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1n2d: Manual Labor Trip

December 9, 2009

WOW.  Before watching the 1st episode of the trip, I had seen headlines that read: “1n2d goes overboard”  and “1n2d:  It’s too much!”  I figured it was the Korean media doing its job – sensationalizing.  But I was pretty shocked by what the men had to do on this trip.  (And not just the men, but the whole staff.)  Is it just me or was that trip a little ridiculous?  All for a lighthouse that they showed for like 5 minutes?

I cringed for the most of the first episode, which is one of the reasons why I held off on the recap until the whole trip was over.  But the 2nd episode brought us prototypical evil genius Eun Ji Won.  If he ran the country, Korea would become a superpower in a matter of weeks.

Transfixion – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE (feat Lee Sung Woo of No Brain)
(Song playing at the closing with the losers lugging equipment.)

The 1n2d team take an air/sea/land trip to Geo-mun Island, off the southern coast of Korea. The interesting twist that we’re told is that 3 will have a rigorous trip (3x as hard) and 3 will have a cakewalk. (I was already thinking that it would be pretty tiring to fly, then take a boat ride, and a car ride to get to their destination. Oh silly me.)

Once they get to the boat, they are given more information about what happens to the losers. The road to the final destination is up a mountain, which does not allow for the use of the car. This means that the equipment needs to be carried by hand and the 3 losers will help with the work, while the 3 winners will enjoy a boat tour of the region along with a scrumptious lunch.

They decide to divide again into the OB vs YB team. Su Geun suggests that they play sitting games and Ho Dong decides to play first to 10,000 points. (Haha) Seung Gi quickly catches on that this will mean each game will give points in the thousands.

The first game is the “sole” [발바닥] game, where each person chooses a name for himself (i.e. pig sole) and calls out his own name and then someone else’s name, passing the baton to that person. The catch is that you have to do it on beat and with perfect pronunciation. The 2 teams put their heads together to come up with their names. The OB team decides to go for the gusto and choose the most confusing names possible (i.e. KHD’s name: Siberia wild male tiger, which sounds even more ridiculous in Korea.) It completely backfires on the OB team, and they lose the first game easily.

They move onto the 3-6-9 game next. It’s simple childhood game, where you take turns counting from 1 but clap when there is a 3, 6, or 9 in the number. (And double clap if there it appears more than once, like in 33.) These Korean circle/camp fire games are kinda stupid but mad fun when you play with a group. And the 6 men have quite a lot of laughs from the game. Su Geun is the big loser for his team, getting eliminated first every single round.

They play 3 games and the YBs win 2 of them, putting themselves in the lead YB 8000: OB 2000.

Next up is the tried and true: nun-chi game. KHD tries to con them by saying that this game will be for 10,000 points, but the YBs refuse to accept his antics. They decide to play for 2,000 points, which means that a win would give the YB team final victory. KHD is a savant when it comes to rock-paper-scissors and gets the OBs started. But it’s for naught as the OBs guess incorrectly and turn it over to the YBs. MC Mong becomes the YB representative and yells out “ZERO” as the 3 OBs remain glued to the chair…

bringing an end to the game and handing defeat to the old. The victorious YBs run out of the boat, making sure not to give time for KHD to turn the situation around.

The young ones rejoice as they head out on their boat tour, while the old watch them leave. Through this experience, we do learn about the magic of TV. We’ve already learned through past bok-bul-bok games that there are about 100 staff members who travel for the show every 2 weeks. We learn in this episode that they also carry 8.3 TONS of stuff, which is just about the weight of the largest living mammal on earth, the African savanna elephant. It’s usually not a big deal because they have trucks to hold everything, but this time around they have to hand carry everything ~4.5km to base camp. Holy crap. I would probably just keel over after seeing the equipment.

Su Geun, Kim C, and Ho Dong are pretty impressive in their feat to carry their share. The one common theme of the moving team is the mutters of “말도 안되” which roughly translates into “It’s ridiculous/makes no sense/it’s too much” as they walk the 4.5 km, mostly uphill. It’s so sad.

Meanwhile, the luxury team enjoy their life of leisure: a little nap, guided tour around the island, photos, and lunch to boot. As they sit on the boat, Seung Gi worries about the oldboys, but Ji Won immediately paints the true picture.

