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Creating Destiny: Episodes 11-12

December 8, 2009

I had the hardest time finding a screencap to use here, because there was very little I liked about these 2 episodes. So I selected the one where they play “go-stop”, the Korean card game. It’s one of our family staples and I always look forward to playing with my family on New Years (and hopefully winning some money!)

These 2 are probably my least episodes so far. Fortunately, episode 13 redeems itself, making me continue the drama and the recaps. But I guess it would have been a cop out to just write “that sucked” as a recap and continue on.

The Plastic Day – I MISS ME MYSELF

Yeo Jun heads to Sang Eun’s place after finding out that Se Won is Hae Sung’s brother. He pulls her away from Se Won, who tries to stop him and comments, “What are you doing? To a woman no less.” But Yeo Jun is livid and accuses her of selling out Yoon Hee and Jin Ju for a job, or even worse, to marry into a jaebol (richest family companies in Korea). He tells her that he doesn’t care about her but if anything happens to Yoon Hee or Jin Ju, he won’t stand for it.

In the morning, Hye Rim waits for Yeo Jun to catch a ride with him to work. Yeo Jun looks pissed off in the car, but Hye Rim continues to ask about Sang Eun.

    HR: You’re not really dating that woman, right?
    YJ: If that woman is Sang Eun, then yes, we’re dating.
    HR: Are you dating her because you’re betrothed or because you’re actually interested?
    YJ: Both.

I really like how Yeo Jun handles Hye Rim. He doesn’t ignore her or mistreat her even though she’s pretty annoying, but honestly tells her how he feels.

Kyu Han visits Yoon Hee at the dduk cafe and confesses his feelings. She laughs at him and tells him to stop playing with her and showing her pity. But Kyu Han tells her that it was hell to see her with another man. And that it was easier for him when she was pregnant because he was able to stay with her.

Hae Sung walks into hear Kyu Han. Yoon Hee is pretty upset by this point, and kicks both men out. The 2 men have an argument outside.

    HS: Don’t you feel like a third wheel?
    KH: I was with Yoon Hee nuna since she was pregnant. I was with her when she would cry with the baby swaddled in her arms. And when the child fell, walked, ran, started talking, taking ballet, I was next to her the whole time. Who do you think is the 3rd wheel here?

When Jin Ju arrives, it’s pretty clear how close she is to Kyu Han, and eventually bows good-bye to her dad walks away holding hands with uncle Kyu Han.

Sang Eun arrives at the hospital, as demanded by Yeo Jun. She finds Hye Rim there, trying to ride back home with him. Sang Eun beelines to Yeo Jun and hangs onto his arm, pretending that he promised to buy her dinner tonight. (Sang Eun – WHY? Why must you do this?)

Yeo Jun wants Sang Eun to stop working at the academy, but she refuses. She, rightfully, is upset that he doesn’t believe her and says changing her job won’t make any difference in his trust level. (Although she also seems to distrust his relationship with Hye Rim.)

The Hans have a housewarming with the Kims. Sang Eun and Yeo Jun arrive and continue their pretense. They all try to have a nice family meal, but the conversation pretty quickly turns to the couple and their impending marriage, making Sang Eun choke on her food.

The couple is told to wash the dishes together, which Yeo Jun accepts begrudgingly, while the parents sit around and play go-stop. The two of them get into a little soapy water fight. It eventually leads to a broken dish and incites more verbal abuse against each other. Sang Eun ends up cutting her finger and the adults guilt Yeo Jun into fixing up the cut. (Basically putting on the band-aid.)

In her bedroom, Yeo Jun tries to put on the baid-aid but Sang Eun pulls her hand back, saying that she doesn’t need help. A few pulls, and Yeo Jun lands on top of Sang Eun, leading to the typical kdrama contrived sexually awkward moment. Hyo Eun and Jin Ju walk into the room to find them together. She covers Jin Ju’s eyes and quips slyly, “Unni, if you were going to do that, you should have locked the door!.”

Even with the awkwardness, he finishes the job. This time sitting next to her on bed and putting the band-aid on her finger. (Does putting a band-aid make hearts flutters? Why is it such an overly used Kdrama touching moment?)

