ex-boyfriend, Ji Wan decides to seduce Kang Jin and dump him when he starts to like her.  She does everything possible to win him over – bring him milk and hard boiled egg every morning, carrying his bag, throwing hundreds of paper airplanes off the school roof, and following him around like a little puppy. (Haha. You’ve gotta give it to her for being bold and shameless.)

She eventually starts to fall for him, especially after learning about his family. And seeing him cry uncontrollably after losing his only connection with his father, a pendant.

Kang Jin also starts to like Ji Wan, seeing her stand up for him, even getting beaten up by the neighborhood thug.  He starts to like her as well and wants to believe her even after he finds about her initial plans to use him to get back at a girl.

Ji Wan is worried and afraid to face Kang Jin, unable to confess her true feelings.  She runs away and tries to look for his lost pendant, a gift from his father.  Seeing his sister crying by the lake, Ji Yong comforts Ji Wan by offering to look for the pendant and advises her to go find Kang Jin.  But as she’s about to leave, she realizes that her brother has been inside the water for a long time, without coming up for air.  She looks on, worried, calling his name.  (Why doesn’t see jump into the water once she realizes??)

Meanwhile, there’s some sort of story behind Ji Wan’s parents and Kang Jin’s mom.  It looks like Kang Jin’s mom and Ji Wan’s dad were an item but he left her at some point.  And Ji Wan’s mom was maybe a friend who stole the guy?  (The dad is played by Chun Ho Jin of Smile, You, who seems to be stuck playing a serious version of Sang-hoon in Christmas.)  Either way, I hate these kinds of storylines in melodramas, unless it really serves a purpose.

We find that Ji Yong has drowned, and his death has devastated the family.  Their mom goes psycho, and wishes that Ji Wan had died instead of Ji Yong.  (Seriously? SERIOUSLY??)  When Ji Wan finds Kang Jin’s pendant near the lake, she in turn partly blames him for her brother’s death.  When Kang Jin brings her egg and milk and tells her that he likes her, she yells at him and says that it was all an act.  And that she has no feelings for him.

The end of episode 2 passes the baton to the fully grown Kang Jin and Ji Wan, bringing in the 2 leads.  Kang Jin has grown into a successful architect, and does fairly well in the girlfriend department as well.  That is, until the girl meets his coffee-pouring mother.  Going back to the hometown, the banners about Ji Yong has been replaced with congratulatory banners of Kang Jin’s success.  And he seems to have grown up emotionally as well, no longer embarrassed or angry with his mother’s antics.

He does still harbor regret and lament about Ji Wan and Ji Yong, as we see him visit their house when he’s back in the village.  We find out that Ji Wan has ran away from home after her brother’s death, and her father will not leave the house, hoping that she’ll come back home.

We’re also introduced to Lee Woo Jung (Sunwoo Sun), the construction company president’s partying daughter, who butts heads with Kang Jin.  And Park Tae Jun (Song Jong Ho), a team leader at the company and Woo Jung’s former boyfriend.  (He’s the one standing in the back.) He apparently is about to be engaged to Ji Wan but leaves her hanging at the engagement party.  We’re left at the end of ep2, with Kang Jin at the party, seeing his long lost love Ji Wan apologizing for Tae Jun’s absence at the engagement.

I probably won’t be doing full recaps of the drama, considering I’m completely behind in Creating Destiny, and still trying to close out You’re Beautiful. But I may do more quickies like this if the storyline gets interesting or Go Soo has more shower scenes.

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  1. smile09 permalink
    December 7, 2009 10:43 pm

    please do =D we appreciate the quick recap!

  2. olive permalink
    December 7, 2009 10:56 pm

    can’t help laughing and commenting after reading your ” or Go Soo has more shower scenes” :)) nice job 🙂 i don’t have time to watch these and it’s great that I can read your blog and javabean’s 🙂 thanks

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