    EJW: But they’re stronger than us. They have the heavyweight, the matchless warrior, and the taekwondo athlete. What do we have?
    LSGi: [pointing to himself] Swine flu patient…
    EJW: [pointing at a sleeping Mong] the fainted.

Hahaha. It’s true. The YBs wouldn’t make it.

It is way to hard to do that full climb with 30kg on their back, without making multiple pit stops along the way. All three men take time out to enjoy the view, which really is quite stunning. And it gives them the chance to check out how much more stuff is leftover to carry. (Because 1 trip of 100 staff member isn’t enough for 8.3 tons of material.)

When the men finally reach the top, they immediately sprawl out on the floor. But the busy can’t rest, as they need to head back down and move more items. (Don’t they look so cute in the last screencap? You would never have known that they had just walked 4.5km with 30 kg on their backs.) The YB team decides to surprise their hyungs and meet them at the starting point, sharing their food and helping to carry some of the equipment up to the lighthouse.

Somehow everyone makes it up to the top with every necessity, including the bok-bul-bok favorite, sandeel [까나리] sauce, that EJW and LSGi left behind on the road to lighten their load. They all get back just in time to witness the lighting of the lighthouse. And when they get indoors, all 6 immediately fall asleep, while the staff members get ready for the next segment by removing all the furniture surrounding the 6 sleeping men.

They are awaken to get on with the show, namely the dinner bok-bul-bok. The game takes on a black-out scene change concept. The 6 are given a photo and a certain allotment of time in the dark to complete the picture in question. Success brings them a fresh seafood of the region and failure brings nothing.

They start out well earning a plateful of conch for the human pyramid and EJW’s favorite abalone for handstands. But things get difficult as it continues.

The next shot is the fancy move from the now 6 members of 2pm. Unfortunately, Seung Gi has lost some of his leg strength from the bout of swine flu and isn’t able to hold up LSGn, which leads to their first failure. Even when they try again with the lights on, LSGn’s little body easily pushes Seung Gi’s legs around. Haha.

For the next task, they are told that speed will be important and are asked to select 2 members. Not surprisingly, Seung Gi and Kim C are chosen. When they are told that the 2 members need change their clothes (top layer and pants) within 20 seconds, Seung Gi looks on, stupefied. He comments, “I hate nakedness the most… So you want me to take off my pants?” The other men roar at his comment and he continues, “And I’m not wearing the best outfit for his,” revealing his tights, disguised as pants. As PD Na counts down, you can hear Seung Gi calling for pants, and we know it’s not sounding good for these 2. The light turn on to reveal both men without their pants on. Hahaha!

(BTW – did anyone watch the first episode of “Lord of the Ring”? Wasn’t Marco’s talent changing clothes really quickly? Is this a rip from that show?)

Realizing that they have ratings gold, they decide to go at this again, partnering up MC Mong and LSGn – the 2 celebrities who can take their clothes off the quickest. They are only given 15 seconds this time and yet again we’re left with 2 pantless men. (MC Mong is wearing his long johns underneath so we don’t get the full effect.)

They then decide to go head to head for kimbap rolls. With 2 groups already having made an attempt, KHD and EJW are the newbies at the naked game and indeed end up naked. We hear Ho Dong yelling, hold on!, as PD Na counts down. Thankfully, there is a blanket that he uses to cover himself. But Su Geun decides to pull off the blanket, revealing KHD in his glory – under the hidden smiley face.

They finish with the human bridge – all 6 men lay down on someone else’s lap – well, like the picture above. This earns them the saury. Unfortunately, they are unable to hold onto the pose for 30 seconds, and lose out on the bream. Resident chef MC Mong, prepares abalone porridge and the 6 men share a delicious meal together. Yum!

For the sleeping bok-bul-bok, each member is to choose an unknown item from various rice cookers and throw it as far as possible, without going outside the white line. Because of the wind gusts, they decide to call 5 seconds as the necessary time that the item needs to stay in place to count as a marking.