Kyu Han is intent on trying to win over Yoon Hee and picks her up as she heads out to get Jin Ju from ballet class. She’s flabbergasted at his feelings but he pushes forward and takes her wrist to go pick up Jin Ju together. Jin Hee and husband are driving by and see the 2 of them together.

At the ballet school, they find out that Jin Ju’s left, already picked up by some man. Yoon Hee gets completely frazzled and calls Hae Sung, cursing at him for taking her daughter. But Hae Sung is completely bewildered, not knowing what she’s yelling about.

We find out (in the next episode) that Hae Sung was not the culprit, but his father. Yoon Hee is enraged and lashes out at Hae Sung after sending Jin Ju home, mostly because he raises up his hands claiming that it was his father’s doing, not his.

Jin Hee heads to the dduk store to make sure that Kyu Han isn’t there again. She finds the Kims at the doughnut store and starts to talk about Hye Rim and Yeo Jun, disregarding Sang Eun. Geum Ja pulls her outside, and Jin Hee (along with Hye Rim) continue their role as the vehicle to promote kdrama confoundings. She tells Geum Ja about Sang Eun’s “supposed” role in bringing Hae Sung back into their lives.

Geum Ja is completed livid and blames Sang Eun for all their troubles. (It’s pretty ridiculous.) She goes to see Sang Eun and expresses her disapproval, which leads Sang Eun to the bottle (with Se Won.) Yeo Jun goes to see Hae Sung to keep him away from his sister. He also brings up Sang Eun, and tells him to stop using an innocent woman to collect information about the family.

When he realizes that she’s not responsible, he waits to see Sang Eun outside the house. He’s shocked to see her being carried back by Se Won. Yeo Jun tries to take over, but Se Won responds, “While she’s on my back, she’s my woman.” (HATE this.) He takes his drunk woman up to the apartment and meets the Han adults for the first time. He gives them a big bow. (The drama gives those away like it’s candy on Halloween.)

Kyung Tae prepares hangover soup for Sang Eun, who wakes up in the morning not even realizing that she came home on Se Won’s back.

Yeo Jun can’t stop thinking about Sang Eun, worried and feeling guilty. He goes to see her at the academy.

    YJ: I’ll apologize.
    SE: For what?
    YJ: About nuna. I think I was a little too agitated.
    SE: A little?
    YJ: You shouldn’t have done something to make me suspicious.
    SE: So you’re saying that it’s my fault?
    YJ: To a degree.
    [Sang Eun stands up to leave but Yeo Jun grabs her arm.]
    YJ: I was wrong. It was my fault. I’m sorry.
    SE: Are you really sorry?
    YJ: That’s what I said.
    SE: Fine. Since you put it that way, I’ll forgive you this time.
    YJ: Aren’t you leaving?
    SE: Where?

It’s kind of cute that Sang Eun just sits there, basking in the apology, even forgetting about Se Won.

Yoon Hee is called to see Hae Sung’s father. He tells her to go to England and study or rest, that his family will take care of Jin Ju. She tells him to never take Jin Ju again and walks out. She goes to see Hae Sung and slaps him. “You and your father are both crazy!” (AMEN!)

Grandma Jeong calls Hae Sung to their house and tells him to leave the country instead. He finally finds out that his father had offered Yoon Hee money 6 years ago and this time gave her a plane ticket. Grandma Jeong tells him to watch what he does because she’ll figure out a way to hide both Yoon Hee and Jin Ju somewhere so that he can’t find them.

Yoon Hee sits with her parents and the conversation turns to Sang Eun. Geum Ja is horrified to find out that Yoon Hee had known about the situation all along and is reassured that Sang Eun had nothing to do with Hae Sung finding out about Jin Ju.

Just at that moment, Sang Eun comes into the house, bearing first paycheck gifts. Geum Ja apologizes for her behavior and Sang Eun generously accepts her apology. Seeing her heart and thoughtfulness, Geum Ja smiles blithely at Sang Eun for the first time.

After being cajoled into having dinner with the Shims, Yeo Jun is forced to drive Hye Rim back home. She comes up with a plan to bring him up to the house, feigning fear due to an open front door. She puts on her evil smirk, trying to look like she’s taking a lamb to the slaughter. But her face just comes off a little silly to me. The conservative Yeo Jun agrees to stay with her until her parents come back home. (Oddly enough, Hye Rim walks Yeo Jun back home later. Weird.)

