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It’s Official! Kim Jong Min Returns

December 10, 2009

After months of speculations and questions for the 1n2d members, the decision has been made to bring back Kim Jong Min to 1n2d.  Ever since talks of his impending return to society surfaced, I’ve mulled over having a 7th member added to my favorite 6 men.

My initial reaction: Really? A 7th member? How are they going to play 3 vs 3 games?  How about OB vs YB?
Immediately followed by: But he’s so funny.  Remember when he got left behind because he was busy eating ramen??

Ultimately, I ended up at a place that’s pretty close to Bee’s feelings.  (When I heard the news, I immediately headed over to read Bee’s thoughts.)  I’m OK with this decision.  I think it could infuse new life to the show and bring in an exciting dynamic.  And imagine all the possibilities!!  (And how can you not love a guy carrying a man bag?)

I remember watching “Infinity Challenge” when Gil started hanging around, mostly because Jun Jin was dead weight.  And the staff did a good job of incorporating him into the show, initially using him as a staff go-between.  I guess they’ll have the same problem when HaHa comes back from the army.  haha.

Kim Jong Min will undoubtedly be in high demand.  Not only is he returning to 1n2d, but he’ll be joining “Champagne”, with Boom recently enlisted in the army.  If you think about it, the Korean variety circuit ends up being a merry go round with the 2 year army commitments for every Korean male.  I also fully expect to see him on episodes of “Kang Shim Jang.”

Just as a little reminder, here’s Kim Jong Min‘s drive off incident on Seung Gi’s first episode on the show.  (What stuck out to me most was how much Kim C talked in the clip!)

Via Osen

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  1. 1n2dfansubs permalink
    December 10, 2009 2:28 am

    haha, man purse is win!! Have you seen the latest Gucci? 😀

    Awww, how can you forget the noodle-induced left-behind train incident? Vintage KJM.

    Jong Min will be on Strong Heart… I too want to hear his mailman stories. kkk. Suddenly, I miss Love Letter.

    • December 11, 2009 8:30 am

      love it. maybe Jong Min will carry it onto the set. he’s always been one of my favorites on the variety circuit. look forward to his return to the world.

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