Kim C goes first and selects the conch as his item. Unfortunately, his conch lands a couple of centimeters from the line and he gets eliminated. Next is EJW, who selects a piece of toilet paper! He puts up a valiant effort, but the wind is too strong and blows it out of the area. With the first 2 contestants disqualified, KHD decides to play it safe and places his roll of toilet paper pretty close to the starting line. It comes back to bite him in the ass, as MC Mong’s plastic bottle, LSGn’s ramen soup packet, and LSGi’s work glove all land past his roll. And thus, KHD, Kim C and EJW end up sleeping outside.

For the morning mission, they are given a pretty big surprise. The first 3 to reach the top of the lighthouse, will immediately be allowed to leave the island, given food and a room to rest while the staff and the other 3 members clean up the equipment and take it back down.

With such a big prize on the line, MC Mong and EJW both raise their sabotage meter. MCM starts out pretty simple, wrapping up Su Geun’s legs with tape. He then tries to steal the tent team’s shoes. But shows himself to be no match for EJW’s brains, who’s off on the side, watching Mong with a stalkerish resolve.

MCM tries to outwit EJW but he can barely beat out KHD as his attempt to put a couch (!) to block the tent door is foiled by Ho Dong. We still find Ji Won at the side of the house, waiting for his moment to put his master plan into action.

As Su Geun snores away, MCM and LSGi swap stories about their concerts. MCM’s first concert with unexpected fans in attendance and LSGi breaking down as he sings “You’re My Woman” at his first concert. Mong sees Ji Won outside the window, and jumps up a couple of times to curtail him, but Ji Won is not derailed.

As Mong and Seung Gi continue their conversation, Ji Won starts talking about his plans to tape up all the doors so that his rivals can’t leave the house. Seeing that Mong and LSGi has finally fallen asleep, he springs into action. First are the shoes. He takes SGi and SGn’s shoes and hides them where they can’t be found. He also puts some obstacles along the road, where Mong had created a shortcut by jumping off the balcony.

Ji Won has basically decided to stay up all night by this time, and tells the staff about his plans to tape up the doors. Unfortunately, his plans are sent to the gutters with the staff needing to leave the house. Haha. He looks sad, rubbing his head and sighing. But he doesn’t let such details keep him down, moving onto Mong’s cell phone. And he goes into a cute and tired explanation for his actions, all with the little smirk on his face.

    EJW: I need to do this so that I can show something to Seung Gi and Mong. As a hyung. This way they will see me as an example and treat me the same when we’re on the same team next time. Ji Won hyung really is something. That’ll be their conclusion.

His last streak of genius is to steal Mong’s cellphone and change the alarm from 6:45AM to 6:45PM. It’s of course not the easiest task, needing to flip Mong around to grab his phone. But in the end, Ji Won prevails and gets the job done.

The next morning, the tent team is fully ready to run the second the morning music plays, while the other 3 are still in la-la land. With the tent team off and running, there is no way that the others can catch up to them.

They win handily and Ji Won spills his secret ways. He is crowned the king of the winners and leads his team off the island. On the boat, Ho Dong asks him if he’s tired, to which he responds, “I feel like I’ve slept for 24 hours.”

The losing 3 stand around, waiting to begin their work, and amazed with the greatness of Ji Won.

    LSGn: Personally, I thought we would definitely win, with the great Mong and #1 Seung Gi on my team.
    MCM: I feel completely betrayed by Eun Ji Won.
    LSGi: I’ve made a decision. No matter what… I’m always going to be on the same team [as Ji Won]. No one can beat him. I might as well join him if I can’t beat him.

Haha. Total OWNAGE. Eun Ji Won: I kiss the ground you walk on.

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  1. penny permalink
    December 10, 2009 1:31 am

    Thank you for recap 🙂

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    December 10, 2009 3:51 am

    thanks for the caps! sounds like a really fun trip ^^

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    December 10, 2009 3:51 am

    thanks for the recap!!!

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    December 10, 2009 8:13 pm

    Love your recap. Always look forward to it. And I will also watch the episode again after reading your recap. Thank U

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    December 10, 2009 11:46 pm

    Thanks, that sounds like a fun episode, especially with most of them pantless!

  7. A N N permalink
    January 4, 2010 4:44 pm

    love my eun cho ding!!!! kekeke


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