The next morning, the rest of the family boasts about the present from Sang Eun. Grandma Jeong comments, “That’s why you should normally act nice. Since you’re selfish and rude all the time, you don’t even get a gift like everyone else.” On top of the no present fiasco, he finds out that she has a cell phone he doesn’t know about.

Being the busybody that she is, Jin Hee heads to the doughnut shop to talk about Yeo Jun spending time with them last night, even hanging out with Hye Rim in an empty house. Grandpa gets agitated by the crazy lady visit, and demands to see Sang Eun and Yeo Jun immediately. Unfortunately for Yeo Jun, he decides to visit the new store, not realizing that he’s walking into a lion’s den. (And thankfully, the 2 episodes come to an end.)

Something that I find interesting is the contrast between Se Won and Yeo Jun. Se Won plays the “thoughtful” support man, standing by Sang Eun’s side, taking care of her needs. But his recent comments and attitude have really bothered me. I could have just let things go with the first comment. (Basically telling Yeo Jun to stop being harsh since Sang Eun is a girl.) But his second comment (she’s my woman) put it over the edge for me. She’s been pretty clear about her feelings to Se Won: she only thinks of him as a friend. If he was just trying to win her over, it would be fine. But underneath the sweet and thoughtful nature, he believes that Sang Eun is a woman who needs to be taken care of, a woman who is ultimately the responsibility of a man.

In contrast, Yeo Jun is pretty clearly a conservative male but seems to veil feminism. He constantly tells Sang Eun to be careful in the dangerous world. But he instantly notices that she’s a girl who can take care of herself and treats her with a fair amount of respect. We’ve also seen that he’s the one who helped Hye Rim to believe in herself and pushed her to become a model and to go overseas to study.

I understand that most of the world, including Korea, has a patriarchal society. I don’t have a problem with that. I’m also willing to forgo quite a bit of my ideals for the sake of comedy or entertainment, not taking it too seriously. But veiled -isms tend to really bother me, especially when it hides behind the facade of coolness or thoughtfulness: a common occurrence in kdramas. Ultimately, I do think that this drama champions women, mostly through Yoon Hee and her family’s attitude toward a single mom.

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  1. jossy permalink
    December 10, 2009 10:00 am

    Wow am i first? 😀

    thanks for the recap dw4p!

    as many of your new readers i am currently religiously following thy Smile,You recaps and out of drama-hunting stumbled upon your recaps and evidently your blog too! (its now serving honors in the Bookmarked section! YAY)

    im drifiting in and out of this drama waiting for some *Magic between the leads that cements my interest,like; and i don’t mean to do this (but i really do) Jung In / Hyun Soo esque chemistry, maybe not as quirky but they really did pique my dramaholicism (LOL) and they just send warm fuzzies right through me because JI/HS are so darn adorable, and its not to say that SE/YJ aren’t (as much) but…but… yeah lost for words..literally..

    ALAS we are slooooowly getting there, we can all see that the leads are now developing (albeit subconciously, to an extent) feelings for the other..whew

    for now, enthusiasm endorsed, sarcasm omiited … CD Hwaighting!

    • December 11, 2009 8:28 am

      Hi jossy! nice to have you here. I’m not sure how far along you are with CD but it picks up like 5 episodes later… so hang on!

  2. diane permalink
    December 11, 2009 11:12 am

    thanks for recap, I love this drama. at first i kind like Smile.
    Some how the i see i am not interest any more.
    with Creating Destiny, this couple start to show more feeling in
    ep 14 thru 17.
    this weekend ep 18 & 19 YJ start to have more feeling and care for SE

  3. kailanie permalink
    December 23, 2009 5:51 pm

    Hi I am a huge Eugene fan so I am more interested in Creating Destiny but I also kinda glance at Smile but not as much as Creating Destiny that’s why I am so frustrated that there is no recaps for this until my friend, Diane told me about your site. Thanks for your efforts. Hope to see additional recaps of Creating Destiny in the next episodes to come. I will be following your blog as often as I can now. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

  4. diane permalink
    December 30, 2009 1:05 pm

    Please more update. we would like to read your recap.

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